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First Look: UnitedHealthcare Touts New Healthy Pregnancy Mobile App

MHW can now confirm that the UnitedHealthcare Healthy Pregnancy mobile app — an interactive program providing expectant women with personalized content and 24/7 nurse support during pregnancy and after delivery — is now available to people enrolled in most UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored plans.

Employers can offer the UnitedHealthcare Healthy Pregnancy mobile app to their employees at no additional cost as part of their benefit plan.

People eligible for the UnitedHealthcare Healthy Pregnancy program can download the app onto their iPhone and Android devices. The app offers personalized features and pregnancy-related information, and integrates with UnitedHealthcare’s maternity care platform as another way to connect with maternity nurse support throughout the prenatal and postnatal phases.

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UnitedHealthcare Awards Grants to Improve Access to Rural Care

MHW learned over the weekend that UnitedHealthcare has awarded four grants to local community organizations that are improving access to health care for Kansans living in rural areas.

Last Tuesday, Kansas Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, M.D., and Kevin Sparks, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kansas, presented a $48,000 Frontier Rural Health Care grant to the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas Inc. (CHC/SEK) and a $45,000 grant to the Southeast Kansas Independent Living Center (SKIL) at a ceremony in Pittsburg.

Later in the week, a $45,000 grant was awarded to the Community Health Ministry in Wamego, and a $48,000 grant was awarded to the Minneola District Hospital in Minneola.

A fifth grant for $48,000 will be presented to the Reno County Health Department later this month in Hutchinson, totaling $234,000 in donations by UnitedHealthcare.

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UnitedHealthcare and Qualcomm Integrate New Wearable Devices With Wellness Program

Qualcomm Life Touts Connected Health Collaborations at Connect 2015On Tuesday, UnitedHealthcare and Qualcomm Incorporated announced enhancements and the expansion of UnitedHealthcare Motion, a wellness program that provides employees with activity trackers at no additional charge and enables them to earn up to $1,500 per year by meeting certain goals for the number of daily steps.

Per details shared in this morning’s release, UnitedHealthcare Motion is being showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, the annual technology convention in Las Vegas.

The two companies introduced UnitedHealthcare Motion in 2016 as a pilot in 12 states to select employers, using Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform for medical-grade connectivity that features multiple safeguards to help keep data secure.

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UnitedHealthcare to Offer New Medicare Products Next Year

unitedhealthcareMHW learned Monday that UnitedHealthcare has introduced 2017 Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans.

The offerings, we’re told, build on the company’s market-leading 2016 medical plan growth “by featuring continued stability in its Medicare Advantage plans’ premiums and benefits as well as a new low-premium prescription drug plan introduced in collaboration with Walgreens.”

The new AARP MedicareRx Walgreens (PDP) plan, insured through UnitedHealthcare, is designed to appeal to consumers who are looking for the peace of mind that Part D prescription drug coverage offers and appreciate the convenience of shopping at their neighborhood Walgreens or Duane Reade, the plan’s preferred retail pharmacy chains that are included in the Retail Pharmacy USA Division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., this morning’s announcement reads.
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Health4Me Mobile App Lets UnitedHealthcare Plan Members Pay Medical Bills via Smartphones

Health4Me Mobile App Lets UnitedHealthcare Plan Members Pay Medical Bills via SmartphonesThere’s a lot of talk about how smartphones and wearables — together with an array of intriguing apps — are changing the world of medicine.

But what comes after healthcare? You know it: healthcare bills.

Now UnitedHealthcare’s mobile app “Health4Me” will offer several new features including a secure electronic bill-payment service. The app lets UnitedHealthcare plan participants pay medical bills and manage their health care claims and related expenses entirely on their smartphones.

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UnitedHealthcare Debuts “Health4Me” Mobile App for iOS Devices, Coming Soon for Android

Health plan provider UnitedHealthcare has debuted a new mobile app for iOS devices called “Health4Me,” which provides 24/7 access to a registered nurse, a physician/hospital locator, and access to personal health benefits information among other features.

In addition, the new app features “Easy Connect” functionality that allows members to request a callback from a UnitedHealthcare service representative with a touch of  a screen.  Launched now for iOS devices, the new app will be out soon for Android as well.

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UnitedHealth Group Forms Strategic Partnerships with mHealth Technology Providers

It was announced today that UnitedHealth Group, the organization overseeing both health insurer UnitedHealthcare and health IT provider Optum, has formed strategic partnerships with three mobile health IT firms that all offer mobile products and services designed to help improve consumers’ health and well-being.

The three companies forging the partnership with UnitedHealth include CareSpeak Communication, “Lose it!,” and Fitbit.  Like most large healthcare organizations today, UnitedHealth Group is seeking innovative companies that “help simplify the consumer healthcare experience by making relevant, practical information easier to access by using consumer-friendly technology devices such as smartphones and other mobile devices.”  Here’s a brief overview of each of the three companies forging the alliance with UnitedHealth — all of which will also be presenting at UnitedHealth’s booth during CES this week. . .

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