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Urban Communities Prefer Text Messages for Survey

Urban Communities Prefer Text Messages for SurveyResults from a pilot study published last week by the researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School demonstrated that among low-income urban African-Americans in Detroit, “text messaging is not only acceptable and feasible but is the preferred method of collecting real-time survey data” over other methods of survey including paper, phone, internet, and in-person.

The survey used in the study consisted of 14 hypothetical medical scenarios – 10 questions reflected 10 leading reasons for urgent outpatient medical visits, 4 questions reflected extreme scenarios. For example, as a follow to, “You slipped in the bathroom, injured your back, it hurts to lie down and when you bend over or twist”, participants were asked to choose between visit emergency department or ask primary care doctor or do nothing. Four weeks after the paper survey was completed, identical questions were asked by text messages. These included two text message sent per day at different times of day for 6 weeks. Each question was sent six times: twice during regular hours (8 am-4 pm), twice during off hours (5 pm-7 am) and twice during the weekend. The participant’s response was followed by a question seeking a free text explanation for the choice made.

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Partners Push Health Messaging Programs to Medicaid Health Plan Members

Partners Back Health Messaging Programs to Medicaid Health Plan MembersOn Tuesday, TracFone Wireless, Inc., one of the nation’s largest no-contract wireless providers, confirmed a new effort with the team at Voxiva, Inc., a mobile health services provider.

TracFone Wireless and Voxiva are behind the launch of SafeLink Health Solutions, a program that helps Medicaid health plans engage and support members in taking an active role in their health.

SafeLink Health Solutions services are being rolled out to Medicaid health plans in more than 20 states.

Qualifying plan members, today’s announcement outlines, receive a free SafeLink cell phone and free monthly service with 250 minutes and unlimited calls to designated member services phone lines.
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Walgreens Launches SMS Prescription Refill Reminders, Lets You Order With A Reply

Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain, is leveraging the power of text messaging to help its customers keep track of their prescriptions. The Refill Reminder Text Alerts system allows patients to receive a notification when they may be running low on their medication and reply with “REFILL” to order more. Patients can sign up via their phone or in person when they bring in their prescription.

This program is aimed at tackling low prescription adherence rates, a 290 billion dollar problem in the US. Currently, patients are only refilling their prescriptions about 15-20% of the time. By making their system easy and convenient, Walgreen’s anticipates that more people will purchase, and eventually take, their medication. The program also allows mobile and smartphone users to scan the barcode on their prescription bottle to reorder at any time. The program is currently a beta feature and is only available at certain Walgreen’s locations.

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