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You have probably struggled to maintain a healthy weight from time to time. When fat accumulates around your vital organs, accelerated by the toxins in your body, you may suffer chronic illnesses. You may have undergone or are considering undergoing a bypass surgery to cut on the amount of food you eat.

Unfortunately, the food you eat is loaded with addictive chemical substances that cause you to crave more of it. The fast-food industry is making billions on this. The media houses also profit in similar proportions due to the advertisements of these starchy, sugary, fast foods.

The chemicals found in the soil and the food are so toxic that they cause inflammation. They alter how the body functions. There is an enzyme that is produced by the pancreas that feeds on fat. Your body stopped producing this enzyme due to the toxins in the soil and food. God did not intend you to be overweight and look 10 years older than you are. You are blessed if you are in perfect health today.

The secret to the life-saving enzyme was discovered in an Island located in Greece. The Island has gained many nicknames due to the longevity of the inhabitants. It is known as “The World’s Thinnest City,” “The Island Where People Forget To Die,” “The Island Of Youth,” to outline a few.

Regardless of the doctor’s report, you can now be at ease. You can reverse whatever damages that have been done to your body and lose weight at the same time. You do not have to starve yourself or workout excessively at the gym. You can eat the fat off. Eating the right kind of fatty foods at night produces the fat-metabolizing enzyme called Pancreatic Lipase (Lipase-P).

You need to forget all the starchy sugary foods that are making you obese and sick. Grain-based foods are not as effective as they are made out to be in maintaining your health. Claim your health and vitality back by getting these fatty foods instead. Big pharmaceutical companies thrive as a result of your weight-related illnesses. It is in your hands to change your story today.

eat the fat off

About Eat The Fat Off

This is a digital handbook that will guide you on what to do for 21days for your body to start producing Pancreatic Lipase/Lipase-P. This digital handbook shows you that it is not about starving yourself. The eating habits prescribed therein were in existence before the birth of Christ. That is around 2800 years ago. That was in ancient Greece, passed down from generation to generation. At some point in time, they were forgotten.

However, they were rediscovered in Icaria, Greece, and they can now benefit you as well. The foods are tasty and are enjoyable to eat. Your body will require more of these foods to produce Lipase-P. This is the enzyme that breaks down fats in your food.

The handbook contains weight loss secrets that took a long time to research. A lot of work and money was spent on the research to make sure that the secrets could benefit you. Ideally, you would have had to travel to Icaria, but this handbook has made everything easy for you. The nutritional plan in the handbook has been tested and proved medically and practically.

Working of Eat The Fat Off?

There are different phases to the plan that should be followed for it to work. Phase 1 is where the thinning enzyme is activated. During this phase, you will eat a “ketone-modifier diet’ that will include enzyme-producing foods. The main aim is to heal your gut and the basis for the production of Lipase-P. This is a fat metabolizing enzyme that will be produced by the pancreas. This will ensure the food gets digested fast. This phase lasts for 12 days.

Phase 2 is the stage where you start eating more. The foods in this stage will rebuild your hormones and restore Lipase-P to its natural levels. You will experience a great boost in your energy levels.

How to Use Eat The Fat Off

The system works when you follow the guidelines. Applying the principles in the handbook will ensure you get the desired results. You will know what to eat, the best time of day to eat it, and how much weight you expect to lose. That way, you will be able to track your progress.

eat the fat off pdf

Is Eat The Fat Off Safe?

These guidelines are safe to be followed and implemented by anyone. You are assured of getting healthier and will not only lose weight but also keep it off permanently. The foods can be easily obtained from the grocery store. However, this book is not recommended for you if you want to starve yourself thin. Do not buy the book if you do not desire change or if you think you are too old.

Is Eat The Fat Off Addictive?

You will find this action plan quite addictive. You will crave the delicious foods more. This is healthy for you because the more you eat, the healthier you will become.

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Benefits of Eat The Fat Off

Certain hormones produced will control your appetite. You will no longer crave for junk food. Your body will start producing ketones naturally. In this way, there won’t be time for the storage of body fat.

Pre-cancerous cells will be starved, and specific cancer markers reduced. The hyped digestive system will also efficiently eliminate wastes. The rest of the body organs will be able to eliminate toxins as well. Your cholesterol levels will go down, and your heart functions will improve. Type 2 diabetes will be controlled as the blood sugar goes down naturally. This is due to improved pancreatic functions.

Pain in the joints and muscles will disappear as inflammation goes down. You will then experience a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and energized. It slows the aging process within your body cells. Good hormones produced will bring back your youthfulness. Your skin will become smooth, your hair will be thicker, and your libido will go up. The symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome will reduce or disappear entirely. This will improve your reproductive system.

All hormonal related blemishes and acne will disappear from your skin. Blood pressure will go down. You may need to stop taking the medication when your blood pressure normalizes.

Purchase and Price

The price of digital handbook is only $19. You will get all the benefits promised. You also get some free books too, as given below:

Eat The Fat Off Grocery Guide, where you will be guided on what to buy.

Eat The Fat Off Cheat Your Way Trim, where you find tasty treats and desserts.

Eat The Fat Off Meal Planning Blueprint, where you find assistance on how to plan your meals.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

When you purchase the product, you will have a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. You are assured of getting your money back if, in one way or another, you do not get the desired results.


How long does the diet plan take to work?

This is a very effective 21-day plan. The most significant changes will be experienced within the first 12 days of the program. This is when rapid weight loss occurs as the system is tuned to start producing Lipase-P.

Can I include other foods that I like in the diet plan?

You are not restricted in any way. However, you will achieve better results if you refrain from starchy and sugary foods. When you strictly follow the guidelines, the cravings for refined carbs will fade and be replaced by the taste of this new diet plan. This will be easy on you as the body will not be starved but enabled to burn fats.

Can I plan these meals for my family?

Yes. There are gifts you will receive with the diet plan that will help you plan your meals, and buy your groceries. These are foods that can be consumed by everyone in the family.

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  • You will experience massive weight loss.
  • You will feel more energetic.
  • You will look and feel younger.
  • Your blood sugar will go down.
  • Your blood pressure will go down.
  • Chronic conditions will be reversed.
  • You will have smooth skin and thicker hair.
  • Joint pains and muscle aches will disappear.
  • You will have a better sleep.
  • Your cholesterol levels will go down.
  • Your heart will function better.


  • The guidelines do not work unless you follow every detail.
  • There are no dietary supplements or pills, just real foods.

Customer Testimonials

“I struggled with weight for so long that I had given up on trying to get rid of it. The only saving grace was when I came across the Eat The Fat Off diet plan. I purchased the book and got to cooking. The results are amazing. I cannot believe the image I see when I look in the mirror is mine. I do not think any of my college mates will recognize me if we met. It is God-send and a miracle worker.” Alicia Pope

eat the fat off reviews

“I have never had a weight issue on the weighing scale. My Body Mass Index has always been ideal. My main problem was the visceral fat that failed to go away and the polycystic ovarian syndrome that caused excessive body hair. To make matters worse, I suffered from a severe case of adult acne. When I came across the digital handbook, I decided to try the system. After just two months, I have clear skin, a flat belly, and no body hair. I feel like a woman again. What’s more, my reproductive health is back on track.” Faith GrantĀ 

“I always had a healthy weight until I went to college. Back home, I was used to momma’s home-cooked meals. In college, it was always fast food and take-out meals for me. Fast forward several years later, I was pre-diabetic in my late twenties. I had to do something but I did not know where to start. I joined the gym and went on a no-carbs diet. This helped a little but not enough to undo the massive damage I had done to my body over the years. Several weeks ago, I came across an interesting article on Eat The Fat Off. This is the real deal as my sugar levels drastically dropped and my belly has considerably shrunk. I feel more energized and my workouts are more effective. I would recommend this diet plan to anyone.” Kevin Smith


Eat The Fat Off is an easy guideline for losing weight and maintaining youthful vitality. The diet plan has its origins from an Island located in Greece. It dates centuries back and is now backed by modern medical research. This is a safe, no-starvation diet. By eating the prescribed fatty foods at night, you will trigger the production of Pancreatic Lipase that will eat away the fat.

Lipase-P is naturally produced by the body and should not be sought out in pills or supplements. When you follow the guidelines, you will lose weight and burn fat so that none gets stored in your body. You will experience many benefits with this plan. Your youthful zest will be renewed, and energy levels will skyrocket, and body organs will be regenerated. Any damage done to them through years of bad diets and accumulated toxins will be reversed.

The benefits of this diet plan have been featured in major media houses and publications. The Washington times, the NBC, The New York Times, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Entrepreneur Magazine, to mention just a few.

This diet plan is simple and effective. The handbook is available for only $19, with some free books on what groceries to buy and how to plan your meals. Some enzymatic foods are included in the plan to quicken the process, which is a click of the button away. Do not hesitate to try this plan as there is a 60 days 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied in any way. You are assured of tangible results in a matter of days.

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