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Infographic: Understanding Wearable Tech and Preventative Healthcare

Infographic Understanding Wearable Tech and Preventative HealthcareTechnologyAdvice recently conducted a nationwide internet survey to get a feel for the nation’s mood toward wearable tech and its role in preventative healthcare.

Completed in September, the survey participants (all U.S. adults) were questioned about their fitness tracking habits or lack thereof.

The results of the comprehensive survey were compiled in an eye-opening new infographic published last week.
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Amazon Launches Wearable Tech Store

Amazon Launches Wearable Tech StoreAmazon has just launched its own wearable technology store. It’s a wise move, say market analysts, who believe that Amazon is strategically positioning itself to be the central hub for wearable tech shopping.

“All of the brands one would expect to find in this category are featured,” the eCommerce Times reports. The carefully crafted site is organized into various product categories. And the heavy-hitters in smartwatches and wearables are front and center – Samsung, Jawbone, GoPro, Narrative, Bionym, and more.

Acknowledging the relative newness of this category, Amazon has included a Learning Center on the storefront that sports product videos and buying guides. More edgy content can be found in the Editor’s Corner. On Wednesday, for example, Gizmodo contributed a piece on machines that run on body heat.

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Visiongain: Wearable Tech Will Grow ‘Explosively’ in the Next Five Years

Visiongain  Wearable Tech Will Grow 'Explosively' in the Next Five YearsMedia firm Visiongain is out with a new report on wearable technologies and the projected growth is off the charts.

So who stands to benefit most from this growth? Surprisingly, a small number of vendors.

“This is greenfield for many vendors,” Visiongain says of wearables. “The plausibility of smart garments and augmented reality goggles has attracted the interest of technology enthusiasts and software developers alike. Now that the smartphone and tablet markets are showing signs of slowing, it is time for the next major wave of consumer electronics to hit.”

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Best Buy to Carry New Smartwatches from Meta Watch

Best Buy to Carry New Smartwatches from Meta WatchOn the heels of Tuesday’s announcement from Nike that the new iPhone-compatible Nike+ FuelBand SE is launching next month, Meta Watch is making headlines today with a smart wearable device of its own.

Meta Watch debuted its smartwatch on crowd funding site Kickstarter last year, shipping out more than 1,700 devices to customers who pledged over $300,000.

Now, according to Dallas Morning News, the innovative Strata smartwatch is coming to Best Buy stores in the U.S. in early November.

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Apple Takes Top Design Talent from Nike?

nikeThe rumor mill is churning strong today as word quickly spreads that Apple has allegedly poached top talent from Nike.

Against a backdrop of speculation that Apple is profoundly interested in wearable technology, news surfaced Friday that Apple has hired one of the top design stars at Nike.

Ben Shaffer – Nike’s studio director for the company’s “Innovation Kitchen” – is now an Apple employee, sources confessed earlier today.
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Polar Unveils New Smart Bracelet

POLAR POLAR LOOPAnother day, another wearable technology is introduced to benefit the health of many.

Today, the team at Polar is touting the Polar Loop, one of the most impressive offerings the company has pushed to date.

A stylish activity tracker in the form of a smart bracelet, Polar Loop can track daily activity and exercise levels, monitor sleep patterns, and give instant motivational feedback.

The solution also provides alerts to help users achieve personalized daily activity goals.
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Infographic: The Rise of Wearable Technology

Infographic The Rise of Wearable TechnologyFrom smartwatches to mobile heart monitors, wearable technology is changing our world as we know it.

According to the latest projections from ABI Research, the global market for wearable wireless devices in sports and healthcare will approach 170 million units by 2017.

Taking a look at this new infographic from the U.K.’s Vision2You, it isn’t difficult in the least to see why wearable tech has caught on and just how far this booming industry may go.

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