Best Sperm Volume Pills

Sperm volume pills enhance ejaculation and provide more pleasure in the bed with their natural constituents.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a subject that appears in discussions about male sexual health concerns nowadays. Though male infertility is a significant problem, the treatments for erectile dysfunction will have little effect on sperm count or motility.

Despite having the virility of a youngster, it would be challenging to get your partner pregnant if the semen output is not sufficient. A person will wind up having a lot of fun but not much success when dealing with conception.

Choosing the finest ejaculation supplements may be a difficult job, especially with so many choices available on the market. Here is a list of the best products for increasing sperm volume based on components, user ratings, benefits, and price.

For those individuals who want to improve their sex life, have more intense orgasms, and surprise the lover like never before, here are the finest semen boosters for 2021.

Top Semen enhancement pills

  1. Semenoll
  2. Max Performer 
  3. Semenax
  4. Male Extra
  5. Volume Pills



To increase the natural semen output, Semenoll is a climax enhancer created with 14 strong and active components that function together.

It improves blood circulation to the penile region, resulting in larger, firmer, and longer erections for extended periods. The use of these substances, which are natural aphrodisiacs, aid in the enhancement of sexual stamina, libido, and intensity of the orgasms.

Because a person has more fluid to ejaculate when they utilize the solution, their biological muscles climax quicker and for a longer period.


  • Improved control over orgasms
  • Boosts the amount of semen available for reproduction
  • Makes it possible to build up to a more dramatic conclusion
  • Increases the pleasure of the climax to an unbelievable degree
  • Induces quicker and longer contractions of the climax muscles

Semenoll includes a unique combination of natural substances that are very efficient. This product is the ideal option for men due to the unique mix of these ingredients. In addition to vitamins and minerals, Semenoll also includes varieties of plant and herbal extracts and other substances. Traditional medicine has been using some of the components in Semenoll for libido support for generations, including maca root. Several other substances, such as zinc, have been shown in recent studies, enhancing sexual performance and testosterone production in several ways.

In addition to these, Semenoll contains the following additional components:

  • Extracts of Tribulus Terrestris
  • Extracts of Maca root
  • Extracts of Muira Puama
  • Extracts of Pumpkin seed
  • L-arginine
  • Zinc
  • L-Lysine

The official website advises taking three capsules each day for a minimum of three months to get optimum results. The makers of the nutritional supplement claim that it enhances male fertility and semen output naturally. The supplement is perfect for couples who have had difficulty becoming pregnant. It seems from customer testimonials on that the supplement may assist in becoming pregnant after trying for months or even years without success.

Semenoll includes zinc, herbal extracts, and amino acids that connect to many health advantages and accomplish results. The components help to improve sexual function and testosterone levels. They also increase sperm motility and sperm production.

Every purchase from Semenoll includes

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Climax booster with natural ingredients
  • All components used in its formulation are natural.
  • Absolutely No Side Effects
  • Enables the increase of overall sperm production

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Max Performer 

max performer

When it comes to getting large, hard, and strong erections, there is no better pill than Max Performer. This male enhancement supplement will help stay in bed longer and increase sexual desire, irrespective if a person has problems with their sexual performance or simply wants to improve the overall performance. It also gives the strength to impress the partner.


  • Better erections quality
  • Boosts self-confidence and sexual desire
  • Strength and stamina in the bedroom are both improved
  • Orgasms that are stronger and more intense
  • Greater sexual confidence

To achieve maximum male growth and sexual wellness, Max Performer targets testosterone levels. Max Performer enables one to naturally have great orgasms while also acting as a semen booster. It accomplishes it by boosting the male hormone levels.

Max Performer’s semen volume tablets include a variety of natural substances, including the following:

  • Maca
  • Red Korean Ginseng
  • Zinc
  • Cordyceps
  • Bioperine

Max Performer should be taken twice daily with a glass of water, according to the manufacturer. These semen-enhancer tablets provide some of the finest results available, whether a person suffers erectile dysfunction or just wants to please their partner. The potential to provide stronger, longer-lasting erections is Max Performer’s most significant advantage as a male enhancement product.

Every purchase from Max Performer includes

  • Delivery while maintaining discretion
  • Verified ingredients backed by clinical studies and research
  • 100 percent safe and zero side effects
  • Free shipping globally
  • Raise Testosterone Levels

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A better sexual experience and increased orgasm intensity are achievable with Semenax. It is the finest semen volume supplement available. With the help of this male enhancement pill, an individual can shoot semen loads and tease their lover with orgasmic spasms.

Clinical research has shown that Semenax enhances the quantity of ejaculation a person has by at least 20% in only two months when taken as directed.

Additionally, since it prolongs the climaxes, Semenax has the added benefit of providing increased pleasure. The length of time the penile muscles contract increases while the body attempts to control semen secretion post-orgasm.


  • Orgasms that last longer than anticipated
  • Increased orgasm intensity for a sensational experience
  • Massive semen quantities

It not only boosts the sperm count but also enhances the motility and shape of the sperm. The pills also increase the chances of successfully impregnating the partner.

Semenax, in contrast to many other male enhancement medications on the market, does not include any artificial chemicals to help fight these sexual problems. Zinc oxide and vitamin E, among other substances and amino acids, promote testosterone synthesis in the body rather than estrogen.

Aside from that, substances such as L-lysine, Epimedium Sagittatum, and L-arginine increase blood flow to the penis, enhancing one’s sexual performance.

In Semenax, one can find the following components, among others:

  • Bioperine
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • L-arginine HCL
  • Extract from Asian ginseng
  • L-lysine

If a person buys Semenax in a 120-capsule container that is one month supply, they will need to take four tablets twice a day for the substance to accumulate in the system. Semenax is a medication without documented adverse effects. It is ideal for men who wish to improve their performance in the bedroom or enhance their semen output for more pleasant orgasms.

Bulk order options for Semenax are also available to help save a significant amount of money throughout the treatment. However, because of the money-back guarantee, a person should experiment with a big purchase to see how it works. The only drawback is that free delivery is available only on bulk orders.

Every purchase from Semenax includes

  • Naturally, boost sperm production
  • Longer orgasms and greater intensity of pleasure
  • Huge loads and incredible climax
  • 67-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all purchases

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Male Extra

maleextra review

When it comes to boosting sex desire, Male Extra is the most effective male enhancement tablet available. In addition, it enhances blood flow to the penis, resulting in larger and stronger erections, along with more pleasant orgasms and increased sexual stamina.

Men’s health supplement Male Extra has sold more than 12 million tablets since 2009. Its components have been proven in many tests, making it one of the most reliable male enhancement products available.


  • Hard and big erections
  • Strong Orgasms
  • Elevated sex drive
  • Increased stamina and performance
  • Boosts Testosterone Levels
  • Increased confidence levels

Male Extra employs a unique combination of scientifically proven, safe, and natural substances in increasing the size, hardness, and duration of the erections.

As a vasodilator, Male Extra works by boosting the amounts of nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which allows more blood and oxygen to reach the genital area. As a result of the increased blood flow, more oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the cells more rapidly. It also delays tiredness and gives greater endurance so that a person can last longer.

Male Extra contains the following ingredients:

  • L-arginine HCL
  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • Niacin
  • Zinc
  • L-methionine (also known as L-threonine).
  • 40 percent of ellagic acid

It is suitable for anybody who desires powerful orgasms, better performance, or longer-lasting erections. The majority of men see a difference during the first week of using the product, and the effects improve as time goes on.

In comparison to other products, this one has a distinctive and powerful formula.

Every purchase from Male Extra includes

  • Safe and efficient ingredients
  • Risk-free and completely natural
  • Zero side-effects
  • There is a complete money-back guarantee
  • Discreet and free shipping

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Volume Pills

Volume Pills

Volume Pills is the most effective semen booster for boosting the volume of ejaculation. A person will amaze their lover with each orgasm and increased cum. This male enhancement pill helps to produce larger, thicker, and longer erections resulting in more pleasant orgasms.

Volume Pills are formulated for guys who want strong and long pleasure. It is perfect for a person wanting to enjoy spectacular orgasms while also increasing fertility. Because there is more sperm ready for release, the muscles in the genitals contract and push hard to release it. As a result, this semen booster assists in experiencing more pleasure than a person has ever experienced before.


  • An increase in the amount of sperm produced
  • Erections that are bigger, harder, and stronger
  • Testosterone levels get increased
  • It is possible to have better blood flow to the penis
  • The erections will be under control

Volume Pills, which are made entirely of natural substances, help increase the sperm count by increasing certain hormones in the body. For starters, zinc oxide helps to boost testosterone production, which is beneficial for more semen production.

The following are some of the additional components included in Volume Pills:

  • Cinnamon cassia
  • L-arginine HCL
  • Safflower
  • Bladderwrack
  • Japanese tinder fungus
  • Sea oak extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Curculigo extract

A one-month supply of Volume Pills contains 60 tablets, which should be used twice daily for more powerful climaxes and improved sexual performance. Volume Pills are for men who wish to enhance the quantity of ejaculation.

Every purchase from Volume Pills includes

  • With every orgasm, a person may expect up to 500 percent more cum
  • Intense, thicker, and longer erections for the best sex of the life
  • 100 percent natural ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Money-Back Guarantee for 67 Days

Things to consider when buying semen enhancers to increase ejaculation volume

With multiple semen boosters available, it may be difficult to decide which ones are the best for an individual’s sexual health. The review of the best pills is based on the following factors.


The finest sperm boosters contain all-natural constituents that work together to increase sperm production. The solution will operate with the body rather than against it, assisting in improving sperm motility and overall quality. L-arginine, L-lysine, and sagittatum are three of the most effective dietary supplements. These chemicals cause the blood arteries in the penis to expand, which improves circulation and alleviates erectile dysfunction in men. Semen enhancers containing these substances not only improve sexual performance but also help to increase the number of sperm produced.


Any individual does not want to use their spare time calculating the number of male enhancement tablets they have taken. Dose optimization is a solution that simplifies life while also saving manufacturers money throughout the manufacturing process. The procedure entails concentrating the dose of semen boosters to reduce the number of tablets a person must consume. A person can take one 20 mg tablet instead of two pills while still reaping the same advantages.


A single bottle of semen volume tablets can cost anywhere from $40 to $80, depending on the manufacturer. A person may get access to top-of-the-line sperm enhancers that provide enhanced sperm volume without having to break the bank. Consider purchasing the semen boosters in bulk if a person wants to save money on their purchase. For example, Semanax, which was rated the top product for male orgasm intensity by the readers. A one-month supply of 120 tablets costs $59.95 and is available for purchase online.

For those who buy in bulk, the price per bottle decreases to $51.65 if they buy for three months or more. In addition, Leading Edge Health offers free global delivery with every order. The 12-month supply stands out as a great bargain, with each bottle costing just $33.33, or almost half of the original price, making it the best overall deal.

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Customer testimonials are prominent. According to BrightLocal, a marketing software firm, 91 percent of customers between 18 and 34 years believe online evaluations are just as trustworthy as recommendations from friends and family. Positive customer feedback may make a big difference in whether a product is successful or unsuccessful.

While each user’s experience with their male enhancement products is unique, these sperm volume pills are effective in most cases. Most pills mentioned positive feature reviews. An individual can therefore compare these results and decide the right brand for them. Moreover, there are many sites other than official websites which provide honest reviews. One can also check these websites for a better understanding of the products and their output.

Sexual Well-Being

When it comes to your sex life, volume pills frequently come with several additional advantages that make it even more enjoyable.

These supplements provide advantages such as increased sex desire and longer-lasting intercourse. They are an excellent method to receive more pleasure out of a semen enhancer.

Brand Reputation

Companies must work harder than ever to earn the trust of their clients. They can’t just introduce a top-of-the-line semen booster and expect to make a tonne of money right now. Additionally, businesses must excel in customer service and community involvement to gain the confidence and respect of their customers. As a result of word-of-mouth promotion, many organizations have established strong communities. The sexual performance booster Max Performer, for example, includes client testimonials that are praising the product.

Money-Back Guarantee

Purchasing these tablets may seem like a risky proposition to men. Money-back guarantees provide customers with trust, enabling them to buy supplements with the confidence that they will get a full return if they are not satisfied. The failure of these pills to live up to their claims would not result in a financial loss for the customers, ensuring trust among buyers.

Every male enhancement supplement on this list has a 30-day money-back guarantee. An individual’s only responsibility is to contact the manufacturer and send back any unwanted supplements. The best part is that most products come with a two- or three-month risk-free trial period. The trial period offers the opportunity to see the increased sperm production before deciding whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

Natural ingredients that increase the production of sperm

Some of the most effective substances for increasing sperm volume are 100 percent natural and safer for a person considering its usage.

In addition to being beneficial for their sex life, semen boosters help maintain their sexual health. Some of the constituents are common home products, while others are rarer and may require more investigation.

Vitamin C and E, folic acid, nitric oxide, and L-carnitine are among the most found components in these supplements.

L-carnitine is a substance found in the metabolic processes of almost all mammals. It is beneficial in treating depression in people and is one of the most prominent contributors to semen volume in supplements.

Erectile dysfunction is directly related to a lack of folic acid in the male body. L-carnitine in the supplement regimen will almost certainly resolve all problems.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It relaxes the smooth muscle cells in the blood arteries, causing them to dilate and become more flexible. Blood flows more freely through the expanded arteries because of the increased nitric oxide content.

Vitamin E is one of the more readily recognized names in these supplements, although it is unclear exactly how it increases sperm volume in men. Vitamin E has a significant impact on stamina and blood flow. It means its increased intake via the supplement helps a person perform better and live longer. Having more vitamin E in the system will result in more sperm, stronger erections, and complete orgasms.

Ashwagandha, recognized as Indian ginseng, is an evergreen plant that grows in the Himalayas. It treats a variety of conditions ranging from high-stress levels to low testosterone levels. According to research, ashwagandha improves men’s sperm count as well as their overall fertility levels.

Fenugreek is a plant native to the Indian subcontinent used in cooking. Many men take fenugreek to increase the amount of their sperm, even though the United States Food and Drug Administration does not authorize or promote it. In addition, some think it may boost breastfeeding production in women, reduce inflammation, and decrease hunger in individuals.

Polyunsaturated fats

Staying away from fatty foods is a prominent part of maintaining a healthy diet. According to the findings of a research of 99 American males, a link exists between high-fat diets and low sperm quantities. The people who are more healthy fats like omega-3 polyunsaturated fats depicted better performance.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids come from varieties of foods, including fish, plants, and nutritional supplements. Long-chain fatty acids provide more nutrients and health advantages than their saturated counterparts because of their longer carbon chains. Along with providing vitamin E to the diet, polyunsaturated fats may also help to reduce cholesterol levels.

What is the reason men want to increase the volume of their ejaculation?

When a guy wishes to father a kid with his better half, he will look for ways to increase his sperm production. Naturally, if a person wants to have a child but is infertile or if the sperm are deformed, then he must be looking for a remedy in the shape of a substance that works as a sperm enhancer to help him.

What most people do not realize is that cum tablets may also be beneficial to sperm production. Because sperm travels through the semen, which also serves as a source of nutrition for the sperm to survive away from the testicles, maintaining a constant semen volume will allow the sperm to reach their target more quickly.

However, although supplements that boost semen production will not repair the sperm on their own, many semen enhancers also function as sperm enhancers to help improve sexual health.

How to boost sperm production naturally?

Male enhancement pills have increased sperm volume. Many of the problems associated with low sperm count link to dietary and supplement consumption in some way. The following are some suggestions for improving sperm volume:

  • Taking supplements containing folic acid or D-aspartic acid
  • Regular exercise
  • Managing the stress and anxiety in the daily life
  • Keeping the alcohol consumption to a minimum
  • Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night

It is important to note that these suggestions do more than increase sperm volume. They have a positive impact on all aspects of sexual health. If one follows these guidelines, one will see an increase in premature ejaculation, libido, and testosterone levels.

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Do these pills have any effect?

Manufacturing companies prove the efficacy of sperm enhancers such as Semenax and Volume Pills. The formulation consists of natural extracts, as mentioned on medical websites.

Primary effects of these drugs include an increase in male potency, testosterone levels, and reproductive ability.

How long should a person wait for results?

It may take 2 to 4 weeks before a person notices any changes because natural supplements do not provide instant effects. It is not always the case that the sperm count will rise immediately after taking them.

A person will probably notice an improvement in the quality of the erection. They will also experience an increase in desire and an increase in the length of the intercourse at first. Additionally, the sperm count may rise after 2-3 months. The best possible outcome is visible after 6-12 months.

What kind of results should a person expect?

A couple of them have already been mentioned, but here is a general summary of what a person should see:

  • Increases in sperm volume of up to 300 percent
  • Erection strength, hardness, and duration improvement
  • Energy, stamina, and physical performance improvement
  • Arousal will enhance
  • Invigorated desire and arousal for sexual activity
  • Prostate and cardiovascular health get improved
  • Blood flow increase
  • Ejaculations that are stronger and more forceful, resulting in exhilarating orgasms

By the third month, a person should be experiencing the most, if not all, of these symptoms. Users have reported changes in ejaculation load and a revived desire for sex within the first couple of weeks. But this has not been confirmed by the manufacturer. 

To what extent may sperm count improve?

On average, using semen boosters like Semenax or Volume Pills regularly, exercising, eating properly, and quitting bad habits may raise the sperm count by 2-3 times. With long-term usage of tablets, this number increases to five times. 

Does an increase in sperm count indicate increased infertility?

When a person begins using natural supplements, they will notice an improvement in their fertility as well. At the same time, the purpose of medications such as Semenax and Volume Pills is to enhance the quantity of sperm in the body.

 Is it safe to take these pills? What about the side effects?

It is good news that all of these products are manufactured entirely of natural components, which means they are completely safe to use.

The absence of any side effects eliminates these concerns.

Any of these semen boosters can be used with confidence after following the prescribed dosage.

Is it OK to use volume pills and Semenax at the same time?

Each of these supplements is effective on its own. It is feasible to stack them together to increase the effectiveness of the results. But the only piece of advice is to be cautious with the doses.

What if one notices any side effects post-consumption of semen enhancers? 

These reactions may be due to the individual body’s reaction to a particular ingredient in the product. One must check the contents or consult a physician for any allergy-related concerns.

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The use of semen enhancement products is appropriate for any male lacking in confidence because of his performance in the bed. Even if a person is confident, it is difficult to pass up the opportunity to add an extra force. If a person has been suffering decreased sperm production because of a change in lifestyle or an underlying medical issue, be sure to review this list of the finest semen boosters.

The use of sperm enhancers should increase both the amount and quality of the sperm. Whichever substance a person selects from the list above will provide the body with the necessary boost to increase sperm production. It is common for better sexual performance and increased desire to be associated with increased fertility rates.

Semen supplements, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, may help have a better ejaculate. In other words, if a person doesn’t want to experiment with horny goat marijuana or a gadget but still wants to enjoy mind-blowing sex, there are a variety of excellent alternatives available to them.

Male supplement users swear by them, saying they can now have orgasms like they never thought they could have before taking the pills. Deciding to include a supplement into the daily routine is not a show of weakness but rather a statement of strength, not just for one’s own sexual health but also for the partner’s pleasure.

With the help of these supplements, a person may take back control of their sex life and the sexual pleasure of the spouse as well. If a person is having problems in the bedroom, any of the above semen pills may help. They can also provide an individual with the results of high testosterone levels and the status of a supreme performer.

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