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ATA Announces Support for White House’s ConnectALL Initiative

White House Backs Bigger Budget for Health Technology EffortsThis week, President Obama introduced ConnectALL, a new initiative aimed at ensuring broadband parity for Americans of all income levels. In unveiling ConnectALL, the President also announced a goal of providing broadband access to 20 million more Americans by 2020.

The first of its efforts is a push for the Federal Communications Commission to revitalize its current phone subsidy program by extending coverage to the internet. The administration is also releasing a new study highlighting the importance of broadband access in engendering economic growth.

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White House Releases Readout of the President’s Meeting on Zika Virus

White House Releases Readout of the President’s Meeting on Zika VirusThe White House has released details of a meeting held recently by President Obama on the issue of the Zika Virus.

“The President met today with leaders of his health and national security teams to discuss the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses in the Americas as well as steps being taken to protect the American public,” the document posted to the White House web page reads.
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ATA Lends Support to New White House Telehealth Plan

This week, the unveiling of President Obama’s budget proposal indicated that it would enable the HHS Secretary to expand the ability of Medicare Advantage organizations to deliver medical services via telehealth, estimated to generate more than $160 million in savings over 10 years.

“ATA has been advocating for such language for many years. Although there is more to be done, this represents an important victory for telemedicine, Medicare patients and the nation’s taxpayers,” said ATA CEO Jonathan Linkous. “This policy signals a significant foot-in-the-door toward transforming the way healthcare is delivered.”

By integrating face‐to‐face care with remote access care in both rural and urban areas, this proposal will improve care coordination, provide for more timely exchanges between specialists, and facilitate beneficiary access to care in situations where traveling to provider offices would be more difficult.

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Big Data Health Initiative Unveiled at White House Event

Big Data Health Initiative Unveiled at White House EventLeaders from MedRed and BT were recently invited by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to unveil their new collaboration, the MedRed BT Health Cloud (MBHC), at “Data to Knowledge to Action: Building New Partnerships,” an event this week in the nation’s capitol.

MBHC is a multiyear, transatlantic effort to make available one of the largest open health data repositories in the world.

It has been recognized by the Obama Administration as a “high-impact collaboration that supports the Big Data Research and Development Initiative.”
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Petition Seeks U.S. DoD Adoption of Electronic Health Record System

A new petition found on the “We The People” section of the White House’s official website aims to nudge the U.S. Department of Defense into reversing its current plan and adopt the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture – or VistA.

In February, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the DoD scrapped plans to launch a new joint electronic health record system for both troops and veterans of the US military.

At the time, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki cited budget concerns for the decision. Both men pledged to concentrate on ways to integrate current systems with already “existing solutions.”

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Infographic Highlights Scope of White House BRAIN Initiative

On Tuesday, mHealthWatch reported that the Obama Administration is moving forward with an unprecedented effort to explore the human brain.

President Barack Obama says he will ask Congress for $100 million next year to “better understand how we think and how we learn and how we remember.”

The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) initiative would accomplish this by developing tools that would allow researchers to monitor millions or even billions of individual neurons as they interact to form thoughts or create memories.

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