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New SENSATE Stress Management Wearable Unveiled

On Tuesday morning in London, Stress management technology developer, BioSelf Technology, unveiled SENSATE – a wearable device and app that tracks and reduces stress in real-time.

So how does it work? We’re told that SENSATE is the first device to both track biometric stress markers and reduce stress levels, on the spot, giving the wearer the ability to reach meditation-like states to promote enhanced relaxation.

According to the World Health Organization, stress-related illnesses cost the UK economy tens of billions of dollars every year year.

The small, pebble-like device is placed comfortably against the chest and collects biometric data on stress markers, including heart rate, respiration, posture, temperature and mood. This data is fed back to the SENSATE app on the wearer’s smartphone, which uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the data and calculate the optimum therapeutic response of SENSATE for the wearer.

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Immersion, Realtime Adding Haptics to Pacewear Smart Wearables

Smart wearables just keep on getting smarter. And the newest partnership forged in the space will only accelerate this trend.

Immersion Corp., a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, announced this week that it has signed a license agreement with Shenzhen-based Realtime Technology Co., Ltd to embed Immersion’s TouchSense Premium solution in Realtime’s Pacewear smart wearable products.

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Samsung and Hipaax Accelerate Wearables in the Workplace

MHW learned Tuesday that Samsung and alliance partner Hipaax, a developer of TaskWatch — a wearable task management platform — are accelerating use of wearables in the workplace with an integrated smartwatch solution for businesses featuring new capabilities that improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

Designed to improve workforce management for hospitality, retail and transportation markets, the solution takes capabilities typically associated with smartphones, and brings them to the wearable world—enabling businesses to more easily deploy and manage wearables for enterprise use.
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To The Forefront of Wearables: Garmin Announces Forerunner 935

To The Forefront of Wearables: Garmin Announces Forerunner 935

On Wednesday, Garmin International Inc. officially introduced the much anticipated Forerunner 935.

“The new flagship multisport device from Garmin will bring the latest generation of physiological analytic capabilities from Firstbeat Technologies Ltd. to the Forerunner series for the first time,” reads a statement emailed to mHealthWatch.

We’re told that the three new Firstbeat training features – Anaerobic Training Effect, Training Load, and Training Status – debuted earlier this year in the Garmin Fenix 5 series, which was named as a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree in the wearable technologies category.
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ABI Hails Benefits of mHealth Wearables in New Reports

mHealth Market Stands to Gain from Wearables Industry ExpansionAccording to a new report from ABI Research, there’s good reason for big growth in the mhealth wearables space.

Based on the data provided, these devices boost patient healthcare both inside and outside of hospital settings.

“A surge in healthcare patient monitoring wearables will soon help reduce readmission risks and better prevent the occurrence of serious medical traumas, alleviating growing performance pressures on healthcare services,” the report summary explains.
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Steady Demand for Wearables Seen in Important Emerging Markets

The 18 Percent Problem What Wearables Are Really Up AgainstAccording to a new report from the IDC, The Middle East and Africa (MEA) wearables market continued to see steady growth in Q3 2016.

And the trend isn’t likely to change in 2017.

That’s per the findings of the International Data Corporation (IDC).

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Boom or Bust? What’s Next for Wearables?

IDC Worldwide, Wearables Will Surpass 200 Million in 2019There will be many small packages under holiday trees across the U.S. — but they’re less likely to contain wearable devices like smart watches and Fitbits, according to new analysis.

In fact, eMarketer downgraded its earlier estimate, indicating that though this category was expected to be robust, “usage has not expanded beyond early adopters.”

The divergence between the earlier estimate In October, 2015 and the recent one is dramatic.

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