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Assessment of Comatose Patients Through Telemedicine Efforts Shown to Be Reliable

Mayo Clinic's Kiosk Maker Partner in Financial TroublePress Release: Reliable assessment of comatose patients in intensive care units is critical to the patients’ care. Providers must recognize clinical status changes quickly to undertake proper interventions. But does the provider need to be in the same room as the patient, or can robotic telemedicine be used successfully to complete the assessment? According to a research study conducted at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Arizona, published in Telemedicine and e-Health, the answer is yes.

“To assess a patient in an intensive care unit who has an altered level of consciousness or coma, doctors must track the patient’s progress through bedside clinical examinations,” says Bart Demaerschalk, M.D., a Mayo Clinic neurologist and senior author of the study. “This assessment is commonly completed through the use of either the Glasgow Coma Scale or the Full Outline of UnResponsiveness Score scale. These scales are scoring systems that allow providers to measure a patient’s level of consciousness.”

The study occurred over a 15-month time frame and included 100 patients. Sixteen medical doctors performed the assessments using the two scoring systems, with two providers randomly assigned to each patient — one provider conducting the assessment at the patient’s bedside and the other provider conducting the assessment using a real-time audio and visual robotic telemedicine system. Each provider independently scored the patients using both the Glasgow Coma Scale and the Full Outline of UnResponsiveness Score scale.
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New Telemedicine Partnership Announced

rx_notebook_bg_mediumAhead of the weekend, Analyte Health, Inc., an integrated health care partner that connects patients and telehealth providers with laboratory testing services and Teladoc, Inc., a leader in telehealth, announced a partnership that delivers lab diagnostics services through the Teladoc telehealth platform.

“The evolution of telehealth has changed the way we receive and deliver care. Our integrated solution enhances diagnostic capabilities for physicians while meeting patients’ growing demands for private and convenient health care,” said Dr. Frank Cockerill, CEO of Analyte Health. “Teladoc’s leadership in the telehealth industry has transformed the approach to care and we are excited to assist them in expanding their services. The partnership between Analyte Health and Teladoc bridges the gap between lab testing and telehealth, and together, we are reinventing the health care experience for patients and physicians.”

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Concentra and American Well Tackle Telemedicine for Occupational Medicine

telemedicineConcentra, a respected provider of occupational medicine, recently announced it is expanding its delivery of quality medical care to more employees through the addition of telemedicine services as part of a strategic partnership with American Well, a leading telehealth technology company.

The addition of the new telemedicine service allows employees to virtually connect with Concentra physicians via computers, kiosks, and smart mobile devices.
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Can Telemedicine Help This Flu Season?

Smartphone App May Help Track Flu Activity This SeasonThe 2016-2017 influenza season has begun and it is forecasted that flu activity is expected to increase leading into the New Year, costing families and businesses hundreds of dollars.

That’s the word this morning in an announcement shared with mHealthWatch.

While no one can predict the virulence of any year’s outbreak, the flu causes severe illness, hospitalizations and deaths every year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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St. Dominic Hospital Expanding Successful Telemedicine Program

telemedicineBuilding on what it calls a “highly successful telestroke program,” St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Miss. is expanding its telemedicine initiatives to provide behavioral health services to its partner hospitals.

St. Dominic’s behavioral health and telestroke services will both use the REACH Health telemedicine software platform, this morning’s media release provided to mHealthWatch reads.
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Signature HealthCARE’s Telemedicine Affiliate Marks 5,000th eVisit

Bloomberg Telemedicine Market Doubled in Four YearsTelemedicine is on the leading-edge of a rapidly changing health care industry — and YourDoc2U, a fast growing health startup, says it is “drastically improving patient care at Signature HealthCARE facilities nationwide.”

According to a provided release Thursday morning, the company’s telemedicine affiliate just hit its 5,000th eVisit, a perfect prescription for lower costs and higher quality service.

Signature HealthCARE tapped into the evolving health care marketplace several years ago as telehealth, technology and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) drove the trends in the Affordable Care Act era.
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Mayo Clinic Illuminates the Power of Emergency Video Telemedicine

Mayo Clinic's Kiosk Maker Partner in Financial TroubleApproximately 10 percent of newborns require help breathing after birth, and 1 in 1,000 newborns require more intensive resuscitation measures.

That’s according to a new report from Mayo Clinic. To that end, the respected institution is pointing to some key technologies that can assist in helping young lives in medical crises.

These infrequent, high-risk deliveries may present challenges to community hospitals less familiar with advanced newborn resuscitation interventions. Telemedicine consultations are a good option to help meet these challenges and positively impact patient care, according to a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

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