Exercise During Coronavirus: Tips For Staying Active

In the present year of 2020, the most anticipated twin year was initially considered to be the most happening year. Everybody was looking at it as the best year start over whatever they had dreamt of. Just two months into the year and the entire world was shocked! The coronavirus had entered our lives and it gave our lives a 360-degree turn in ways that are best left unimaginable. Everything has changed! The way we wake up to the way we go about our entire day and the manner in which we sleep—everything has changed! The outbreak of this novel virus was declared as a pandemic situation for the entire world by the WHO (World Health Organization). Because of the absence of a vaccine of the virus and very little knowledge about the characteristics of the virus, the situation only got worsening in all parts of the world. The best of the countries with the best of the medical types of equipment failed to save people affected by the virus. To ensure that the chain of the virus breaks, the biggest of the economies in the world be it the United States of America or the United Kingdom, everybody observed lockdown! This forced every individual whether rich or poor to stay within the confined boundaries of their homes and stepping out only to buy essential products that are required for survival.


In the world of businesses, where many considered this as the most horrible bane ever granted to them. Many other individuals took this time to make up for the time they couldn’t give their families. Bonds within families saw rapid development. There’s always another side of the story to this, the sudden declaration of lockdown left many stranded alone in the cities they work away from family. This has resulted in a rise in the number of depression cases and mental health cases. One needs to stay positive during these hard times that the world is facing right now. This brings us to understand how important mental health is. And if you are using the present time to laze around just because you cannot go out and do anything, you’re doing a very wrong thing! The best way to be in the best of both, physical and mental health is to keep oneself active by doing some exercise. We’re sure that online while you were browsing on your favorite Facebook or Instagram pages, you must have come across a zillion articles prioritizing the importance of practices that emphasize self-care routines. One of the best practices that fit into the self-care criteria is exercise! Here are a few tips that will help you stay active and exercise regularly during this corona pandemic. Read on.

  1. Learn To Get Into The Present Ryhtm

Before the pandemic struck us, we were living a different life and following a different routine—and both of these cannot be followed in today’s time. Therefore, we need to first and foremost make peace with this reality and accept the new normal that the world has thrown at us. Staying at home, like only at home and following the norms of social distancing was a sudden practice that by now we have become accustomed to, isn’t it? The same needs to apply to the new normalcy of life as well. Most of us might be missing our old normal lives. Plenty of us out there love sticking to scheduled routines. And now suddenly we cannot do it anymore. If there’s anything that this pandemic has taught us; it certainly has made us realize how fickle life can get and how it takes just a few moments to change our normal life into a topsy turvy state.

So, the first thing that we need to do to keep ourselves active is to accept the new normal, make peace with it, and understand that we cannot turn the clock backward now. To get into the rhythm of new normalcy, it’s best to set up a routine that will help you deal with the new life. Earlier, you had an only a single set time for your workout. Now, you could probably break that workout into different parts and continue to do it throughout the day at whatever time you feel is best feasible for your body and you.

  1. Connect And Stay Active

Even though social distancing seems to be the need of the hours, social support in these difficult times is very important. Exercising with others is very important to keep your workout game strong. And nope, we’re not asking you to hit the gym (that’s impossible). We’re only asking you to start working out together with your best gym buddies virtually. Staying connected virtually with people who will constantly push you and help you be a better version of themselves is a good idea, don’t you think so too? Virtual group workouts are “the” trend right now!

  1. Experiment And Try New Things

You always wanted to paint or knit and didn’t have enough time for it? Have you always wanted to meditate and learn yoga but were never able to? This is it, you guys! This time that appears to be very slow-paced is the time for you all to explore and venture into things that you have always wanted to try. Don’t worry if you never have a list as such before. Find new things that will help you feel more connected to yourself. Utilize this time to get stronger. If you always wanted to learn aerobics, this is the time! Just do it!

  1. Pick What Bests Suits You

Social media is a boon during these times that we are in right now! Everybody is talking to social media to share their workout routines. There’s literally like a flood of creative workout routines that can be easily carried out and done within the confined walls of your home sweet home. This doesn’t mean that you will have to do all of them. Pick what is best for you and you can happily ditch the rest.

While choosing a new workout, take into consideration your likes/dislikes, your fitness level, and the types of equipment that are available with you at home.

  1. Movement Too Can Become One Of Your Household Activities

You must have seen many of them posting that they covered 10K steps every single day. Why do you think they do this? It’s their way of making sure they are not being the lazy couch potatoes at home and are sneaking in movement throughout their day. Here are a few ways of doing it:

  • Take advantage of your chores: All of the household tasks like scrubbing, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, etc. can be done at a brisk pace. They help you work on the muscles of your arms and legs.
  • Exercising while on commercial breaks: Many of us are watching a lot of news, documentaries, and shows on the television. Every commercial break that you get, get up, and do something. Walk around the sofa or do some household work or do pushups—it’s your call!
  1. Take The Advantage Of Technology

Gyms are closed but they are also coming up with virtual sessions and classes wherein you can interact with the trainer and have a one-on-one or even a group workout session. So don’t hesitate and if you always wanted some guidance to get fitter, then check on the online classes.

  1. Take Breaks While Sitting

A majority of us are doing “work from home.” As much as this becomes a boon for being able to work in a comfortable set up. It also devoids you from moving around and just staying kaput in one single place all the time. Learn to take breaks in between your sitting sessions with your laptop. Get up and walk around every one hour at least. Ensure that you have attained at least 250 steps in every hour that you are awake.

After all the above-mentioned tips to stay active and exercise during the coronavirus pandemic, we’d like to ask you one simple question…What is that helps us fight diseases? If your answer was “a good immunity system” you are correct! And by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, we can achieve just that to battle the coronavirus until a vaccine reaches every neighbourhood in the world. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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