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Verizon Launches New Mobile Health Software Solution

Verizon Launches New Mobile Health Software SolutionIn case you missed it, Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced on Thursday the long-awaited availability of Converged Health Management.

The offering is a remote patient-monitoring medical platform designed to help clinicians and patients manage patients’ health in between doctor visits.

Verizon says its newest solution addresses the day-to-day communications gap that has historically existed between patients and clinicians.
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Verizon Secures FDA Clearance For Remote Health Monitoring Solution

Verizon Secures FDA Clearance For Remote Health Monitoring SolutionVerizon has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for Converged Health Management.

The solution in question is a cloud-based, remote patient-monitoring medical device.

According to details shared by Verizon, this marks the first time Verizon has sought and gained FDA clearance for a healthcare solution.

Verizon’s new solution, which resides in the company’s HIPAA-ready cloud, provides clinicians with access to up-to-date patient data from connected biometric devices so they can more efficiently monitor and manage patients from their home, or when they are on the go.

Health management remains an untapped area with the potential for enabling clinicians to help patients help themselves through improved awareness of their condition.  In addition, access to up-to-date patient health data enables clinicians to deliver more personalized care to patients.

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Verizon Remains Major Driver of mHealth

Verizon Remains Major Driver of mHealthAccording to a new report from Strategy Analytics, Verizon remains a major mover in mHealth.

As the healthcare IT industry continues to evolve, a growing number of medical device manufacturers are bringing to market innovative machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to enable better patient care.

To illustrate that point, Strategy Analytics is highlighting Verizon’s recent consolidation and redesigned of its Partner Program into a new streamlined organization.

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Verizon Says Its Network is ‘Healthy’ for Business

Verizon Says Its Network is 'Healthy' for BusinessAs the largest wireless carrier in the U.S. today, Verizon is looking for myriad ways to leverage it’s expansive network to exert a greater impact across a wider array of industries.

In recent years, healthcare has become increasingly more important to Verizon and the reason why is patently obvious.

“When you think of Verizon, you think of our wireless network. But we have a $6 billion health care practice and a chief medical officer,” says Verizon managing principal of connected health care solutions Nancy Green. “We are moving and enabling the business of health care so others can innovate. We have experts on compliance and security, and startups can use the size and scope and scale of Verizon to make a difference.”

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Verizon Touts Progress on Secure Medical Messaging Service

Cognizant of patient concerns related to their privacy and the security of their health and personal information, Verizon is forging ahead and into the beta testing phase of a new service designed to qualm some of these worries.

The service in question will enable doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to quickly and efficiently exchange medical information via highly secure electronic means.

Speaking at HIMSS 2013 in New Orleans this week, Verizon Chief Medical Officer Peter Tippett said the progress of the forthcoming offering – called “Secure Universal Message Services” – has been impressive.

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AT&T, Verizon Tip Hat to Health in New Board Appointments

Verizon and AT&T – the two largest mobile operators in the Unites States, respectively – have announced new appointments to their individual boards.

And both appointments are veritable tips of the hat to health and the growing importance of technology’s fusion with healthcare, particularly in the mobile realm.

It’s a trend that MHW observed with crystal clarity at CES 2013 last month.

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How to Avoid Getting The Flu… From Your Mobile Device

You’ve been diligent about washing your hands and avoiding crowds (not to mention that guy in the cubicle across from you who keeps hacking and sneezing).

But somehow you still end up with the flu. How did it happen?

There’s an excellent chance that your mobile phone may have spread the virus to you. Flu germs can survive on the surfaces of a wide variety of materials. So while we sanitize our hands on a regular basis, it turns out we should probably also be sanitizing our mobile phones and tablets.

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