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Fungal infections have been the silent killers of a healthy life for millions of Americans each year. It is far-fetched that a small yellow streak of infection on your toenails would cause such a disaster. Mind you, this infection can affect your body, causing dysfunctionality in your vital systems like the heart, lungs and entire immune system. Fungal infections are a sign of a failing immune system.

This is why you need the Fungus Eliminator. Fungus Eliminator is a product manufactured by PureHealth. It is a natural, risk-free, proven remedy. The product is available to everyone who needs it to fight all kinds of such fungal infections.

Before you use this Fungus Eliminator, it is better to have a detailed knowledge of this product and factors causing such kind of infections.

fungus eliminator review

Fungus Eliminator

The Fungus Eliminator is a special, natural remedy that helps treat all kinds of fungal infections. It works at the grass root-level, killing the fungus in the body’s vital system that causes fatal infections. Not only that, you get added advantage of prevention and protection from any kind of new infections.

This product is completely natural, which aims to reinforce the immune system and restore tissue health. This therapy works faster, giving you benefits with no side effects.

Fungus Eliminator consists of a secret ingredient grown by the native farmers in the fertile plains of Bangladesh. These farmers battle fungal infections on their feet as they walk for long hours in the marshlands. What keeps them safe from severe infections is the intake of a special herb. This herb has natural healing properties to fight against all fungal infections and keeps their nails, skin and hair fungus free.

The Fungus Eliminator works faster than modern medications. This product is developed by called PureHealth Research. Pure Health Research aims to develop a natural scientific product, providing you with all trusted information to keep up your health, by natural methods.

Pure Health Research

Before using the product, knowing the objectives of the PureHealth Research team will give you a clear picture of why you should choose the Fungus Eliminator. PureHealth Research team develops products using trusted ingredients sourced naturally. Each product undergoes a rigorous five-stage research and testing process before being certified by the company.

The research team consists of world-class doctors, researchers, nutritionists, chemists, and fitness experts who have over twenty years of experience in creating effective nutritive products. Every ingredient is handpicked, from its natural environment, to keep up its standard for its highest quality and purity. Each ingredient undergoes an intense test to check its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

What raises the standard of the products of Pure Health Research is that the manufacturing is done in cGMP labs. The products are FDA registered and secured by SSL.

Pure Health Research Fungus Eliminator


The secret ingredients of Fungus Eliminator will help you get quicker remedy and save your frustration on trying out other ineffective medications.

Here are the ingredients of Fungus Eliminator:


Wild Oregano has natural antibiotic and antifungal properties. It can neutralize the disease-causing free radicals with its rich source of Vitamin K, Vitamin E, iron, calcium and magnesium. Oregano prevents cell damage, infections caused by fungus and bacteria. This ingredient serves as the best remedy for fungus in the toenails, athlete’s foot and infections by ringworm.

2.Garlic Bulb

This ingredient is a rich source of Zinc, Sulfur, Allicin, and Selenium. It is an excellent fighter against all kinds of fungal and bacterial infections. Garlic has antioxidant properties in its phytonutrients that prevent disruption in cell functions. Use of Garlic over the fungal infected area heals immediately.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

The medicinal effects of Apple Cider Vinegar have come to light recently. Studies have shown the extensive benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, which has exceptional healing properties against many kinds of infections. It is a rich source of probiotics and maintains gut health.


Wormwood is a medicinal herb with healing properties for various disorders in the digestive system. The extract from this herb enables the body to fight against foreign disease-causing agents. Wormwood promotes the functioning of the liver and release of digestive juices during digestion.

5.Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf is known for its medicinal properties since ancient times. The leaf extract enhances protection against fungus, bacteria and all other harmful parasites in the body. Studies have shown that this extract kills the toenail fungus. It guards you against all parasitic infections too.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is an exceptional ingredient in the Fungus Eliminator. It is known for its health benefits. It has high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric protects the immune system and triggers it to act as a police force; to attack any foreign body entering the body.

7. Basil Leaf

Basil Leaf has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, C and K, manganese and iron. The extract of this leaf promotes healthy gut flora, better liver function and helps in detoxification of the body.

Fungus Eliminator also contains Bioperine, which makes turmeric bioavailable. It reinforces the immune system and health.

These ingredients are mixed in the right proportion to heal your toes from all fungal infections.

Fungus Eliminator Reviews

How Does Fungus Eliminator Work?

Your body’s immune system begins to degrade after you reach 35 years of age. This is the crucial period when fungal infections can invade the body. The immune system is too weak to fight the microspores that are in the air and water. Moreover, if you live in warmer areas, you are prone to fungal and bacterial infections that attack the vital organs of your body.

The best way to treat these infections is to boost up the body’s immune system. The primary function of the immune system starts with the gut flora in your intestine. With a healthy gut flora, your body fights against any kind of foreign body. In contrast, a damaged gut leaves you vulnerable to infections.

The work of Fungus Eliminator starts right from here. Every ingredient in the mixtures aims to heal the gut, thereby strengthening your body’s immune system. Because of these antifungal, antioxidant and health-promoting ingredients, your immune system is strong enough to fight any existing fungal infections and prevents new contagions as well.


The Fungus Eliminator is in the form of capsules. Each bottle comes to you with 30 servings.

You can take two capsules for a single-serve. You can expect to perceive changes in 12 days. For best results, you need to use this for 30 days.

Below is the detailed information on the proportion of ingredient mixture in the supplement:

  • 300 mg of Oregano per serving
  • 200 mg of Basil Leaf per serving
  • 200 mg of Garlic Bulb per serving
  • 100 mg of Apple Cider Vinegar per serving
  • 75 mg of Wormwood per serving
  • 75 mg of Turmeric Root per serving
  • 25 mg of Olive Leaf Extract per serving
  • 25 mg of Caprylic Acid (MCT Powder) per serving

Is Fungus Eliminator Safe?

Fungus Eliminator is 100% risk-free. It has no chemical ingredients. Each ingredient is natural, taken from a healthy and rich environment. Moreover, the ingredients are tested for quality and purity before being used for the preparation of the supplement.

Is Fungus Eliminator Addictive?

This supplement contains no addictive substances. It aims to remove all kinds of fungal and bacterial infections in the body.

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Benefits of the Product

Fungus Eliminator gives you obvious healing benefits compared to modern medicine:

  • It helps to prevent toxins and elements that cause cancer.
  • Fungus Eliminator eliminates all kinds of recurring chronic inflammation.
  • Fungus Eliminator works on gut health to urge the immune system to fight all types of parasitic infections.
  • This supplement also helps in discovering the missing blocks of nutrition in the body.
  • It strengthens your immune system and rejuvenates the brain improving clarity and functioning.
  • Fungus Eliminator helps improve your health naturally. It boosts the immune system, thereby helping you overcome fungal affected nails and skin.
  • This supplement gives vital probiotics to protect your health with rich antioxidants and healthy nutrients.

Side Effects

Fungus Eliminator has no history of any kind of side effects.

Purchase And Price

Purchase Fungus Eliminator from the official website. It comes with free bonuses, which give you tips to burn fat, fuel your immune system and maintain good health.

PureHealth gives you the best offers:

Grab your offer and experience incredible results. Your order will be at your doorstep in two to five days. You have an offer of free express shipping too.

fungus eliminator price

Bonus Offer

Have a look at the fantastic two bonuses – Two informative books on “Immune Strength” and “The Truth about Fungus and Fat”.

These bonuses will give you an insight into enjoying a younger and fresher life. Following the guidelines in these bonuses will help restore your hormonal levels. The knowledge to regulate your food habits and live a healthy lifestyle are treasured in these bonuses.

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

The Fungus Eliminator has worked very well, for most customers.

Even if by any chance you are unsatisfied with the product, feel free to return the unused portion to the Pure Health Research team within 1 year from the date of purchase. You will be given a full refund.

Customer Support Center is available for 24 hours, all through the week at [email protected]. You can also contact the customer service over the phone, in case of any kind of return or exchange.


Can Fungus Eliminator Be Used By Young Adults?

All men and women, of all age groups, can use Fungus Eliminator. Anyone battling severe fungal infections on the toenails can use Fungus Eliminator for the finest results.

How Does Fungus Eliminator Help?

Fungus Eliminator helps to overcome embarrassing, painful fungal infected toenails. It prevents the growth of fungal infections, chronic inflammations and fortifies the immune system. It promotes a healthy gut, thereby improving the potential of the body’s immune system.

Do Fungus Eliminator Have Steroids Added In Its Ingredients?

No, Fungus Eliminator has no steroids. Fungus Eliminator is composed of purely natural components. It has no added chemicals or any kind of addictive substances. It is very safe to consume and is effective with its rich natural ingredients.

Does The Company Provide A Track Of The Orders?

Yes. As soon as you place an order of your supply, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details to track your order too.

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Fungus Eliminator gives you the following advantages:

  • You can get rid of all your painful, irritating, embarrassing toenails with fungal infections or growth.
  • This supplement marks an end to all kinds of manipulation by big pharma.
  • It fortifies the immune system and ceases deadly chronic inflammation.
  • The cooling power of turmeric soothes the stomach, reducing the risk of any kind of E-coli infections.
  • The use of this supplement prevents the risk of fever, cold, discoloration of toenails and any kind of fungal infections.


  • This supplement can be bought from the official manufacturer’s website only, to maintain originality.

Fungus Eliminator Before and After Results

fungus eliminator before after

Customer Testimonials

I suffered from agonizing pain on my toenails due to fungal infections. I lost my sleep and even had a fear of losing my toes. I tried the Fungus Eliminator. My toenail began to heal. The fungus is almost gone. I can sleep well and the body feels re-energized. I am placing another order of the supplement for complete healing in my body. ~ Brenden Shawn

After the use of Fungus Eliminator for 30 days, my toenails have been cured of all fungal infections. My nails regained their natural color again. I can walk barefoot. Thank you Pure Health for the supplement. ~ Alice Macbeth

After trying various medications from the drug store on my toenail fungal infection, I was dejected to see poor improvement. I suffered excruciating pain in my body owing to the toenail fungus. I found the Fungus Eliminator and ordered a 30-day supply. My toe healed and my nail is gaining its original color. New energy is surging in my body. Thank you Pure Health Research team. I have ordered the 180-day supply for complete detoxification and healing in my body. ~ Tim Clarke

I had fungus on my big toe, which made me so embarrassed, adding to all the pain that I suffered for days. Sleepless nights, fears and embarrassment put me in seclusion. My infection was getting severe, and my doctor asked me to go for surgery, to have my nail removed. I came across the Fungus Eliminator online and I ordered one. In 30 days, my toenail showed huge improvement. I can walk normally and have good sleep. My nail has begun to regrow. Thank you Pure Health Research team. ~ Braxton Michaels


It is time to bid adieu to all kinds of fungal infections. Fungus Eliminator is a natural supplement with original herb extract. The supplement maintains its standards and quality to help you experience positive results in less time.

It heals your fungal infections and prevents further infections. The supplement strengthens the body’s immune system with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also helps re-energize your immune system to live a happy and healthy life.

fungus eliminator price

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