Infographic: The mHealth Market is Exploding

I came across an interesting infographic that does a great job detailing the massive growth we’re seeing in the mHealth space, as well as the overall sentiment towards mobile health technologies on behalf of American consumers and physicians alike.

According to the graphic there were more than 1 billion visits to physicians’ offices in the U.S during 2011.  According to the survey driving the data for the infographic, it was found that 40% of doctors believe mobile health technologies can reduce the number of office visits.  In addition, 80% of doctors are already using smartpthones and medical apps, of which there are more than 10,000 available in Apple’s iTunes App Store.

It was also found that doctors are 250% more likely to own a tablet than other consumers, while 56% of doctors who use mobile devices say they expedite decision-making because of it.  A full 40% say they decrease time spent on administration as well.