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The world seems to be obsessed with the size of penis. Men with small penis are ridiculed everywhere and girls prefer men with monster penis. It’s not easy to grow it. There are penis pumps, surgeries and painful exercises and all of them time to give visible results.

That is, till now!


About MonsterFX7

MonsterFX7 is a penis elongation method that has been a well-guarded secret by the German porn industry. It helps the penis increase by almost 68% and in just a matter of weeks. It is a blend of natural compounds that helps the penis grow – in girth and length both. In addition, it also increases erections, adds inches to the penis and boosts confidence – that only a man with a big penis can have!

Ingredients of MonsterFX7

The ingredients of this powerful formula have been chosen carefully. There are 32 ingredients and they have two main responsibilities –

  1. Remove the block that prevents the penis from using nutrients needed for natural growth.
  2. Help regrowth of penis by working at the cellular level.

Here is the list of ingredients. These ingredients have been divided into two categories. The first category of ingredients helps remove inflammation and the second helps the penis grow.

List of Ingredients 1

  • Annona Muricata, Red Raspberry, and Stinging Nettle
  • Annona Muricata is a tropical plant that has heals the reproductive system by removing the inflammation. When it is blended with red raspberry and stinging nettle, the inflammation is completely eliminated and the damage caused to the prostate, testicles and penis can start being reversed.
  • Stinging Nettle contains chemicals with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
  • Red Raspberry is chock full of antioxidants and micronutrients that eliminate inflammation from the entire body.

MonsterFX7 Supplement

List of Ingredients 2

The second list contains 18 ingredients that restarts the growth of the penis.

The star ingredient in this list is Pygeum Africanum. It is commonly called Prunus Africana. The ingredient increases libido by improving the flow of blood to the penis. This helps in having bigger erections that are also sustainable. Finally, it repairs the damage caused by inflammation at the cellular level and supports the penis’ growth.

Pygeum Africanum is also used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasic (BPH), commonly known as enlarged prostate.

Gravel Root is the second ingredient that is combined with Prunus Africana. The two ingredients work together to repair the damage caused by inflammation at the cellular level and speed up the growth of the penis.

In addition, it also improves blood circulation, enhances blood flow and decreases blood pressure.

The third ingredient is Cat’s Claw, which is commonly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The ingredient helps cellular repair and growth of the penis, increases testosterone levels and boosts fertility. It is a powerful, natural sex enhancer that repairs the inflammatory damage caused to the reproductive system.

A recent study shows that Cat’s Claw is helpful in inhibiting the pandemic virus’ growth.

Saw Palmetto protects from prostate disease and stops the breakdown of testosterone. It boosts libido and is a natural sex enhancer. It enhances prostate health, the function of urinary tract and also prevents loss of hair.

Other ingredients include Uva Ursi Leaf, Juniper Berry, Buchu Leaf, L-Alanine, L-Glutamic Acid, Cayenne Pepper and Burdock Root. There are 6 more ingredients that are added to this list.

Juniper Berry has anti-arthritis, diuretic and anti-diabetes properties. It is also a natural antiseptic that is used to treat autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders.

All these ingredients have one main purpose – to helps in the growth of the penis – girth and length.

These ingredients also prevent the penis from shrinkage caused due to age, premature limpness and create a shield around it to protect it from diseases.

In addition to these ingredients are Vitamins E, B6, Selenium, Zinc and Copper.

These ingredients have been added in the right proportion to make the formula effective. The right combination with the exact proportions reduces anxiety and stress and promote good health, happiness and strength by boosting memory, brain power and mental focus.

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Working of MonsterFX7

Each ingredient in the product has been chosen because of its penis growth properties. The 32 super-ingredients are combined in the right proportions to generate a massive growth of the penis.

Here is how the formula works. At present, this formula is the most effective and potent mechanism for penis enlargement. It works in three stages.

In the first stage, the body begins to assimilate the nutrients. The product starts working immediately on consuming the first capsule of MonsterFX7. This formula has 32 ingredients that have been procured from all over the world – Brazil, Northern Europe, Peru, Africa and Ethiopia.

In the first stage, these ingredients work together and eliminate inflammation from cellular level. The inflammation does not allow the penis to assimilate the nutrients necessary for its growth. With the elimination of the inflammation, the penis is now free to grow and the body is able to utilize the nutrients.

The second stage is the regrowth of the penis cells. Since the ingredients are all natural and potent, the body begins to absorb them immediately. These ingredients have been chosen for their purity and their ability to be absorbed immediately.

The inflammation is removed from the reproductive system, allowing the penis to heal. Before the growth can begin, repairing the damage inflected to the reproductive system, testicles and penis by the inflammation is essential. This step is vital because the body has been deprived of growth minerals and nutrients for a long time.

The final stage is when the magic happens. This is when the penis begins to grow naturally. 18 ingredients work together to make this happen. They –

  • Improve the flow of blood to the penis
  • Support growth of penile tissues
  • Increase libido
  • Speed up penile cell growth
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Improve circulation
  • Stop the breakdown of testosterone
  • Protect the body from prostate disease
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Repair the damage inflected on the reproductive system
  • Protects the penis from age related problems such as shrinkage and premature limpness

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Benefits of MonsterFX7

  • Improve the flow of blood to the penis
  • Support growth of penile tissues
  • Increase libido
  • Speed up penile cell growth
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Improve circulation
  • Stop the breakdown of testosterone
  • Protect the body from prostate disease
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Repair the damage inflected on the reproductive system
  • Protects the penis from age related problems such as shrinkage and premature limpness

Side Effects of MonsterFX7

There are no reported or documented side effects of MonsterFX7.

Why Is MonsterFX7 the Best Penis Growth Formula?

Each capsule of the product contains powerful nutrients essential for penis growth. The best quality ingredients have been sourced from all around the world and are available only in small quantities. This is why the product is manufactured in small quantities and is not always readily available.

The ingredients are clinically tested and proven to work. They stretch the penile tissue and increase its size to make the penis healthy. This change starts after taking the very first capsule.

The main purpose of creating this formula is to eliminate the inflammation so that the penis can grow longer and harder. Given the extent of inflammation on the reproductive system, the oxygenation of penis blood, and the formation of testosterone, things are not good. The penis is in danger of infections and disease due to this inflammation.

The product helps the penis grow by a minimum of 3 inches and helps sustain erections. What is the use of a big penis if erections cannot be sustained?

MonsterFX7 shows visible improve fast and though the internal damage caused by the inflammation does take time to heal, it works.

This is the reason why the manufacturer recommends taking at least two bottles of the product and use it for a minimum of 60 days for best results.

The results are, of course, incredible. They help the penis grow in girth and length, give long- lasting and bigger erections, intense orgasms, skyrocketing energy levels and sex drive, increased penis size and a major boost in confidence. 

How to use MonsterFX7 

Each bottle of Monster FX7 contains 30 capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule after lunch, dinner or breakfast with a glass of water. It is recommended that this should be taken for a minimum of 60 days for best and visible results.

Price of MonsterFX7

Each bottle of MonsterFX7 contains 30 capsules.

The price of one bottle is $69 per bottle plus shipping.

On ordering a 60-day supply, the price per bottle is reduced to $59 per bottle and shipping is free.

The price is further reduced on ordering a 120-day supply, which is 4 bottles. The price per bottle is then $49 and free shipping. 

Money Back Guarantee 

There is a 60-day money back guarantee on every order, in case of dissatisfaction with the results. This is a no-questions asked guarantee. 

Monster FX7 Price


Is it really possible to grow penis with MonsterFX7?

Yes. The product is so effective because of its powerful and unique composition of ingredients. They work on the penis to remove inflammation. There are many other male enhancement pills that do work but they only stretch the penile tissues, which is temporary. MonsterFX7 works on a cellular level for long lasting results.

Can MonsterFX7 be used in case of allergies of if using other supplements/

MonsterFX7 can be used by men of all ages, irrespective of their medical conditions. It does not require following any diet or exercise routine. Also, this product does not interfere with other supplements. It helps the penis grow big naturally and safely.

MonsterFX7 is manufactured using pure ingredients sourced from all over the world, in an FDA approved facility, using the best equipment and the latest technology. That is why, it is safe to use. However, it is best to consult a doctor in case of any doubts.

Who can use MonsterFX7?

MonsterFX7 can be used by any man. This product was initially created for porn film starts to help them perform well. An insider revealed this secret to the public and there has been no looking back ever since. MonsterFX7 is the secret of long penis, long lasting erection and intense orgasms.

How soon can the results be seen?

The user gets visible results in a few weeks. The ingredients start working as soon as the capsule is taken.

Is there a money-back guarantee in case of not getting good results?

Yes. The manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee in case the results are not as expected. This is a no questions asked return with a complete refund.

Each body is different and it takes time for the nutrients to be assimilated in the body and to start working. Therefore, while it can be generalized that it takes a few weeks to start working, it is not possible to give a definite timeline.

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Customer Testimonials

My penis increased by 5.6 inches in 2 months after I began using MonsterFX7. My wife keeps asking for it and I am thrilled to bits! My erections are hard and they last long! – Danny G.

Before I began using MonsterFX7, I was cursed with a small penis. I was the butt of locker room jokes. I tried getting women to like me but no one would and I would always have to masturbate and live my fantasies in my dream. One day, I watched this amazing video.

My life changed after that. My penis is now 8 inches. Women cannot get enough of me and all the locker room men are in awe of my penis. – Keith


Instead of expecting overnight miracles, it is best to use the formula for two months and be patient while the product works inside the body. Therefore, it is best to choose the 2-bottle offer for the continued use of the supplement without any breaks in-between. The results are incredible and many men are already reaping the benefits of their investment. Come, be a part of the MonsterFX7 family for a large penis.

Monster FX7 Price

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