Telemedicine Gets New Team in Toronto

IDG-1132x670On Wednesday, MHW learned that HouseCallsNow Inc. and SecondOpinionExpert Inc. recently inked a strategic partnership that will “rein in the strengths and synergies of two pioneers in the healthcare and house calls industry.”

HouseCallsNow Inc., if you’re unfamiliar, has a location-aware, HIPAA compliant platform to deliver healthcare to patients regardless of time or location.

SecondOpinionExpert Inc., on the other hand, has a HIPAA compliant platform to deliver second opinions in medical decision-making and has created an effective vehicle for the secure storage and protected access of health records of individuals seeking one-point storage and retrieval of their health records.

“Together,” a joint  media release explains, “these two pioneers seek to disrupt healthcare delivery by providing proven alternatives to health record access, medical decision-making through second opinions, tele-medicine and healthcare delivery, all in and from the convenience of your home or work.”

The synergies are clear: Both companies are in the healthcare delivery space. Both companies are committed to finding novel ways to increase access to healthcare. Both companies have entrenched themselves with intellectual property and legal entry barriers in a regulated and competitive market. Both companies seek to further develop tele-medicine technologies. Both companies are poised to expand globally. The vision and strength of the two companies lies in their Boards of Directors which, when combined, stands tall with over 150 years of business and healthcare experience.

“Strategic partnerships are most productive when they share a common mission, a common vision, complimentary strengths, complimentary technologies and complimentary markets,” says Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand, Chairman and CEO of HouseCallsNow. “That is exactly what these two companies share. This bodes well for the healthcare industry and, most importantly, for patients globally.”

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