Lung Abnormalities Found In Long COVID Patients

The EXPLAIN study, Sheffield, Oxford, Cardiff, and Manchester teams is using hyperpolarized xenon MRI scans to check for probable damage of lungs in patients with Long COVID not requiring hospitalization but still having wheezing symptoms. Researchers have discovered anomalies in Long COVID patients’ lungs suffering from wheezing not detectable with regular diagnostics. The EXPLAIN study, … Read more

Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan: Benefits, Risks, Food Lists, and More

Ketogenic diets have been trendy for the past few years. A keto diet is a combination of 25% proteins, 70% fats, and 5-10% of carbs. However, can vegetarians benefit from the keto diet without consuming animal protein? What are the alternatives to the keto diet for vegetarians? If you have more similar questions in your … Read more

Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Review

A new age of wellness has dawned. In recent years, CBD-based products have been popping up everywhere, and people are finding relief in their lives with this all-natural therapeutic substance. It comes from hemp plants like marijuana but does not carry the same risk for addiction or adverse effects because there is no THC. Botanical … Read more

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Dentitox Pro Review

Dental infections are neglected by many until they reach an adverse state. People often avoid regular visits to a dentist, and thus minor issues get ignored. Hence, there is a need for an all-rounder supplement for oral health that will help solve all dental issues. Dentitox Pro is one such dental health product on the … Read more

StoneForce Reviews

Men are always looking for ways to make their partners happy. They want the best sex performance to please and satisfy them in every way possible. As men age, their testosterone levels fall, and they lose interest in sex. While this can be an unfortunate side effect of the aging process for some people, it … Read more

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Drachen Male Enhancement Review

Today, men often struggle in the bedroom, and this problem worsens each day. The prevalence of male sexual health concerns has increased, and it is now one of the most overlooked health problems. Inadequate sexual health may result in multiple issues, ranging from low or non-existent sex drive, decreased stamina, and erectile dysfunction. Numerous variables, … Read more

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VigorNow Review

For men wanting to improve their sexual performance in bed, increase penis size or enhance libido, male enhancement pills may be the way to go. But while most products make tall claims about the efficacy of the products, research to support these claims is limited. That’s why it is necessary to opt for natural products … Read more

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What Are The Effects Of Boosting Your Testosterone Level?

The human body has been one of the best creations around us, isn’t it? There are so many complex mechanisms that occur every single second inside our body and these mechanisms help us be ourselves and do our day’s chores today. Understanding all the functions of the human body is definitely not easy and if … Read more

Is Watermelon Keto-Friendly?

If you are on keto, you may be contemplating whether you should consume fruits or not, especially when they are popular for having natural sugars. One of the all-time favorite fruits that everybody loves has to be watermelon. Even though no keto diet plan ever said to stop the consumption of fruits altogether, there has … Read more

Does Skipping Breakfast Lead to Weight Loss?

It is a big question for those highly focused on their weight and trying to shed that extra burden on the body. In most cases, it is seen that people prefer to restrict intake of food as soon as they get to know about their weight. An increase in weight is not an overnight job, … Read more