Want to Avoid Bacon, or Beef, or Brussel Sprouts? There’s (Going to Be) an App for That

Want to Avoid Bacon, or Beef, or Brussel Sprouts There's (Going to Be) an App for ThatMaybe you’ve got an allergy — or just an item or two which don’t fit with your new dietary regimen. How can you find out which restaurant meals are sure to contain the ingredients you want to avoid?

Now a new and innovative mobile app is in development. Yes, there’ll soon be “an app for that,” if Bleyd, a Florida-headquartered app development firm, has anything to say about it.

The proposed app — for which fundraising is being conducted via Kickstarter — will identify which restaurant meals contain allergens.

“The Bleyd app analyzes all the ingredients of a variety of meals found in restaurants so as to avoid any allergic reactions,” the app developer said in a provided statement. “Bleyd is an intuitive mobile app that has been designed from the ground up to identify allergens and irritants from a variety of restaurant dishes.”

Bleyd CEO Martine Lacombe thinks the app is not something to be tabled.

“In the nineties, restaurants started labeling which meals contained nuts as many suffered from anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening,” said Lacombe. “Thing is, there are other allergies and irritants out there, but restaurants can’t list them all in their menus. So it was up to the Bleyd team to put our heads together and create an app that listed all the well-known and not so well-known triggering ingredients.”

Instead of going around the restaurants, Bleyd is cleverly working with them.

“Instead of trying to research all the meals on our own, we decided to go to the source, and so approached the restaurants themselves,” Lacombe explained. “By doing this, we could charge the restaurants a small fee to appear as a “Bleyd Approved Restaurant” on the app, thus making Bleyd completely free for the end user.”

Bleyd hopes a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project will raise at least $25,000 by March 4.

To visit the Bleyd Kickstarter page, click here.

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