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If you have been trying to lose weight, there is no way you haven’t heard of the keto diet already. It’s all the rage in the fitness industry right now. Everyone from doctors and nutritionists to celebrities and social media influencers are recommending the Keto. The fat-burning effects of the keto diet are well-known in the fitness world. Your body in ketosis burns fat for energy instead of carbs, resulting in both weight loss and an increase in energy.

Everyone talks about how amazing it is, but very few people mention how difficult it is to achieve ketosis through diet. Here is a secret you should know: it takes weeks to achieve ketosis on a diet alone. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. You also need to have the time and resources to prepare new meals all the time, follow keto recipes, and yes, deal with Keto’s side effects – insanely low energy levels.


You must be wondering how people seem to drop so much weight on the keto diet so fast if it’s not possible through diet alone. If it is so difficult, how come everyone is doing it easily? The secret, my friend, lies in keto dietary supplements. Most people who successfully lose weight through the keto diet are also taking external supplements that help them achieve ketosis faster. These supplements can be taken along with a keto-friendly diet to lose weight and achieve your desired weight faster.

Advanced Formula Keto

About Advanced Formula Keto

Advanced Formula Keto is a dietary supplement for those trying out the ketogenic diet. It contains an advanced BHB formula to burn fat and induce ketosis in the body in just 30 days. This supplement has been clinically proven to help you lose 3 times more weight. It has been featured in publications like the Los Angeles Times, InStyle, Glamour, CBS, Today, and the New York Times and was named the number one weight loss product in 2018.

The Science Behind Advanced Formula Keto

So, what is it about this supplement that has both scientists and doctors raving about it? The answer lies in the revolutionary formula of this product. It takes beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a powerful ketone that burns fat, and modifies it to produce an instant fat-burning solution that is all-natural. BHB is the ketone that kick starts the process of ketosis in the body. When you take this supplement, the external BHBs in it gets inside your body to start burning fat instead of carbs immediately. Almost instantly, you have increased energy, and you start dropping pounds easily. With this product, users have lost a pound a day!

How Advanced Formula Keto Works

On a traditional diet, your body burns carbohydrates for energy. This is because traditional diets are rich in carbohydrates, and it’s just easier for our bodies to use carbs. Over time, your bodies become conditioned to burn carbs. The problem with this is that carbs are not the best source of energy for the body. This is a major reason why we feel drained or lacking in energy even after consuming a well-balanced diet. Also, when only carbs are burned for energy, our body’s fat reserves keep multiplying and we gain weight even while exercising regularly and eating moderately.

Enter: the keto diet, which makes the body burn fat instead of carbs. This means that the fat stored in our body gets used for creating energy. Fat is actually the best and cleanest source of energy for our bodies. This is why those on the ketogenic diet experience mental clarity and increased physical energy like never before. Along with feeling more active, you also drop extra inches. Ketosis is a foolproof way to lose weight, but it takes weeks to achieve if you’re only trying out the keto diet. A supplement like Advanced Formula Keto helps you get there in days!

Advanced Formula Keto Review

Benefits of Advanced Formula Keto

  • Lose Weight – The primary function of this supplement is to help you achieve ketosis faster, so you can start burning fat and lose weight fast. When your body begins to burn fat, the fat reserves in your body melt away, and you can lose up to a pound per day.
  • Target Problem Areas – Some areas of the body are difficult to lose weight from, no matter how much you exercise. These areas typically include the belly, abdomen, and thighs. Through the keto diet, you can lose weight even in these problem areas! Most of the fat reserves are stored in these areas, so when the fat melts, you see visible results!
  • Achieve Ketosis Fast – While it is possible to achieve ketosis through diet, it takes a very long time and lots of preparation. You have to be ready to dedicate time to preparing keto meals and dealing with the side effects of a keto diet like dropping energy levels and keto flu. With this supplement, however, you skip over the side effects and go straight to the best parts of Keto – increased energy and weight loss.
  • More Energy – Fat is a much better source of energy for our body than carbs. But our bodies have become conditioned to using carbs, and it’s not easy to break that habit. When this supplement pushes your body into ketosis, you experience energy levels like never before because you are using fat instead of carbs.
  • Improved Mental Health – Ketosis is not just beneficial for increasing physical energy levels. It also sends the clean energy from fat to your brain. As a result, you experience mental alertness and faster cognitive functions. Users of the product have described this effect as feeling awake for the first time in a while.
  • Faster Recovery – With increased physical energy levels comes the capacity to exercise more. But you will be pleased to note that these effects extend to improving your recovery time after a workout. You can not only exercise for longer but more often.

How to Use Advanced Formula Keto

This supplement gets your body into a state of ketosis using a unique formula consisting of completely natural ingredients. You can achieve ketosis in a faster, safer, and more effective way, without all the side effects of a keto diet like the keto flu and decreased energy levels.

Each bottle of Advanced Formula Keto contains 30 capsules of 600mg each. You need to take one capsule with a glass of water every day, approximately 30 minutes before your meals. While taking this supplement, make sure to consume a keto-friendly diet throughout the day. A keto-friendly diet typically includes 70% fat intake, 25% protein, and very low carb intake.

If your goal is dropping a certain number of pounds, you should take a before photo before starting with this supplement. Also, jot down your measurements, mental and physical energy levels so that you can track the changes as they happen. These notes will help you see how much change this supplement is making in your life. Staying in ketosis is pretty simple – just consume a keto-friendly diet and follow it up with plenty of exercises.

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Is Advanced Formula Keto Safe to Use

While most dietary supplements are free of risk, certain people can experience unpleasant side effects. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to consult their doctors before purchasing this product. Similarly, those with chronic medical conditions like hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes, and anyone who is on regular medication should also not take this supplement without consulting with their doctors.

Purchase & Price

This product can be purchased from the official website of Advanced Formula Keto. When buying health supplements online, it’s crucial that you stick to the official website and avoid third-party vendors or sites that don’t look authentic. You can end up with a duplicate or inauthentic product, which can cause serious damage to your body.

For convenience and affordability, the website provides many exciting deals:

Buy 1 Bottle – A starter pack of Advanced Formula Keto consists of a single bottle that costs $68. The starter pack can help you lose over 5 pounds and comes with standard shipping. You save around $10 on this deal.

Buy 2 Bottles Get 1 Free – The second offer consists of three bottles that cost $119.85 in total, reducing the per bottle price to $39.95. This pack can help you lose over 10 pounds and comes with fast shipping. You save as much as $84 with this deal.

Buy 3 Bottles Get 2 Free – The final offer consists of five bottles that cost $119.80 in total, reducing the per bottle price to $29.95. This pack can help you lose over 25 pounds and comes with fast shipping. You save a whopping $190 on this deal.

Once you have selected the offer you want, you only need to enter your payment details and complete the order. The website accepts all major credit and debit cards. However, a shipping fee of $4.95 is applicable on all orders.

Advanced Formula Keto Price

Return Policy of Advanced Formula Keto

Unfortunately, Advanced Keto Formula does not offer any options for return. Once the order has shipped, however, returns are not allowed. Because of safety guidelines and legal restrictions, the company is unable to accept returns. If you want to cancel your order before it has shipped, it is still possible, but you will have to pay a $15 restocking fee. However, if you have received a damaged or unsealed product, you can ask for a replacement by contacting the toll-free customer care number or emailing the customer support desk.

What Customers Are Saying

Jessica – I’ve always wanted to try Keto but felt that it’s too much effort. I have two kids and a job. I can’t deal with the side effects and sticking strictly to a diet. This supplement has made things so much easier! All I need now is to take a capsule and eat in moderation and I can still get all the benefits that the keto diet promises.

Paul – Last year, I decided to start eating healthy and cut out all processed foods from my diet. I also thought I should give Keto a try while I’m at it. I tried thrice and it was difficult to get into ketosis based on my diet alone. My daughter got me this supplement and I was able to start losing weight in just 30 days! I’ve also never felt this physically active in my life.

Katy – I was dealing with chronic fatigue and no matter how well I ate or how much I exercised, I just kept feeling like I had no energy. My doctor suggested I try the keto diet to up my energy levels. This supplement was a boon in my life. It made it so easy to get into ketosis. I feel so much mental clarity and energy now. I’m a new person!


Without a doubt, Keto is one of the safest and easiest ways to lose weight. But getting there is no easy path. Sure, you can spend weeks and months trying to do it using just diet. But not everyone with jobs, kids, and life has that luxury. If you had a safe, healthy, and natural alternative to getting into, why wouldn’t you take it? Imagine getting into ketosis in under a month and without the extra preparation for diets and side effects that puts most people off this diet before they have even started.

If you are looking for a supplement to support your keto diet, look no further than Advanced Formula Keto. It is one of the best keto supplements in the market. It is completely natural, does not have any side effects, and has been clinically proven to help you lose up to a pound every day! If you have this option, why go for the long and painstaking route to Keto? You also get the added benefit of experiencing increased energy levels and mental clarity. These benefits are simply too good to give up. Buy this product today to experience the change!

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