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Erectile dysfunction kills a man’s syke and takes them through periods of depression, just thinking about sex or any similar intimacy. It can destroy the relationship you have had with your lover for so many years and even lead to fears of infidelity and promiscuity if one partner becomes dissatisfied with the action they get. Getting the drugs to sort out your underperformance becomes another hurdle as no one wants to get pegged as the limp guy. Huge comes in to fill the gap and get you your prescription medicine discreetly.


What is Huge?

Huge is an online vending unit that works to deliver your erectile dysfunction medication discreetly and in a shorter time than you usually use. It comes in to take out the administrative hurdles that burden you when you go through a physical doctor and pharmacy. You have to endure wait time to see the doctor and then go through the pharmacy before getting your medication. You repeat the process when you have to get more medicine, but it doesn’t get more comfortable with repetition.

The online system helps you automate the process of getting ED medication to your doorstep without going through the awkward interactions with different people in that chain of providers. You can create a recurring subscription that automatically sends out the medication to you at the set date.


The company, Huge, deals with Sildenafil and Tadalafil, the two active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis. Viagra has solved ED issues in men for a long time, though its use began as a cure for hypertension. It got discovered that it solved both hypertension and ED issues simultaneously. Cialis works similarly to Viagra but with an extended-release difference. You can use it at least two hours in advance, and it manifests up to 36 hours after you take it.

You can take Viagra right before you commence sexual activity, and it manifests for 4-6 hours. The two products can get used on different occasions, depending on the arising need.

How Does Huge Work?

Huge takes a whole new approach to prescribe and deliver erectile dysfunction medication. Both of these services take place online. The service hosts several physicians across multiple states, allowing you to access consultation services from any of the licensed individuals available. This process determines if you fit the candidacy for an ED sufferer.

Once the doctor has determined you a candidate for the medication, they prescribe one of the two available medicines depending on the need they see in you. They determine how often you should use it and advise you on the best subscription plan to take on. You can then choose the plan that best suits your pocket and lifestyle. For example, you take Sildenafil at the moment when you want to engage in coitus. You can end up in some bit of a hard pickle if you take it when you’re not ready to get it on with your partner.

Tadalafil works for you if you feel you want to engage in lovemaking for a long time. It has an extended-release formula that keeps you rearing to go for up to a day and a half.

This company has comprehensive coverage across most states except for a select few like Alaska, Minnesota, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Progressive work ensures that the licensing required to practice in these states gets acquired soon. You get the consultation free of charge when you log in to the system. The subscription plans give you the flexibility to choose between them to move from one to the another when you feel the need to have more or less.

huge review

Using Huge

The Huge system has a simple user interface. You only need to register an account unique to yourself. You then log in to get a doctor in your state you can consult with. The consultation takes a short time and keeps all your information confidential. Once the doctor has ascertained you a viable candidate for erectile dysfunction medication, they prescribe the most advisable kind.

You then get to choose the package you find most appealing. The package gets shipped to you in a short time. A few states do not have this system’s coverage, so you need to ensure your state has coverage. You can email the company if you find your state has no coverage. This communication ensures they reach out to you when they receive licensing for your location.

Erectile dysfunction medication takes care of your chemical imbalance. Other factors like stress, anxiety, worry, a poor diet, lack of adequate rest, dehydration, and obesity can also contribute to a lack of sexual performance. Take care of all these factors to the best of your ability so that your body has the best chance of excellent sexual performance.

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Tadalafil and Sildenafil have different ways to take them. Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, gets taken every time you want to engage in sexual activity. It takes a short time in the system and loses its efficacy within a short time from when you take it. Tadalafil takes a longer time in your system. You can take it two hours before you plan to have sex. It lasts in your system up to 36 hours and gives you full performance for all this time. Because of how long it lasts, the biggest subscription you can get is 18 tablets. Sildenafil has 28 pills in its biggest pack.

Safety Standards

The company has created a full-proof system that allows you to discreetly access its services, purchase the products, and have them delivered to you all in the comfort of your home. It has a secure portal that ensures your information remains confidential and the transactions remain safe. You enjoy anonymity even when engaging with the doctors who have utmost professionalism. You want the joy of freedom and peace of mind whenever engaging on this platform.

Huge Benefits

  • The company offers you tailor-made solutions to erectile dysfunction by giving you discreet consultation from qualified physicians.
  • The outfit ensures your orders get shipped quickly and on time for every subscription they have.
  • You get to enjoy the privacy of it and avoid the embarrassment that goes face-to-face with physical interactions when dealing with sexual challenges.
  • You get your sex game back on as ED gets checked. You can rise to the occasion on demand.
  • The fear and worry associated with sexual underperformance get washed away, and you can walk with your shoulders held high at all times knowing you have what it takes to please your lover.


Tadalafil and Sildenafil both have three subscription packages to choose from priced the same. The difference comes with the number of pills you get. The basic plan comes at $29.99, the Premium plan at $49.99, and the Deluxe plan at $89.99 per month. Tadalafil pills come in 5, 9, and 18 tablets, while Sildenafil comes in 6, 14, and 28 tablets to go in line with the three plans available.

These bespoke plans have automatic renewal unless you specify you want them to stop. You can also change the programs at any time as long you notify the company in advance. These flexible plans ensure you always have stock available and never have an excuse for underperformance.

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Huge deals with prescribed medication and, as such, do not have the liberty to accept any returns. It advises you to dispose of any medicine you feel you cannot use for one reason or another. The company does allow for changes in the subscription. You can pause, stop, or change your plan at least 24 hours from shipping. Customer support sends out an email to remind you when a shipment is about to get shipped. You can then opt out of it or change it if you feel your needs have changed.


Can I consult and order this medication outside the US?

Huge only covers the US. It does not reach other parts of the world as it doesn’t have the licensing to practice in all the world’s different areas.

How often should I take this medication?

You can take this medication as often as you feel you need to. It helps you manage erectile dysfunction and get you to outstanding sexual performance. Please do not exceed the recommended daily dosage as it can lead to complications like any other overdose.

Can anyone take this medication?

This medicine can only get taken by those of legal age and those who need it. A physician takes the said subject through consultation to determine if they genuinely need it.

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  • You have a fresh supply of medicine at your doorstep when you need it.
  • The medication comes tested and tried over many years of development and use.
  • You get access to great discounts.
  • Huge has access to most of the US states.


  • You can only get this product in the US.
  • Not covered by health insurances.

Customer Testimonials

“I have struggled with ED from the time I hit 45. That age changed everything for me. Maybe it came from the elevated stress levels at work. Or perhaps the financial strain that came with life goals has me stressed out. I know I wasn’t able to stay risen once I rose to the occasion. I struggled with maintaining it and even tried a few alleged herbal remedies. That did not go as planned. 

I dreaded going to the doctor to have him prod at me with the nurses there. I put it off till I couldn’t help it. Before I went to visit him, I checked to see if I could find anything online. I came across Huge and realized it had all I needed to get out of the bind I had. I now have the strength and stamina to please my woman under the sheets.” Steve Famous.

“I never thought I could get any help with the ED I started suffering from after I retired. It had taken all the joy out of my bedroom. And with my younger wife, it felt like I’d lose her to some stud waiting to drive her senseless. I decided to check and see if I could find an online delivery system because the shame of going to the doctor destroyed me inside. 

I realized Huge had my best interests at heart and delivered everything I needed to my doorstep. I got a prescription after consultation from an understanding doctor. It then got sent to me quickly to use as soon as I’d ordered it. I now have a standing subscription with them, ensuring I never run out of ED medication.” Phil Thomas.

“I never thought I’d lose my virility and wild sense of sexual adventure. I’d always been that macho guy who took care of every lady surrounding me. I enjoyed knowing I had the power to make them moan. I felt I’d lost my identity when I lost the power to drive a woman wild with ecstasy. I tried a few supplements in the market with poor results that never got me back to myself. But when I found Huge my troubles came to an end. I got to have my groove back and get it on at different times of the day and night. I never tire as I used to and always have a fresh supply of medicine whenever I need it. None of my lovers has a complaint. From the looks of it, all have the time of their life when we get it on.” Marcus Houston.


Losing your masculinity through erectile dysfunction can weigh you down. It takes away the joy of good living and makes you want to retract into a shell away from the world. You have medication available to help you through this trying time and get you back to proper sexual performance. But getting this medication also means announcing your medical condition to the world. It doesn’t have to go that way. You can discreetly get the necessary prescribed medication all through Huge, the online ordering system that has your back.

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