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Do you often feel lonely?

Even after working hard for many years, you still can’t afford to live a financially healthy life?

Negativity attracts your body and soul, which leads to physical and mental unhealthiness?

Do you have more than enough knowledge to get an excellent job, but luck is not on your side to grow well in the career?

Do you always feel worried because none of the current circumstances are leading to a bright future?

If you’re going through any of the above circumstances, this article might interest you. 15 Minute Manifestation is a personality development program released in 2017 that claims to remove the negativity and scarcity from your mind and attracts positivity, wealth, health, attractiveness, and everything that can make life perfect. But everyone brags about their own company. Is 15 Minutes Manifestation works? Read through and find out.

15 minute manifestation

What is 15 Minutes Manifestation?

15 Minutes Manifestation is a program designed to reprogram the human brain to exhibit and attract only things that you wish for and ignore the remaining, unnecessary things. This is discovered by Eddy Sargey, a high-school dropout who personally experienced a massive change in his life when he understood the importance of updating the brain’s software by reprogramming it to what he wants.

We usually wish for better things, but most often, immediately, the worst things take over the mind. This happens because subconsciously, we’re all afraid of taking a step further and lose confidence eventually.

According to Eddy, our brain is controlled by 3 things, which he likes to ‘The Editor.’ Here are they:

  1. The story that we tell
  2. Limiting beliefs and
  3. Judgments

The Editor can edit and transform wishful and positive thinking to a miserable nightmare, and he says, we can directly connect with the editor part of the brain and train it to concentrate on only things that you want and erase the things that you don’t want.

How does 15 Minutes Manifestation work?

Our brain is a combination of subatomic particles and the reason for everything that happens in life. Call it the bright stage of life like being financially independent, finding love and happiness, traveling the world as you always dreamt of or every scary day that you suffer from scarcity, loneliness, unhealthiness, alone, etc., everything is based on these subatomic particles. And what if there is a way to tune these subatomic particles to fulfill your dreams? Sounds fishy right? Let’s see more details to see if its as good as it is claimed to be:

As many scientists say that the human brain is as powerful as a supercomputer who can learn new things when we read, coach, and watch. But some parts of the brain can’t be accessed directly just by wanting it. They’ve to be manifested to work towards getting you everything that you always wished for. Who doesn’t want to unlimited wealth, love, never-ending happiness in their life? Though it sounds too good to be true, 21days in a row and 15 minutes listening to the Manifestation just through simple earphones, can be helpful to achieve that for you within no time.

15 minute manifestation review

The science behind 15-Minutes Manifestation

15 Minutes Manifestation helps end the stories or practices of the past that brings negativity and turns it into focus only on the things that you want in your life. This can increase the confidence, positivity, happiness in your life, and eventually let you concentrate on your all-time goals. Hemispheric brain synchronization happens when the two sides of your brain work together instead of working against each other. When the brain works on the same electricity, it can create an effective impact on the entire system and align it in a way that one can reach its highest caliber.

When the whole brain starts to work simultaneously, it unlearns the limitation and removes the toxic, scares, and limited behaviors of the Editor. The way 15-minutes manifestation is created will help you push down the limited behavior and become unlimited. It can turn whatever dream you see clearly to reality.

How is it made

When Eddy got benefited by the music tracks that his mom shared with him, his brain started to heal, and he was able to fight his cancer. He wanted to bring this to reality in a more precise way to be suitable for everyone and started researching Neuroscience. That’s how the magic started:

Eddy hired the best audio engineer to develop high-quality frequencies called Theta frequencies that can make the brain active and alive. Then, he got them to record natural sounds like waterfalls, air, breeze, birds chirping, etc. with extensive quality and paired it up with the Theta frequencies. Then he reached out to several best NLP hypnosis experts to develop Guided meditation scripts to receive the benefits of meditative state without any meditation. Then the team collaboratively played the scripts over Theta tones, which made them efficient enough to speak directly to the subconscious side of the mind.

In the end, he was able to find the upgrade for ‘The Editor’ that he wanted to achieve all the time and brought it to use.

15 minute manifestation program

Product Inclusions

15 Minutes Manifestation is a combination of 3 tracks to reach the goal properly in 21 days. And below are the tracks:

  1. Track 1 – Your Natural State: ‘Your Natural State’ is the first and foundation track on the series. This covers the first week of the whole 21 days for 15 minutes a day. Our mind is usually capable of unlimited abundance, but the unconscious takes over the control and limits its capabilities. This track will reset the brain to the condition when you were born.

It dissolves the limiting beliefs and stories of your past that are bridging you to achieve anything and helps the mind to rewind and reach its natural state of abundance.

  1. Track 2 – Your New story: Imagine with all the natural abundance you have in your mind, you can simply get over the scarcity, and you realize this factor after so many struggles. Don’t worry. You’re not alone in this journey. There are many people, including the psychiatrists and psychologists who don’t understand the subatomic particles and control them to work in your way.

Now that your mind is in the right state, and the Editor is under your control, you can focus on creating your own new story keeping the past away. Your brain is of endless possibilities, and you’re about to achieve them just by wishing for it. Just like the old times, but this time for real and making them true.

  1. Track 3 – Moving Towards Abundance: What happens when we think about achieving something usually? The negativity hits the mind discouraging enough even to give it a try. For example, your target is to buy a new car by the end of the year. Though you wish for it, there are always huddles like emergencies, home management, education, and a lot more, which immediately pushes your dream back to an unwilling state.

Well, that’s not the story anymore. The new Editor you’ve received through the above tracks unlimited possibilities. It understands what you want and reverses the cycle of negativity and helps you focus on only the things that grab your attention.

Benefits of 15 Minutes Manifestation

  • Have control over your brain to achieve whatever you want.
  • Making a road to live a happy life.
  • Removing all the negativity and limited thoughts from your past once and for all.
  • Having a great abundance of happiness and say goodbye to scarcity
  • Achieve the state of physical, psychological, and financial independent states.

Price and Refunds

The original retail price of 15 Minutes Manifestation is $97, but the current price running is for $49. If you rush to buy this product, you can get it to the lowest possible price with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

15-Minutes Manifestation claims to achieve 100% success. However, if any customer feels they didn’t get benefitted by this program, with a simple email to [email protected], you’ll receive the 100% amount in return if you claim before 60 days.


If you wish to purchase 15 minutes Manifestation, you can directly do it from their website: https://15minutemanifestation.com. You can use any online transactions like a Credit card, debit card, internet banking to complete the payment. Upon successful purchase, you’ll be redirected to the page with the music tracks, and you can directly download them. Once you purchase, you’ll have life-long access to the tracks.

15 minute manifestation price


Claire: I was going through the difficult stages of my life. I studied from a great college but ended up in debts that I even couldn’t cover rents and pay other bills. I was receiving continuous calls from my bank to pay-off my study loans but my job was not giving sufficient income for me. I lost my confidence and continued to fail in all the interviews that I showed. Then my friend referred me to a 15-minutes manifestation program. I was skeptical at first, but nothing worse would’ve happened at that point in the situation. I gave it a try and from the first day itself, I started to feel the change in my body. It felt like someone’s tutoring my brain to work in a positive direction. I continued the course for 15 minutes a day for 21 days and was able to discover a massive change in my life. I got the job that pays more than enough that can take my mind off the bills and loans. Thanks for 15 Minutes Manifestation.

Brian: I have been unsuccessful in love. My parents left me when I was a kid, and I lived in foster houses that I could never call home. I had no friends, and my girlfriend broke up with me. I was lonely, depressed, and constantly suicidal. That’s when I heard about the 15 Minutes Manifestation on Youtube. I wanted to give one last chance before I give up on myself. I’ve been in a happy relationship for 2 years now. I was able to remove the negativity and depressed feelings around me and started to live just the way I wanted. It directly changed my love life and indirectly professional life too. I was able to concentrate on my work when I was happy in my personal life and I got promoted last month. I can’t thank Eddy enough for bringing this to my life.

Jamie: 5 years ago, everything in my life started falling apart. I lost my job, I got into endless arguments with my wife and planned to take a divorce at the end. My kid got hospitalized with heart disease, and I couldn’t afford to get treatment for him. All my dreams to set up a family, travel the world with them, lead a financially free life, and provide my kids with good education and health, got carried away. I used to go to sleep with tears in my eyes every night. Looking at me going through all these hardships, my mother-in-law purchased a 15 Minutes Manifestation for me as a gift. I thought it’s a useless gift but didn’t understand her intentions then. However, I decided to give it a try and I accept it as the best decision of my life. I still listen to the same tracks every day that changed my life drastically. The tracks pumped new energy in me that made me give up on myself. I started a small business with very less investment, and I’m a proud owner of 5 franchises now. My kid is well and back to the hospital and I gathered enough courage to solve my problems with my wife. We’re flying to Paris next week, taking one step at a time towards my dreams.


Imagine being unstoppable towards achieving your dreams, imagine getting everything you wished since childhood, imagine being with the person that you belong to, imagine you never have to worry about the money again. 15 Minutes Manifestation won’t bring all these to you personally. But surely, it makes you capable of reaching your goals and achieving ultimate happiness. Don’t think anymore now. Place an order now and make your way to the bright future.

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