Universe mHealth Launches Client-branded Advanced Mobile App Platform

Big news this week from Universe mHealth LLC. The company has just launched “the first client-branded advanced mobile app platform for healthcare organizations” — the Universe mHealth App Platform.

The platform, we’re told, offers medium and large healthcare organizations a single iOS and Android mobile app to support all of their informational, clinical, and financial self-service tools.

“With many large health organizations already accumulating multiple mobile apps in order to provide self-service tools to their patients, there’s an excellent opportunity to consolidate these apps into a single app, greatly improving the patient experience,” explains founder John Deutsch.

As a result of strict regulations, antiquated systems, and general lack of innovation, the healthcare industry has lagged in comparison to other industries—such as banking, transportation, and hospitality—in terms of its adoption of mobile app technology. Custom apps currently offered by major health systems feature incredibly low functionality considering their price tags of $500,000 to $1,000,000 and 1+ years of development time per app. Universe mHealth offers more functionality while being significantly less expensive and faster to implement.

For more information about the Universe mHealth App Platform, click here.

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