VNA Adopts Telehealth Technology to Engage Clients

MHW learned today that the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) is now partnering with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), an innovative telehealth software company, to enhance client care.

With over 15 years of telehealth experience, we’re told that VNA chose HRS’ telehealth software solution because of its unique ability to engage clients in their home care.

Clients placed on telehealth are provided with 4G tablets pre-loaded with HRS software. The tablets are paired with Bluetooth biometric devices, which allow clients to take their blood pressure, weight and heart rate while having their vitals transmit automatically to the tablet and their nurse. In addition, HRS software gives clients daily reminders to take their vitals, answer symptom-related questions and manage their medication, while also providing educational content on their condition through videos and teach-back quizzes.

Telehealth clients are actively monitored by a dedicated telehealth central station nurse, who works closely with the director of home care, clinical leaders and care coordinators to assure telehealth technology is benefiting those served. The ability to engage clients, practice medication reconciliation, shorten health literacy gaps and provide caregiver support through HRS software can reduce hospital readmission rates, improve VNA patient satisfaction and establish strong patient outcomes.

“It’s huge for the VNA team to have state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal,” says Jean North, telehealth central station clinician at VNA. “And for our clients, there’s an ease of connection that will help us build even stronger relationships.”

Ultimately, this equipment gives VNA clients access to information and education that helps them better understand and manage their health.

“Our software was specifically designed to help engage clients in all aspects of their care and to address the main drivers of hospital readmissions: medication adherence, low health literacy, and lack of caregiver support,” comments Jarrett Bauer, CEO of HRS. “We are thrilled that VNA has chosen HRS as their telehealth provider.”

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