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There are different situations that present themselves to a man that will test his confidence. Sickness is one of them as men are known to be strong beings with no room for weakness. Another very lethal point that can shake a man’s confidence in his manhood. His strength as a man comes from being able to make a woman go down on her knees in sheer surrender. It is this loss that shakes a man in imagining his strength has been taken away.

When such a thing happens you are put in a vulnerable position. You do not want anyone to know the situation you have found yourself in. And so you try to cover up by avoiding any intimate situations with your partner or a newfound friend. And you probably distance yourself from all possible intimate possibilities. You can’t allow anyone to know your soldier is down and he isn’t rising anymore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way out through the chewable pills offered by Bluechew.

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About Bluechew

Bluechew is an online service giving access to chewable pills that help men have harder erection. It does this by fighting erectile dysfunction ­­and restoring blood flow to your penis so you are able to do what only a man can do. It has been made through the collaboration of entrepreneurs who came together in 2014 to offer an affordable option to men who were in real need of some intimate intervention. The purpose was to put together a system that will give men a safe and secure environment to consult and be diagnosed as well as prescribed for medication.

And that was the very reason for This website gives its members access to doctors who diagnose and treat through the online platform. They are able to give them a prescription for medications that can treat erectile dysfunction. You are able to sign up for an affordable monthly subscription that gives you access to different amounts of pills depending on what you find will satisfy you most.


The active ingredients that Bluechew use to make their chewable pills are Sildenafil and Tadalafil. They are the generic form of popular drugs called Viagra and Cialis which are popular in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The only downside to these popular drugs is they are very expensive to the common man. And that why Bluechew is nice. Bluechew gives you access to those high-end ED drugs for the price of an affordable pill.

How Does Bluechew Work?

Bluechew has been created as a consultation hub between patients and certified doctors. The patients are able to be consulted and a diagnosis is reached based on the state of the patient. If a patient is not suffering from erectile dysfunction, if they have been using recreational drugs or alcohol consistently, if they are taking nitrate medication, if they are not in a physical state to engage in sex, or if they are allergic to this medication or similar medication then they are deemed to be poor candidates of Bluechew.

If you pass this screening process then you are consulted on what version of Bluechew will work best for you. There are two versions that are generic options namely Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra and can stay active from 4-6 hours. Taladafil is the generic version of Cialis and stays in your blood for c24-36 hours.

bluechew review

Considerations to Make

To understand which chewable pill works best for you please consider what it is you want to achieve at the end of the day. You need to understand that pills that make you ready for intercourse usually work best on an empty stomach. If at all you want to indulge in a night out filled with eating and drinking know that the pills will take a longer time to become active. Fatty foods tend to make the absorption of these pills more difficult. Chewable pills tend to be absorbed much faster than regular pills as they are broken down in the mouth rather than in the stomach with food.

You also need to consider how long you want to be sexually charged. If you are going to be spending more than a day with your partner then you should consider a pill with longer staying power. That will be Taladafil which will take you as long as 36 hours. If you are aiming for one night of fun and games then Sildenafil will work best for you as it stays active for up to 6 hours. Be careful that you plan your time wisely so that you don’t take it too early and it wears off.

How to Use the Blue Chewable Tablet

You will notice Taladafil and Sildenafil work differently in terms of duration of use. They are also different in that you can use Taladafil on a daily basis and always be able to engage in sex at any time you wish. Sildenafil is an on-demand drug that you only take when you need to be charged for the romp. Weigh which option works best for you in terms of your needs. You should be aware that Taladafil comes in lower doses which makes it ideal for taking on a daily basis. Sildenafil, on the other hand, comes in higher doses.


You have the freedom of using either Taladafil or Sildenafil depending on your needs.


Is Bluechew Safe to Use?

Sildenafil and Tadanafil have been used in the original forms for many years with no significant side effects that have been reported. The most common side effect reported is being flushed in the face for some men. A few other symptoms include headaches. There are also reports of short-lived nasal blockages. The beauty is that these drugs are even FDA approved to give you the benefit of government approval.

Bluechew analyzes you through the questionnaire they give you just to check that you are in proper health to take this medication. They also give you the option of changing the dosage you are using in case you need to step it down or even cancel it.

Benefits of Bluechew

There are a number of benefits that Bluechew boasts about. One is that they send the tablets in a discreet package and you can order it online. Going to a doctor to reveal that you have erectile dysfunction is not a very comfortable thing. You may suffer shame and embarrassment during this episode. And because of that many men refuse to get medical help.

Bluechew gives an opportunity for you to access medical attention by having a medical panel available at all times. A benefit to this is that these doctors do not charge consultation. Once you are consulted you will also be given a prescription for the drug you are to take. The drug is then shipped to you in a discreet envelope that does not expose any of the content identity.

Bluechew uses the generic versions of drugs that have been in the market for decades. This gives you confidence that what is being sold is safe for use. The active ingredients are FDA approved making it have greater credibility in the United States and the world in general.

Purchase & Price

There are various pricing packages available for this erectile dysfunction medication. All these packages are available on a monthly prescription. The smallest package is priced at just $20. For this, you will get 6 Sildenafil tablets or 4 Taladafil tablets. You can also subscribe to the $30 a month package which gives you 10 Sildenafil tabs or 7 Taladafil tablets.

The fastest-moving subscription is the $50 a month package that has 7 Sildenafil tabs or 14 Tadalafil tabs. The biggest plan is the $90 a month package that gives you 34 Sildenafil tabs or 28 Tadalafil tabs. You have the option of canceling the subscription at any time you want to. There’s also different dosages options.

You need to be aware that there are a number of states in the US that Bluechew is not available in as its use has been restricted. These are:

  • Alabama
  • North Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • Puerto Rico

The telemedicine is also not available outside the United States or in Canada at this time. It is only available in the states not listed above.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a money back guarantee that is sure. What it does not do is receive the returned shipment as the medication was under prescription and cannot be reused by anyone else. The money back guarantee covers 30 days after purchase but shipping is deducted from your refund. If for any reason one of the tablets did not work for you it is recommended that you switch to its counterpart as your history is reviewed.


How much is a consultation?
Bluechew offers free consultation on its site from its trained doctors.

Can I get a refund if my prescription doesn’t work for me?
A one-month money-back guarantee is available for you if your prescription doesn’t work for you. You are advised to switch from one tablet to the other tablet option to see if it will work before asking for a refund. You could switch from Sildenafil to Tadalafil if you were using Sildenafil and vice versa.

Is it legal to take these tablets?
These pills are legal in most states. Work is ongoing to make them legal in all the states.

How do I know if Bluechew is legal in my state?
The states which do not accept Bluechew are listed on the official website so you can know if the tablets are available in your state.

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  • Bluechew offers a chewable, easy to take tablet.
  • It comes in the option of two tablets that work to either last a full day or just a few hours.
  • It uses FDA approved active ingredients ensuring your safety.
  • Free consultation and prescription available.
  • Discreet shipping for every package.
  • Different monthly packages are available to suit different budgets.


  • Not available in a number of states in the US or internationally.
  • May have a few side effects for a limited number of people like feeling flushed or getting a hard-on that doesn’t fade.


Customer Testimonials

“I finally feel like a man again after so long! I was never able to tell my doctor what was going on with me. And my wife always thought I’d lost interest in her. If only she knew…then I found this online and it gave me great hope knowing I would be able to satisfy my woman once again. I found a really good doctor who took their time with me. After consultation I was advised on what was best for my use. I got the package in a quiet envelope that nobody knew what could be inside. My wife has never been happier!” Ed Kenneth.

“My life turned a corner when I discovered I could get these pills at such an affordable cost. It was the point my life changed for the better. My girl came back to me and settled down. She now wants my babies.” Billy Edwards.

I hadn’t had a fulfilling relationship in over 3 years. I was afraid I couldn’t be able to perform. My little soldier was always sleeping and only rose at half mast at best. I did not care for embarrassments. One day I got to know about Bluechew and it was life-changing. Thanks, Bluechew!” Rogan Michael.


Erectile dysfunction can be annoying. By chance, there’s solutions on the market. The chewable tablets offered by Bluechew are made to help you have harder erections. Embrace the new way of doing things through free online consultation and discreet shipping to your doorstep. It is time to take the reins on your sexual health.

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