At What Age Does Erectile Dysfunction Start?

There are no particular age criteria for erectile dysfunction to start in men. However, it is generally observed that such problems start after the age of 40 in many cases. It depends entirely on the health condition and lifestyle of the patient, and some people may start noticing such symptoms at old age. It is common to see such mild problems after the age of 60. As the flow of blood to the penis region reduces with age, this can lead to erectile dysfunction problems.

One thing you should understand is that the degree of the problem varies by a huge margin between different patients. While some people may have mild problems of not sustaining an erection for a long time, others may not get an erection at all even after a lot of stimulation. In such cases, the treatment has to be done, keeping in mind other health conditions of the patient.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in middle age

If you have erectile dysfunction in your middle age, you should be worried as this can only worsen as you age further. In this regard, you should get proper treatment at the right stage to handle this problem. You can go for a blood test to determine any hormonal problems in your body. In such cases, replacing the testosterone levels can get you back on track within a couple of months.

However, if you are suffering from high cholesterol or diabetes, you should be extra careful as this can cause permanent damage to the blood vessels and make it difficult to sustain an erection in the long run. Your symptoms may worsen if the underlying health conditions like diabetes are not controlled in the long run.

You should strictly avoid smoking and consuming alcohol when you are facing such problems in middle age. This will help you to manage the ED problem in the future without many complications. Long-term exposure to smoking and alcohol can damage the sensitive nerves, and you will have to deal with impotence in the long run. As erectile dysfunction cannot be cured completely, you need to take extra precautions to avoid them in middle age.

What factors can lead to erectile dysfunction?

Old Age

This is the most common reason why many people have erectile dysfunction. On average, about half of the people above the age of 60 suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. In this regard, it can be assumed that old age is a big contributing factor to this problem. As we age, the nerves in the penis do not get sufficient blood flow, and they may not get excited completely during the sexual act.

Other than that, due to the lack of availability of correct partner and opportunities, some senior citizens lose interest in sex, and this may also affect their sexual performance. When combined with other health conditions, old age can become a huge contributor to ED in many ways. However, the good news is that medication can help even aged people to attain a proper erection and maintain them for sufficient duration to get sexual satisfaction.


Not many people know that obesity can lead to various other health conditions and even cause erectile dysfunction in many people. Even though all obese people do not develop ED problems, the chances of developing ED becomes very high when you are obese for a long time. The problem with obesity is that it disrupts the normal functioning of various other organs in the body. The blood flow to different organs gets affected due to fat deposits in the blood vessels. In this way, obesity can affect various organs in the long run.

Most people suffering from obesity have abnormal blood sugar levels as the body is not able to process the carbs properly. In this situation, it often leads to diabetes in the long run, and this can become yet another contributing factor for erectile dysfunction problems in the future. Obese people are also not able to participate actively in the sexual act due to physical constraints, and this affects their confidence with regards to having sex. All these factors can lead to erectile dysfunction in the long run when obesity is not addressed properly.

Hormonal problems

Not only women, even men also suffer from hormonal problems even though the percentage is very less. When your hormones are not balanced properly, the testosterone levels can go down and lead to erectile dysfunction problems. It is very difficult to understand the impact of hormones as most people do not go for a blood test when facing ED problems. They think that the problem has got to do with sexual function and treat such things with over the counter medication.

However, when you visit your doctor for ED treatment, they will be able to identify such issues, and they often suggest going for a complete blood profile test. This will help them identify the hormonal imbalance, and they can suggest medication to boost the testosterone levels in the body. In some cases, eating the right kind of nutritious food will also be more than enough to boost the testosterone levels in the body.

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness can have a huge impact on sexual performance. Many people suffering from such health conditions lose interest in sexual activities, and they cannot participate actively in such activities. This can impact their libido in the long run and lead to erectile dysfunction. However, the erectile problems that come from such chronic illness can be treated effectively once the patient is cured of the chronic disease. In cases of cancer, the patients may temporarily face ED problems, and this will usually go away after the cancer is cured.

Another problem that comes with a chronic illness is the medication taken to treat such problems. They have some side effects, and they can affect the libido in many cases. This is normal, and you should not worry about sexual performance in such a situation. Once you stop using the medication for such existing health conditions, your sexual performance will return to normal. If you still need help in this regard, you can consult your doctor and get the best medication to treat such problems.

In some cases, doctors may even alter the prescription for existing illnesses so that they do not cause erectile dysfunction. In most cases, your doctor will warn you about the side effects of various medications used to treat chronic illness. You can take a call after analyzing all the pros and cons of using such medicines to treat the problem.

Even though erectile dysfunction is common in old age, it can begin in middle age also in many people due to various reasons. You should be careful about some of the early signs of erectile dysfunction and take proper treatment to avoid complications in the long run. If you are suffering from obesity or diabetes, you need to be extra careful as the chances of getting erectile dysfunction to become very high for such patients. Keep in touch with your doctor if you notice any symptoms and get the treatment at the right time in order to enjoy a healthy sex life.