Mettis iTrainer Puts Running Gear on Better Footing

If you haven’t yet heard of the Mettis iTrainer, there’s a good chance you soon will.

At a time when the world of wearables continues to see new participants entering the market on a daily basis in hopes of giving people an innovative way to get fit and stay healthy through the use of groundbreaking mobile solutions, very few products and platforms ultimately measure up to their hype.

But that’s not the case with iTrainer, say those who have experienced its potential in the realm of cutting-edge running gear.

Consequently, it’s easy to understand why the visionaries behind this technology are optimistic about its potential.

“Mettis started out as an idea to help those suffering from problems with their feet and balance in order to relearn the proper techniques of walking,” the makers of iTrainer explain. “In addition to providing people with new insights to walking, we quickly realized that the Mettis iTrainer was much more than that. The Mettis iTrainer can help in many aspects of life as well as almost every sport that requires you to know your balance and foot strike information.”

In short, iTrainer is a shoe insert with a corresponding app that informs the runner of each foot’s balance and pressure points for the purpose of correcting the way the foot strikes the ground.

It’s a highly accurate and personalized way of optimizing a run and the general physical impact of the run.

“We are looking to use the technology as an enhancement for both professional and recreational athletes,” the company says. “We are focusing development on sensor-enabled products that deliver data to the athlete for analysis and training to help them play and perform better.”

For the recreational athlete, this means enjoying a rich digital experience that creates more ways to compete and play. For the avid athlete, this means real-time training feedback and the ability to see what you have done after you train.

To learn more about Mettis iTrainer and stay informed about its forthcoming availability, check out Mettis iTrainer online here.