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Are you on your weight loss journey? Have you tried any solution for weight loss? If you are on your weight loss journey and have tried any solution for the same, are you getting any result? If not, then read on to know about an effective and proven solution.

If you think that you are doing everything to get your desired result why are you not getting the results? There can be a reason of not getting the expected result. You may be following any outdated or misguided advice. That may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

The real reason behind not being able to lose weight is a slow metabolism. It slows down the weight loss process and makes all your efforts ineffective.

For you today, the ultimate and great news is that now you can get into shape easily. Just by making some changes in your lifestyle, you can get the desired results. Cinderella Solution has the key to that.

cinderella solution review

Introduction to Cinderella Solution

Do you avoid your mirror reflection due to undesired looks even after trying many diets and exercises? You may have found the solution to your problem here. With this solution, your clothes will start fitting you perfectly. Moreover, you will also be able to satisfy your sugar craving and control your mood swings as well.

Cinderella Solutions is a weight loss guide. It is just a 2 step simple program. The program is designed only for women. Following this program religiously will help you in achieving jaw-dropping daily goals and get your confidence back.

The solution promises to help you lose weight 6 times faster than other popular diets. It helps you to look younger and that too without going to any gym. This is achieved using a “procrastination-method” that can actually strengthen your heart and help in weight loss. You can fulfill your dream of losing weight without losing energy.

What you will really get from Cinderella Solution?

You will learn many things through the solution. Some of them include the following: –

  • You can learn how much carbohydrate and starch you should consume in a day to maintain your required food balance;
  • You will learn through the program why dessert time is the best time to lose weight;
  • You can know how to target any particular area for weight loss;
  • It will teach you how “movement sequencing” can help weight loss and the reason why it is better than cardiovascular exercise;
  • You will learn when you should consume alcohol without negatively impacting your weight;
  • You can know what is the best time to have certain food and may maintain the same time and healthy metabolism
  • You can get all of this is quite less price now. Many offers can be availed on purchase.

How Does Cinderella Solution Work?

Cinderella Solution is a 28-day program that is divided into two phases. Each phase consists of various steps like in the initial phase, the user can eat 3 meals in a day for 14 days. This phase will have various meal combinations that can regulate body hormones. The food combination is aimed to help lose weight faster.

In the second phase of the program, the user will have to eat 4 meals in the day. Each meal is basically a combination of several authorized meals. The food is a combination of many food combinations that have been in use for the past 10 years for weight loss.

The diet is designed in such a way so as to help you to lose weight by consuming natural ingredients and food items.

How and what will you learn in this program?

You will learn many things from this program and get numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of the program are:

  • You will learn the balanced consumption of starch and carbohydrates to maintain your body weight;
  • You will learn the best time to consume food and alcohol;
  • You will come to know why and how dessert can actually work for you;
  • You will also learn how a good and balanced diet can work better than cardiovascular exercise

Thus, by knowing more about the diet, you can learn the real way to lose body fat.

Author of Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is authored by Carly Donovan. The author herself experienced the effects of a balanced diet on her metabolism. The uniqueness and key aspect of this diet are that it is not created by any health guru or professional nutritionist. Such product owners pay a lot of amount to celebrities just to endorse it.

Carly is a simple woman who has also faced many problems of poor metabolism, which starts especially when women cross their 20s. Weight gain is a result of hormonal changes and it can be easily handled by following this program.

Is Cinderella Solution Really Beneficial?

Cinderella Solution is the solution for the everyday problems that women face at the time of hormonal changes. One of the major advantages of the solution is that it is perfectly designed for women by considering the fact that a woman’s body is entirely different from a man’s.

As the program is designed specifically for women so you can expect better results through this. The program does not offer any difficult workout regime. It does not give you any high hopes or makes any false promises.

The guide is purely manual and a quick starter. It is a video-exercise and daily nutritionist guide. The guide is designed specifically for women, thereby ensuring that they can lose weight quickly and safely in a healthy manner.

cinderella solution book

Main Modules of the Program

The program guide has various channels and two phases. The first phase is the Ignite Phase, while the second one is the Launch phase. The guide is divided in 4 parts that are listed below:-

1. Part One

The first part explains the weight loss program. It has a total of three chapters. The first chapter explains where and how you can get started with your weight loss journey? The second chapter of this part discusses the following: –

  • Food Coupling
  • Flavor Planning
  • Nutrition Timing
  • Slim-Sequencing Exercise

The third chapter of the book is about the igniting and launch phase of the book.

2. Part Two

This part again has three chapters. Chapter 4 of the guide discusses Cinderella tools like:-

  • 14 Day Calendars
  • Bonus Recipe
  • Daily Meal Plan

Chapter 5 of the guide talks about food pairing rituals and macros. The discussion revolves around below topics such as:-

  • Royal Fats
  • Power Carbs
  • Angel Carbs
  • Prime Protein

Chapter 6 of the guide discusses meal timing and frequency. It has the following parts and discussions:-

  • Ignite 3 Meals
  • Launch 4 Meals
  • When to Eat

3.  Part Three

This part discusses 3-step instructions and ignites and launches meal pairing legends. It also focuses on portion options and blocks on food and portions.

  1. iv) Part Four

The final part of the guide focusses on Top 10 flavor pairs and combinations for weight loss.

Side Effects of Cinderella Solution

The program guide does not have any side effects. It basically has no side effect on the user’s health. As the program is designed only for women, so it is recommended for them only. Any woman can follow this program.

You will get all the information on balanced and healthy foods and diet. You can lose weight without making yourself hungry. The guide comes with a promise of faster and effective weight loss procedure.

Purchase Price of Cinderella Solution

Well, if you want to buy the guide then it is mandatory to know its actual price. In this part of the post, you can know the actual price of the product.

The guide is now being offered at a quite low rate. The real cost of the guide is only $37 at the official website. Here the payment can be made electronically. You can avail the direct benefit while making the purchase. The offered price is for a limited time.

Money Back and Refund Policy

Cinderella Solution also comes with a money back offer. You can ask for a refund within 60 days of making the purchase. If at any time you feel that the program guide is not suitable for you, then you can ask for a refund.

cinderella solution


What exactly is Cinderella Solution?
You will get a 30-page Cinderella Solution Practice Guide, another 76-page Cinderella Main Book, and a 56-page Cinderella Solution University and Owner’s manual. All these guides will give you detailed information about the metabolism of women’s bodies.

Is it safe to purchase Cinderella Solution online?
Your online purchase of the product is completely safe. None of your information will be shared with anyone.

How long does it take to get visible results?
Well, the real duration of this weight loss program is just 14 days. However, you can continue following the procedure for as long as you wish. There are many factors that affect your metabolism. Thus, the result may also depend on your body type.

From where I can buy the product?
You can buy the product from its official website directly from the author.

Is there any money-back guarantee?
Yes, the product comes with 60-days money back guarantee. If you do not get the desired and satisfactory result, you can return the product for a no questions asked refund.

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Pros of Cinderella Solution

  • Once you buy the guide, you will get many benefits that will help you to lose weight in a faster manner;
  • The product is very effective and efficient
  • The product offers you a comprehensive and the best solution with managed meal plans;;
  • You will also get a 60-day money back guarantee;
  • The product is relatively inexpensive
  • The content is explained in easy to understand language so that anyone can understand it.

Cons of Cinderella Solution

  • The program takes time to work;
  • You will have to wait to get visible results;
  • The effect can be maintained only by following the recommended diet regime.

Before and After Pics

Customer Testimonials

Kelly ~ Now you can put down the weight loss pills like me. I was dieting for the last 2 years and was not getting desired results. Being a booklover, I bought Cinderella Solution and got desired results. I really lost weight and that too without following any difficult routine.

Janelle ~ I really loved the book and the way it’s written. The plan that I followed was perfect for my body type. I followed the mentioned diet and plan for around 3 months. You won’t believe that I felt the changes not only in my weight but also in my health. I was suffering from many health issues that were resolved due to the program.

Ketty ~ In my region, there are a number of weight loss programs being offered. But one of my friends suggested following Cinderella Solution. I followed the program and got the desired results. My metabolism improved a lot and I was able to consume my favorite foods as well.

Sarah ~ For women, it is good to follow any women-oriented program. I found the program recommended in the book really helpful. As the program was designed only for women, so by following the same I achieved quick weight loss.


It can be said that it is quite an easy-to-follow program. It has been proved to be a result-oriented guide. You can follow the program for as long as you wish. It will give you good results if you will follow it properly.

Many feedbacks and customer reviews prove its authenticity. Moreover, the price is also reasonable. It is a one-time purchase that will give you lifetime results. Follow the regime and get into shape quickly.

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