Welltok Showcases Latest Innovations at Health 2.0

Welltok Showcases Latest Innovations at Health 2.0Michelle Snyder, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Welltok, spoke with mHealthWatch this week at Health 2.0, where her company was in attendance to help people to realize that “there is a fundamental need in the industry for a platform that helps organize the growing ecosystem of condition management programs, apps, wellness programs, tracking devices, content and communities into a holistic consumer experience.”

Welltok is a company that aims to enable health insurers and other population health managers to guide and incentivize consumers to optimize their health.

In particular, Welltok’s CaféWell Health Optimization Platform organizes the growing spectrum of health and condition management programs and resources – such as tracking devices, apps and communities – and creates “personalized, adaptive plans for each consumer based on their health status, benefits and goals.”
“The platform leverages social, gaming and cognitive technologies to drive engagement, and helps sponsors increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and drive healthcare value,” Snyder tells mHealthWatch.

So, we wanted to know, what lies ahead for Welltok these days?

“Welltok is working with IBM Watson to bring a personal health concierge app to the marketplace,” Snyder explains. “We all know that healthcare is not one size fits all so the ability to create personalized, adaptive plans for consumers – where my plan is different from your plan – is critical.  For example, a pre-diabetic would have a different health itinerary than someone who has asthma or someone who is healthy but just needs a little extra motivation to reach their optimal health.”

With 2014 rapidly drawing to a close, Welltok is looking ahead to the new year with hopes of building upon the progress of 2014.

“Welltok has a very important role in the mHealth industry – to integrate all of the great innovations in the market into our CaféWell Health Optimization Platform and serve them up to consumers at the right time and in the right context,” Snyder concludes. “There are so many innovative point solutions in the market today and, according to our recent Health Optimization Index, these digital health tools are even starting to muscle out the gym.  We believe that by creating a cohesive solution for the consumer – one that pulls together the whole spectrum of programs, resources and content — we can help not only accelerate the growth of many innovative companies, but also increase the pace at which consumers will be able to access the best solutions in the market through sponsors such as their health plan, health provider or their local health retailer.”

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