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The virus outbreak has created chaos in every other part of the globe. The loss it has done in terms of emotional and financial aspects is just irreversible, to say the least. It is quite understood that we have to solely rely on the prevention measures to avoid getting affected by the virus.

Some of the prevention methods include washing hands, maintaining appropriate distance, and a mask on the mouth. When the virus enters our lungs it initially shows flu-like symptoms including fever, cold, and cough. Thus, we need to become aware of the symptoms at the very initial stage.

Cold and cough can be checked without any tool as these symptoms just make us feel sick. But body temperature often goes unnoticed and chances are if the fever is mild, it doesn’t show any symptom at all. But I kid you not, this virus has taken many lives and it is not fun to avoid these symptoms.

To become aware of the fever even if it is mild is the best step that we can take as earlier as possible. As you already know the traditional thermometer shows the reading after we put it in our mouth for a minute or two. A no-touch thermometer, on the other hand, can reflect the body temperature without actually touching the thermometer.

Therefore, a thermometer like LiveTemp Pro is the best option to fight with this virus by maintaining appropriate distance from each other. It can show the body temperature from a distance and doesn’t need to be kept inside the mouth.

LiveTemp Pro

Why Do You Need LiveTemp Pro?

Unlike traditional thermometer, the LiveTemp Pro works on infrared technology. It can measure the temperature at a distance without actually touching the object. It is easy to use in comparison to other thermometers. And the result is also accurate to a great extent.

Since it has become a necessity to keep distance, this thermometer helps to maintain this rule. It is enclosed with an infrared sensor that can sense the temperature of anything that comes in proximity with this device. The result is shown on the LCD screen according to Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.

It has become the default thermometer for healthcare professionals across the globe due to this pandemic spread. But it doesn’t mean it is only limited to medical staff and not the general public. Everyone can buy this no-touch thermometer at the comfort of their home as it is available on the official website only.

Technical Specifications of LiveTemp Pro Thermometer

This thermometer can measure the temperature within one second usually in just 0.5 seconds. That makes it a perfect choice to be used in the current pandemic situation. Its measuring distance is limited to 3-5 cm. When it comes to accuracy, the makers of LiveTemp Pro have left no stone unturned to keep it accurate up to +-0.2. It comes with two batteries of 1.5 volts each. But if you need to replace the batteries, just go to the supermarket near you.

It can measure human body temperature ranging from 32-42.9 degrees Celsius. The reading can be seen clearly because of the backlit LCD screen. The thermometer is also equipped with an alarm. It beeps if the temperature is greater than 38 degrees Celsius.

The dimension of this thermometer is also convenient and it measures at 95*42.5*156 mm. It weighs at 124g which will not make the user feel fatigued even if he or she has to measure temperature for a few hours straight.

LiveTemp Pro Review

What Makes It A Feature-Rich Thermometer?

LiveTemp Pro has many beneficial features that are responsible to make it a convenient choice in place of the traditional thermometer. Some of its helpful features are:

  1. It is extremely portable due to a lightweight body. It can be carried in a backpack wherever you go. Its size is also up to the mark. It can be easily hidden away in a pocket in the bag.
  2. The contactless infrared thermometer is extremely easy to use. It can reflect the temperature by just pointing out the handgun shaped device towards the patient.
  3. A backlit display shows the temperature with ease. As soon as the thermometer is placed near the subject, the temperature is shown on the LCD.
  4. Its LCD works on three modes, high, medium, and normal. Whenever the temperature is high than the required limit, its screen becomes red. If the temperature is somewhere in the middle, the screen shows a yellow light along with the temperature. On the other hand, if the body temperature is normal, the screen will be green and the temperature will be shown at an accurate degree.
  5. The temperature is shown in just 0.5 seconds. This feature is the most advanced of its kind. When people are dying because of a virus worldwide, every second is important. Thus, the LiveTemp Pro thermometer saves time by showing the readings quickly.
  6. It can log the data for up to 32 people.
  7. It has only 5 buttons to easily navigate through the important functions of the thermometer.

How Does It Work?

Using this infrared thermometer is relatively easy as compared to the other thermometer. It can be handheld by anyone. To check the temperature, one has to point it towards the forehead of the patient. After pointing it into the direction of the patient, press the push button located near your index finger. The infrared sensor located near the measuring unit will start working.

It will sense the exact temperature and the same will be shown on the LCD. The LCD also shows the range of temperature through different backlight settings. For example, if the temperature is high, the screen will show red backlight and the alarm will turn on. Otherwise, the LCD will simply turn yellow, and green for medium and normal temperatures respectively.

Benefits Of LiveTemp Pro Thermometer

Owning a LiveTemp Pro thermometer can be immensely beneficial for anyone. Take a look at its main benefits below:

  1. No-Touch Thermometer: The infrared thermometer can be used to measure temperature from 1 meter away. It has become an essential device at the entrance of public places such as offices, hospitals, and more!
  2. Available For Residential Use Too: You must be wondering that this thermometer is only meant to be used by healthcare professionals. But the company has made it available to residential users as well.
  3. Lightweight: It just weighs at 124 g, which is the least amount of weight for a thermometer. Being a lightweight thermometer, it can be used for a longer duration.
  4. No Wires: It comes with two batteries to supply it with the power. There is no requirement of wires to charge or operate the device. Whenever the battery drains out, you can change it with a new one.
  5. User-friendly: The thermometer is created to provide convenience to its user. Ranging from the design to the digital display, everything makes it a user-friendly thermometer.
  6. Digital Reading: Unlike the traditional thermometers, this infrared thermometer shows the temperature readings in digital format. Which means you can see the exact temperature every time. There can be no error when we check body temperature through this device.
  7. Inbuilt Memory: It can be really difficult for doctors to remember the temperature of every patient. That’s where LiveTemp Pro comes in. It can save the temperature of up to 32 people. So that you don’t have to run to the patient again and again just to check their fever. Let this device store the data and you can visit the patient with the previous temperature reading to find out if he has recovered or not.

Pricing, Refunding Policy & Other Offers

That’s where the LiveTemp Pro becomes a real deal. The thermometer is available at a 50% discount online. If you want to buy a no-touch thermometer, you should grab this offer. Right now the company is only offering this useful device on its official website. If you want to buy one for a residential or any other purpose, visit their website and place the order. It may reach you within 7 days if you are from the U.S.

The device has no shipping or handling charges involved if you purchase it today. It is offered at three packages of 1, 3, and 5 units respectively. The first package includes 1 LiveTemp Pro and it costs 99 USD. The second package gives you 1 thermometer for free on purchasing 2 units at 197 USD. The third package which costs 297 USD, can give you two thermometers for free on buying a pack of three.

For the complete satisfaction of the customers, they are also offering a full refund. However, the return can be requested for a faulty or malfunctioning device. After carefully checking the issues, the company issues a full refund to the buyer. You can return it within 30 days to get the full refund amount credited to your bank.


What Customers Are Saying About LiveTemp Pro?

By David K.

I ordered this a few days back and got my package delivered to me yesterday. I was curious to see if it works or not. I opened the package and fixed the batteries immediately. I hovered it over everyone in my home and it immediately reflected the body temperature. I am happy with my LiveTemp Pro thermometer!

By Marcus L.

It is a great initiative to have this device available for everyone around the world. This pandemic is killing many people every day and staying alert is the only thing we can do. I always keep this thermometer around me and keep on checking my body temperature now and then. You should get this one for your home or office too!

By Dikshant P.

Our government is trying to relieve the lockdown slowly but it is still difficult to say what’s coming next. I can see everyone is holding this thermometer on the roads, in offices, and every other public place. I decided to get three of these thermometers for my home as well as the office. I ordered a pack of three and reached within the mentioned time. I gave one to my wife and kept two at my workplace. Whenever someone enters the office, the security guard checks his body temperature to see if he has any symptoms of the virus. It has given me peace of mind overall…

By Jordan A.

The pandemic thing is freaking me out every day. Whenever I check the news online or through TV news channels, it gives me chills. I was searching for its prevention online the other day and found that high temperature is one of the main symptoms of this viral disease. I kept on doing a bit more research until I found an infrared thermometer called LiveTemp Pro. It is intuitive in its operation and checks the body temperature in less than a second. That too without touching its body. I am amazed at my purchase. I’ll be ordering two more for my workplace.


Until we find a permanent solution to fight viruses, we have to invest in preventions. Apart from the mask, gloves, and appropriate distance, checking fever is also important. As some patients don’t see other symptoms in the first few days but may have a fever.

Avoiding flu-like symptoms can be harmful to us right now. So, getting an affordable no-touch thermometer seems to be the right fit for each one of us. It has a digital display that has different backlights for different ranges of temperature.

It can be easily operated by anyone in your home and if you have kids, you can easily check their temperature without any fear. It has the biggest advantage over traditional thermometers that it lets you monitor through a distance. As a result, there is no risk of the virus spreading through touching.

If you need a reliable thermometer that is being used by healthcare professionals all over the world, get yourself a LiveTemp Pro. The website has a 50% discount running only for a limited time. Get your device before the stock vanishes.

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