What Are Today’s Top Marketing Trends for Healthcare?

What Are Today’s Top Marketing Trends for HealthcareThe concurrent rise of the millennial generation and technology is beginning to dictate how healthcare is marketed.

In order to catch the attention of these new patients and general consumers, more healthcare companies and service providers are going digital, as it allows them to customize marketing for unique audiences.

According to the latest industry data and projections, the top trends driving this evolution in healthcare marketing include:

1.      New technology. New patients want to be able to access their healthcare information from anywhere, so brands are making that possible by going implementing online tools.
2.      Building reputation. Young patients will opt for healthcare brands that they know, companies with a strong brand, and those that reflect honesty and a track record of good patient care.
3.      Ability to make own decisions. The younger the consumer is, the more likely they are to want to make their own decisions, and will not care about referrals from friends or family.
4.      Social media. Social media is big in marketing in general, but it is becoming more and more important in drawing in younger consumers.
5.      SEO. With an ever expanding array of competitors, it is important for healthcare companies to be present and easy to find on the web.
6.      Better targeting. Ads should be able to find the right viewer—someone who will actually care what the ad has to say – all the time, every time.

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