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Video Telemedicine Market Earnings ‘Likely to Surprise’

Smartphone Video Consultations Impress During 5 Month PilotAccording to the findings of a new survey conducted by the United Nations, about 46% of the global population resides in rural areas, with little or no access to appropriate healthcare facilities.

However, research shows that the advent of video telemedicine and deployment of superior communication technologies will enable the rural population to obtain timely and affordable healthcare assistance.

Video telemedicine capitalizes on wireless technologies and high-quality video capturing devices to facilitate remote connectivity to offer timely healthcare assistance to the rural population.

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Video Telemedicine Market Set for Big Gains

Video Telemedicine Market Set for Big GainsGlobal Market Insights Inc. is out with a new report estimating big growth for the video telemedicine market in the years ahead.

“The growing demand amidst patients residing in remote and inaccessible places for healthcare services will drive the industry in the coming years,” the report summary notes.

As for what’s driving this growth, multiple factors are in play.
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