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Several products are helpful in the bulking of muscles. Masszymes is one such product. It is a medical-grade enzyme formula that is quite advanced. This formula is believed to be helpful in protein digestion. This essentially is very important for building muscles. Masszyme was introduced in the market as a supplement that can be helpful to speed up the muscle gain process. It claimed to increase the protein absorption rate of the body, which led to muscle growth without having to depend on eating more protein-rich food or drinking protein-enriched drink than that you usually do.

To estimate the effectiveness, one has to know if the efficacy of Masszyme is theoretical or proven. Getting to know about the ingredients and its effectiveness in delivering the expected results need to be assessed as well. It is essential to analyze the possible side effects, as well as the benefits. The reviews and comments of users can also help you get to the facts about the product. Let us consider them.


What exactly is Masszymes?

Masszyme is an advanced enzyme formula that is considered to help provide three primary benefits like helping to achieve lean muscle gain, promoting optimal digestion, and ensuring faster recovery after workouts. The supplement is of medical- grade. It is loaded with powerful enzymes that enhance protein digestion. It is considered to be a crucial element for building lean muscles. Moreover, it floods the muscles with a good supply of growth-enhancing amino acids that would help you achieve results than ever before.

How did Masszymes start?

A certified nutritionist and bodybuilding champion, Wade T Lightheart was an all-natural bodybuilder for three times. He was a vegetarian bodybuilder who did all that he can to achieve what the other bodybuilders achieved. In terms of lean muscle gain without following the standard path, which entailed taking non-vegetarian food to ensure adequate protein supply that is essential for building lean muscles. For this, he partnered up with the world’s top enzyme scientists. They created the first enzyme formula that meets the requirements of athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders.

It was established that the key to muscle building and faster recovery that helps you to hit the gym for a long time was not increasing the intake of proteins. It rested on increasing the consumption of enzymes that break down proteins. The proteins would then be used up by the muscles, thereby building lean muscles you desire in the long run with optimal food and exercise.

What Masszymes claims

The Masszyme supplement capsule is a supplement endowed with full-spectrum digestive enzymes. It is a proteolytic enzyme formulation with a protease HUT level of 10,000 per pill. You can take the pill with meals and protein shakes. The Masszyme enzyme has about 30% more muscle-building power, and the ability to absorb 66% more amino acids from the protein that is consumed.

Ingredients in Masszymes

masszymes review

Masszyme is a nutritional supplement that is believed to breakdown more proteins from your intake into amino acids that the body is capable of absorbing 50% more than you do without taking this supplement. It helps you in the muscle gain process. The ingredients in the supplement that you should be aware of include

  • Amylase
  • Alpha-galactosidase
  • Enzyme blend
  • Bromelain
  • Protease 3.0
  • Protease 6.0
  • Protease 4.5
  • Tri-phase Protease
  • Peptidase

The other minor ingredients include lipase, phytase, beta-glucanase, pectinase, Astrazyme, hemicellulase, lactase, invertase, glucoamylase, and malt diastase.

How does Masszymes work?

According to the official website of Masszymes, the combo of the ingredients in the supplement in twelve in-vitro studies have shown that the supplement was capable of increasing the absorption of several nutrients by over 66%. It includes even key amino acids such as arginine, tryptophan, citrulline, and tryptophan. Vitamins and joint protecting nutrients that were absorbed include folate and glucosamine. Now let’s see how these ingredients help Masszyme to work effectively.


Astrazyme, an all-natural compound extracted from Panax ginseng and Astragalus, is responsible for enhanced protein absorption. The proprietary processing technology is used for extraction. Astrazyme helps in improving the transport of proteins on a DNA level. That is it helps in increasing the amount of glucose, vitamins, amino acids as well as other nutrients that enter your intestinal cells. The liver then transports them to the muscles. The nutrients that do not enter the intestinal cells are drained from the body.


You might be aware that small intestines can absorb only proteins that are broken down into amino acids. Protease, which is a potent enzyme in Masszyme, can break down proteins into anabolic amino acids. The intestine absorbs it, which then aids in recovery and growth. The protease in the supplement regulates the leukocyte activity and inflammation, thereby accentuating muscle strength losses after vigorous exercise, according to a study published in Medicine and science in sports and exercise. It is effective in aiding the bioavailability of nutrients and its absorption as well.

The protease in Masszyme, which includes protease 3.0, protease 4.5, and protease 6.0, means that it can work at different pH levels. It also means that the protein would be broken down into amino acids at every stage of digestion.

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Digestive enzymes

Irrespective of whether you consume 30 grams of protein or 300 grams of protein in a day, you have got to have enough digestive enzymes to convert them into tiny building blocks called amino acids for your body to absorb them. Maasszyme ensures a sufficient supply of enzymes. The digestive enzymes in the supplement are quite helpful in the breakdown of food particles. It also helps in the absorption of the nutrients in the food particles to utilize it as energy. This energy helps in reducing toxins in the blood. The nerve cells and muscle tissue building is supported ably.

Masszyme is an ideal product to gain lean muscle mass owing to the ingredients that ensure to covert the proteins into amino acids. When protein you take, especially, from cooked food is undigested, there is a chance for the putrefaction of food which might cause protein bloat and puffiness. The undigested protein is toxic. Masszyme ensures that undigested protein does not stay in the intestinal tract owing to the powerful protease enzyme that breaks the proteins and drains the protein that is not absorbed by the intestinal cells quickly.

Masszymes for muscle building

In a study by Beck et al. in 2007 done for two groups, one taking proteolytic enzymes and the other taking placebo, a statistically significant difference was registered in the way that the members of the group produced overall force with their muscle. The group that took proteolytic enzymes registered a greater overall force than the group that used placebos. Faster muscle recovery after physical training was also registered. However, it is not indicative of serious or substantial muscle gains.

Masszymes and testosterone

Masszymes does not elevate free testosterone level, nor does it have the key ingredients that can elevate the natural production of testosterone by the body. When testosterone level starts dropping in men as it usually does in men after 30 years, it might lead to certain problems that are noticeable. These issues are addressed by taking testosterone replacement therapy drugs that are issued with a prescription or by taking OTC supplements that are effective.

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Benefits of Masszymes

Masszymes is one of the many bio optimizers in the market that offer several benefits to athletes who are trying to gain body muscle without increasing their intake of proteins. The benefits it is considered to provide include

  • Energy levels are higher than usual. Masszyme increase the overall energy level by about 18%
  • Enhanced absorption of amino acids and vitamins
  • Reducing instances such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, etc., when you take a larger portion of protein-rich food.
  • Reduce joint pains that are associated with high protein intake. Glucosamine absorption is increased by 42%. Glucosamine endowed with joint-protecting properties.
  • Improves focus and mental clarity
  • Boosts immunity by increasing absorption of vitamins, especially, folates by 50%
  • Helps to build more muscle without having to increase protein intake
  • Reduces the time required for recovery after workouts. So that you can exercise for a long time. It is because it increases glucose absorption by over 55%. It speeds up the recovery time required between exercises.
  • Promotes digestive health by reducing the demands on the digestive organs to break down as well as process the food.
  • Heals and repairs the intestinal wall or lining which helps in the absorption of nutrients
  • Enzyme rich supplement which helps get rid of toxins in the body
  • No weird feelings associated with the use of the supplement
  • No energy crashes
  • Rare or no adverse effects.
  • Clears the undigested protein that might stay in the gut and allow bacteria to thrive

However, how fast these benefits can be reaped differs from person to person. It was also unclear as to how fast you would see results.

Buying Masszymes supplement

Masszymes supplement can be purchased directly from the official website You can purchase this energy supplement on other e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Greenfield Fitness systems. It is an OTC supplement and does not require a prescription.

Price of Masszymes

Several players in the market offer the enzyme supplement. The prices might vary depending on the manufacturer. The supplements are available with different buying options. The prices vary depending on the buying options as well. Generally, it comes in a package of 250 tablets, which is priced about $69 with shipping and handling charges that amount to $7.75. You can also avail three bottles and six-bottle options at prices that are slightly less than the order for a single bottle with even free shipping offer when you go in for six bottles option.

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Masszymes Return Policy

Masszymes supplement has a 365-day money-back guarantee that is unconditional. If you consider that the results are not satisfied after having used the first bottle, you may send the other bottles back and get a full refund. However, ensure that the other bottles are not opened if you wish to return it. Else it gets disqualified for return.

How should you take Masszymes capsules?

The correct dosage of Masszymes capsules is about 1-3 capsules with each meal with 1-2 capsules between meals. It amounts to about 5-13 capsules in a day.

Side effects of Masszymes

Zero adverse effects are what the official website claims. The supplement does not cause energy crashes or weird feelings. But, in very rare cases, there might be side effects like intestinal pain or abdominal discomfort, rashes, and diarrhea.

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Masszymes product warning

The product warnings mentioned on the label include

  • Keep Masszyme out of reach of children
  • Discontinue use of masszyme immediately if any adverse effects are noticed
  • Consult a certified or licensed physician before using the supplement
  • Masszyme is not intended for the prevention, cure, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease.

Masszymes Alternatives

The alternatives to Massxyme includes

  • BioX4
  • Amino build
  • Miracle Muscle
  • Zenwise healthy daily digestive enzyme.

What users have to say

Masszyme kicked up the growth spurt making it possible for me to hit 18 and a quarter inches arm naturally – An user

Sam, a user, finds Masszyme as the best digestive enzyme in the market. It was very helpful in reducing bloating after a heavy meal and was good enough for a host of digestive issues.

Justin considers it as an okay product

James confirms Masszyme started doing wonders right from day one, helping him get rid of digestive issues, which included bloating, gas, and reflux almost immediately.

The final word

There is no doubt that enzyme formulas can be very helpful in building muscles and taking care of digestive issues like bloating, gas, etc. But, the key is that the supplement should be loaded with protease, which is very helpful in breaking amino acid and making the absorption better. It is also important to build lean muscles instead of amylase that digests carbohydrates and low- quality lipase that digests fats. They might contain protease, but it is less in quality and quantity. Therefore, it is important to avoid these cheaply priced supplements that claim to be as effective as Masszymes.

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