Essential Oils To Fight Anxiety

Do you feel that knot in your stomach right when an eventful moment is approaching? If yes, then we’re guessing that holding a mike on stage might make your hand sweaty too. And especially if you have been having such episodes quite often, then we think that it’s about time that you take your anxiety issues seriously.

Panic attacks, fear of having conversations with another person, dry mouth, sweaty palms, shivering legs, urge to just fled from the moment, dizziness, worry, fumbling speech, etc, are all examples of what could happen because of anxiety. Oh! Let us not ignore the marriage and relationship part too (chuckles).

On a serious note, these are signs that shouldn’t be dismissed on a casual note. Nearly 18% of our world’s population deals with anxiety problems on an everyday basis. Now, how do we handle such a big number? How do we treat this problem the right way? Many might think of popping some anti-depressant pills or even sleeping pills as the solution here, right? But have you ever thought about essential oils? Could it work as a solution? We’re going to talk about how potent essential oils could be in treating anxiety here. Read on to know more.

CBD For Anxiety

What Are These Essential Oils In The First Place?

They are made of medicinal herbs and are concentrated extracts of the same and are made up of volatile molecules. These essences possess bioactive ingredients that contain healing properties. These essential oils can either be inhaled by diffusing them or it can be applied after consulting a doctor to any affected area to find some relief. Now you must be wondering how by just sniffing oils can one get rid of anxiety, right? Continue to read to find out more.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils tend to stimulate the senses when you inhale them or when it gets absorbed into your skin over topical application. When you inhale fragrances through your nose, it leads to the activation of olfactory receptors. Now, these receptors tend to interact along with certain specific proteins that wither close or open up the ion channels present in your brain lobes, the cortex olfactory will recognize the odors of the essential oils and tends to associate the odor with memories.

On how pleasant or unpleasant the odor is, different centers of your brain are activated because of the olfactory sensory neurons’ signals. This is why we either feel dull or alert when we inhale certain fragrances. For example, the scent of lavender oil will make one feel drowsy whereas that of rosemary will make you feel alert. Chocolate fragrance minimizes your level of attention whereas jasmine helps increase your well-being, romance, and freshness. So, that’s about it, that’s how aromatherapy works for us humans. The stimulating effects of the fragrances make an impact on the way our body and brain function. So, which essential oils help manage anxiety better? Here’s a list to throw light on just that:

Top Essential Oils To Battle Anxiety

  1. Lavender Oil

The lavender essential oil possesses so many healing properties; it has antidepressant, antibacterial, antifungal, anxiolytic, analgesic, carminative effects. This essential oil has been in use for centuries for its capability in reducing depression and anxiety. And recently even clinical data has been backing this. The best part about this essential oil is that lavender oils have zero side effects and can be used for ingestion, inhalation, and topical application.

  1. Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is basically obtained from different species of rose. Roses contain terpene alcohol in abundances like nerol, geraniol, and citronellol. Rose oil’s phytochemical composition has the potential of reducing depression and anxiety. It can also be mixed with other essential oils to create a lasting effect on our minds and body. Rose oil is known to reduce blood pressure, palpitations, and even breathing rate. Apart from just inhaling it, you can use rose oil for massaging the body as well.

  1. Ylang-Ylang Oil

This essential oil is obtained from the sweet-smelling flowers of Cananga Odorata. Several types of research talk about the perks of inhaling or massaging with this oil. They tell that ylang-ylang essential oil can reduce any signs of anxiety and also help control the temperature of the body. It is best to do a patch test before applying this oil as it has resulted in irritation in many people.

  1. Chamomile Oil

The very beautiful chamomile plant and its flowers can be used to make this oil. Chamomile essential oil’s properties depend on which variety is it—the German or the Roman. They are excellent in calming down the mind and help feel good.

  1. Bergamot Oil

The Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the peels of citrus bergamia. This oil is known to be an instant mood booster. The active compounds bound in this oil affect the central nervous system of the body, thereby making a person feel relaxed and free from anxiety. It is best used for inhalation purposes only. It cannot be used for topical applications as bergamot oil is phototoxic and photosensitive in nature.

How To Use Essential Oils?

  1. Inhalation
  • You can add the essential oils to air diffusers so that the essential oils’ active ingredients and the fragrance is spread in the environment around you.
  • You can also place them as room fresheners, pillow mists, incense sticks, and bathroom fresheners.
  1. Topical Application
  • As essential oils are heavily concentrated, it is critical for us to mix them with carrier oils when we want to apply it topically.
  • Oils of olive, jojoba, castor, coconut, sesame, almonds, etc. are some of the oils that can be used to dilute the essential oils.

Always ensure that you buy good quality and organic essential oils as there are several synthesized versions available in the market right now. Using essential oil not just helps you deal with anxiety, it also helps improve your cognitive abilities as well. Pick your favorite essential oil and start driving away your anxiety problems.