Three Trends for App Developers to Watch in Mobile Health

Three Trends for App Developers to Watch in Mobile Health

As mobile healthcare technology emerges as a mainstream staple of modern healthcare, a growing number of app developers want to break into this opportunity-rich new industry.

The first trend that is creating a niche for app developers to fill is the need for more general tech education and preparedness. Across all facets of the healthcare industry, studies and surveys have shown that few companies are truly ready for the mobile revolution that is currently underway. The trend of adopting tech without fully understanding it is both problematic and counterproductive.

Data also shows that infrastructure for high tech health is not yet sufficiently fortified to cope with mobile users, many of whom are constantly using devices to access services like Dropbox and Evernote. There simply is not enough bandwidth or adequate security protocols presently in place to accommodate growing demands.

The second trend is that mobile device management will turn into data management. Because most healthcare professionals prefer to own their own phone, IT departments will have to find a way to manage all of the data stored on those phones, as well as all of the apps that are downloaded there.

The last trend is where there is a particularly ripe opportunity for app developers. While much of the healthcare world has accepted technology, there are still some holdouts. However, as people who do not consider themselves knowledgeable about technology begin to obtain cellphones, there is a palpable need for technology that caters to the way non-techie minds work.

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