Immune Defence Review

Immune Defence is a beneficial supplement that works as immune system support by supplementing the required dose of Vitamins A, C, E, and zinc to your body. These lozenges are available in a sweet aniseed flavour, which dissolves in a few seconds after keeping on your tongue.

Immune Defence

If you’re suffering from a cold infection, feeling stressed, or want to make your immune system strong to fight against the harmful substances, Immune Defence supplement is successful in boosting your immune system with healthy nutrients. This supplement is suitable for kids over 12 years and adults. If you’re experiencing any illness due to cold, then this supplement is a must to have.

In a human immune system, there is a presence of a network of organs, cells, and tissues which work to protect the body. The immune system has a primary role in making your body aware of the things which you need and which are not needed. In certain situations, such as the primary deficiency of the immune, your immune system fails to work properly.

With this health Immune Defence lozenge, you can recover from any infection affecting your immune and body. So, stay protected and check all the necessary information associated with Immune Defence tablets.


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If you want to boost your immunity and get better health, then this supplement is a must for you. It holds the natural ingredients comprising vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

In these tablets, there is a high amount of Vitamin C and A present to prevent any infection. With the intake of the daily vitamins, it is helpful for the human body to fight against any free radicals present in the blood and results in strengthening your immunity.

Vitamin D is also present in it, which helps in reducing the chances of inviting any harmful infection, including the infections of the respiratory tract. This ingredient works by eliminating the release of compounds (which are pro-inflammatory), which may be a cause behind the infection.

Another powerful ingredient is beta-carotene. This antioxidant works by strengthening the functions of your immune system and result in heaving from high inflammation conditions. This ingredient holds the ability to raise the presence of white blood cells, which can be beneficial for your immune protection.

Zinc is also present in these lozenges, which raise the production of white blood cells to make them fight against the harmful bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and other infections.

Other ingredients present in the supplement are:

  • Acerola Powder
  • Aniseed oil
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Sugar
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Rose Hip Cut Flowers
  • Zinc Gluconate

It can be said that the supplement composes all the organic and natural ingredients which are healthy for your immune system. The presence of essential herbs can supplement your body with the right ingredients. All the natural ingredients present in the supplement can together work best for boosting your immune.

How does it work?

This Immune Defence supplement is an immune system supporter that works by providing the essential healthy nutrients to your body daily that start boosting your immunity. This can be a great way to ensure that you don’t experience any sickness and stay safe from the infections. Also, it works in the following process:

  1. Acts as a natural body supporter

The product has hit the heights of success due to some beneficial health reasons. One of them is the presence of natural ingredients that serves as a great immune system booster. With the presence of several vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, this product works best over the immunity and supports your health.

  1. Kills the harmful infections

During the season of the common flu, people get affected by either a virus of cold or get sick due to cold. It is a rare condition where the body itself works as an agent to kill the harmful infections caused by the season. In such a case, the intake of Immune Defence can be beneficial to supplement the body with the necessary nutrients to fight against harmful viruses or other infections.

  1. Works as a flu reliever

If anyone is facing the condition of flu, then it is advisable to intake Immune Defence tablets and help to recover from the flu infection. The supplement starts its working by reducing the impact of infection on the health and boosts immunity to fight against flu viruses. It is a major reason which makes the supplement come in popularity.

  1. Immune system booster

This supplement is also regarded as an immune system booster that works by making the immunity stronger. In the human body, the presence of natural immunity has a key role in reducing the presence of any harmful virus or bacteria. In such a case, if the immune system gets weak, this raises the chances of getting sick. It is good to use the supplement to strengthen your immunity.

  1. Suitable to all age groups

A commonly favoured fact about the supplement is that it is suitable for all age groups, whether kids or adults. It can be an effective solution to fight against bacteria and viruses for anyone. Before starting to use the supplement, take advice about the right dose from your pharmacist or doctor.

immune defence review


If you’re not getting time to take care of your immunity and boost it to fight against infections, then you must adopt taking this supplement. Luckily, you can easily store this supplement in your home or office.

Are you searching for the benefits which make this supplement so popular among people? If so, then you can see the beneficial aspect of using this supplement as daily intake, then look down at the following points:

  1. Supports your immune with healthy ingredients

Along with the zinc ingredient, Immune Defence is also composed of different other natural ingredients, including Rosehip. Rosehip is a beneficial source for the human body to intake a couple of nutrients such as Acerola, and Vitamin A, E, and C. All these nutrients are beneficial in improving immune health. Build your immune system stronger to fight against all the viruses and harmful bacteria with this supplement.

  1. Antiviral supplement for your body

During the season of flu and cold, everyone gets worried about their health. That dangerous flu and cold infections can make you sick and affect your immunity. In such a condition, a human body must contain the necessary amounts of vitamins and zinc to fight against infections. If you want to protect your immune system, Immune Defence tablets can be a good option.

  1. Good for your kids

Being a parent, you might be worried about your kids who are at a high risk of developing flu or cold. In this case, it is better to build your kid’s immune system by providing them Immune Defence tablets. Only the kids over 12 years of age can use the supplement.

  1. Beneficial for adaptive and passive immunity

In your body, passive immunity increases using other sources, which last for a short time only. With the intake of Immune Defence, your passive immunity gets better. Also, it helps in developing your body with adaptive immunity too.

  1. Raises the production of white blood cells

In the human body, major protection is done by the immune system. If your immune system gets weak, then it can’t produce white blood cells to fight against any harmful infection. If you want to recover your immunity, it is best to intake the Immune Defence supplement. The white blood cells are categorized into two types, including the phagocytes and the lymphocytes. The phagocytes support your immune system by eating up the entire harmful organism from your body. On the other hand, the lymphocytes alert the body of any incoming invader.

  1. Acts as the spleen protector

In the body, a crucial organ present is a spleen, which is regarded as the “largest lymphatic human organ.” It is located just underneath the human ribs, which should be protected from any infection attacking the body. If you take these tablets, you can enjoy replenishing your spleen.

  1. Toxin neutralizer

The most beneficial impact of taking the Immune Defence tablets is the neutralization of the harmful toxins present in your body. It works by releasing the white blood cells which fight against the toxins and reduce them. Also, using this supplement can result in releasing complements known as active proteins in your body, which supports the immune system and kills all pathogens, bacteria, and other viruses.

Price, Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

For the one month supply package, the price is $44.95, which saves you $10 from the retail price of $54.95. If you want a family plus pack, then you can order a five months supply for $174.75 with a savings of $100 from the retail price. You can place an order for a 3-months supply at $114.85 and save $50.

With us, you get a 100% guarantee for Money Back. We have products which assure the quality standards and remain highest in quality from others. If you purchase from us, you get a guarantee about the products holding purest and natural ingredients. If you’re not satisfied with the product, which happens rarely, you can make a return for the sealed bottles after 100 days of the purchase. We have a policy of a 100% refund over the purchase price, except for the delivery charges.

We ensure meeting the quality standards of our products with the usage of purest ingredients. We guarantee to serve you and your beloved with the best quality product. If you feel like the product isn’t a satisfactory supplement, you can initiate a return in just 100 days of your purchase. We are strict towards accepting only unsealed and unused bottles. Once we conduct our inspection on your return, we will initiate a refund on your payment method.

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Side Effects

The ingredients present in Immune Defence are available in a safe part, which doesn’t act as hazardous to health. You can relax as the supplement comes with natural ingredients only. If you’re taking the supplement in the proper dose, which is one tablet each 2 hours duration, it won’t lead to any side effects. Also, the recommended dose for the supplement is not more than four tablets each day.

If you’re exceeding the recommended dose, it can result in affecting your health. You may experience certain conditions with overdosing, such as nausea, deficiency of copper, lethargy, abdominal pain, and anemia.

If the dose intake remains adequate and you don’t exceed your daily dose requirement, then it can be a wonderful supplement on your immunity. This helps in supplementing your body with the essential nutrients.

Customer Reviews

Gerard: “I have taken the product into usage for a couple of years. I am surprised by the benefits it supplemented to my body. My immune system was very bad, and I have used several supplements. When I purchased Immune Defence, I wasn’t expecting such amazing results. It works as a natural anti-virus protector from cold infections. It works by neutralizing the toxins from your immune system. I would surely recommend people to buy it and enjoy boosting your immune system.”

Pento: “I brought the Immune Defence supplement in the winter times for a couple of years. It is an awesome product available with natural ingredients. I had been changing every supplement to get better results on my cold and boost my immunity. I was happy when I ordered the supplement the first time. It was a great product which I have seen so far. Don’t worry about purchasing your Immune Defence supplement now. It’s the best supplement you can find to heal from any cold infection.”


In the review discussed above for the Immune Defence, it is clear that the supplement is beneficial in boosting immunity. With a strong immune system, your body gets protection from harmful infections. If you want to enjoy good health without getting affected by flu or other infection, it can be good advice to intake the supplement.

This quick healing supplement is composed of all the natural ingredients which are essential for developing a stronger immune. If you face any cold or flu infection, then taking these tablets can be a helpful option.

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