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What’s All That (White) Noise? Mommy Blog Says Sleep Genius Mobile App is the Way to a Better Night’s Sleep

What’s All That (White) Noise Mommy Blog Says Sleep Genius App is the Way to a Better Night’s SleepSurely you know someone with a “white noise” machine.

Those are the contraptions that generate a wall of amorphous sound, often to block out unwanted sounds that disrupt sleep, but also employed because people have become convinced they reduce stress.

Who uses them? Busy executives, stressed-out lawyers, or — and now we’re going to talk about real stress — Moms and Dads.

Turns out that they might not work as well as other methods. In fact, a spectacularly popular “Mommy blog” has just featured information on a sound-based sleeping aid that seems to have a better handle on what people of all ages need to really relax, unwind, and sleep well.

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