Bill Pay Apps Becoming More Commonplace Across Healthcare Spectrum

In an effort to deliver a convenient way to pay for patients and a mechanism to ensure adequate payment at the time of services provided, healthcare facilities and medical practices across the country are moving beyond credit cards and checks to invest in mobile payment technologies.

Earlier this spring, Wellero stepped up to the plate with a new offering that makes paying your doctor, lab, hospital or clinic easier than ever via a smartphone app that links patients and providers.

The company says their platform – which is similar to a vast array of offerings sprouting up across the healthcare spectrum today – enables patients to pay their portion of their bill before leaving the office, eliminating the need to wait for a bill and send a check or credit card number later.

“It’s time to bring healthcare into the 21st century and simplify how we pay for healthcare services,” said Hanny Freiwat, co-founder of Wellero. “As people get healthcare coverage for the first time or are faced with paying for a larger share of their expenses, tools like Wellero are transforming our system and making it easier for both consumers and providers to manage their healthcare finances.”

The Wellero app with Bill Pay feature is now available for iOS in the Apple App store and for Android in Google Play.