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Sex is an important part of a couple’s life. It creates that bond that glues them together. It is seen in the way a couple is physically intimate in public or in the chemistry that simply flows from their bodies. At times it is just a look that tells you these two people are seriously connected and hot for each other. But the only way the woman will be crazy for you is when you have your act right. And there are usually two things that can stop you from getting her to a place of submission. Either you are struggling to rise to the occasion or you are just too small to excite anyone.

That is where Phalogenics comes in. Men have been seen to struggle with the size of their penis since time immemorial. And while doctors might try to encourage you with some pep talk you know that size matters. It might not be everything in the equation but size matters a lot. Phalogenics has been geared for every man out there who has a desire to have a big penis without going through dangerous drugs, surgeries, or even funny procedures.

phalogenics review

About Phalogenics

Phalogenics is a program that has been put together by some smart minds with the aim of helping men out there who are struggling with penis size problems. The program does not use any pills or gadgets to get you to increase your size. It uses a basic understanding of building muscles through exercise. It has formulated a series of videos and tutorials that guide you on how to use specifically formulated exercises directed to get your penis to grow larger by both length and thickness. These exercises are simple allowing anyone to understand them.

The name Phalogenics comes from the Latin word phalo meaning penis. So the name means exercises geared towards the penis. It is said to be the fastest-selling program on the market because of its effectiveness in enlarging your penis. The program is said to be able to grow your member by up to 4 inches in length. That is an impressive size that goes beyond most of the gadgets or pills.


The program consists of scientifically proven methods that are recorded on DVD. You are required to simply follow these instructions on a daily basis to give yourself a lasting size increase. The ingredients that bring this series together are simply hours of dedication from a couple of scientists and a lot of patience to perfect the discoveries they learned. It will also require patience from your end in order to get the results you crave for so much.

The program works with a three-part online series that is geared to helping you gain your confidence and build yourself up using these two programs. Not only so, but Phalogenics also has another program it works hand in hand with known as Advanced Sexual Mastery. This program is used in tandem with Phalogenics to help you learn how to use your new-found tool of power. It teaches you how to increase your performance by learning different skills to pleasure your partner. Like it is said, a car performs based on the driver driving it. Likewise, your penis or your woman will only perform well when you know how to use them well.


How Does Phalogenics work?

Phalogenics is a principle shaped around how the body reacts when you exercise it. The body is made up of connective tissue that is able to help you perform your movements. You are able to strengthen these muscles when you engage them in repeated exercises every time you stress these tissues. When you do so the body is able to adapt to these stresses and grow the tissues to accommodate the strain.

The penis is just like the other body muscles apart from the fact that it is made up of smooth muscles. The rest of the body is made up of skeletal muscles. In order to move the penis relies mostly on ligaments that are attached to the pelvic bone. The penis is also able to grow in size because of the spongy tissue that it is made up of. The spongy tissue is called the corpora cavernosa. This tissue is what absorbs blood to swell up the penis. After you have gone through the period of erection blood drains from this tissue back to the body.

The spongy tissue of the penis is where Phalogenics aims for. This sponge tissue works the same way a sponge would by expanding and contracting. Something happens when you stretch a sponge beyond its comfort. It will maintain the size you have stretched it to and retain it. It will then appear to have always been that way. That is the principle Phalogenics uses. Since the penis tissue is a live muscle that behaves the same way a sponge does, it follows the same principle outlined above.

Phalogenics works by expanding the spongy tissue that is in the penis so that it can absorb more blood into it. When it is able to retain more blood it causes the penis to be bigger when erect. This growth is able to be achieved when you engage in exercises that build the connective layers of the penis. This program uses the tissues that are there and does not promise to give a miracle of growing new cells. This is not a possible thing.

Phalogenics male enhancement

How to Use Phalogenics

You are able to utilize the power of Phalogenics by using the program that is created. This exercise program is created to promote the growth of the penis through stretching the sponge-like tissues on an almost every day basis. Just like normal exercises, there are a few days that are used as rest days. These rest days are used to give the body time to recover and grow as the exercises take effect. The rest of the days are exercise days which involve following the series that is recorded on the DVD.

This program is a simple step by step process of how to achieve the desired growth using the exercises you are shown on video. You should be ready to commit a few minutes of your day towards building yourself. This program does not give you a secret formula that is gotten from a mysterious spring found in a cave in the middle of the earth. It uses simple exercises that have been formulated by scientists who have worked overtime to develop them. Once you have committed to this regimen you will be sure to improve your penis size.

There are also two programs that are made in tandem to Phalogenics. They are set to create a uniform growth by helping you gain confidence as a man to do what you need to do. These programs also teach you how to be a better lover by giving you techniques on how to please your partner. They will work together to make you a better man who is able to be all-rounded in bed and even outside the bed.


The series has been created to be used consistently to increase your size. It does not have a time frame in which you should have used it. It is however recommended that you engage in these exercises at least once a day. There are also a few days of the week that you should use as rest days. The schedule that is best is captured in the video tutorials that you get. The tutorials give you a good breakdown of how to do these exercises but they take a very small amount of time in relation to the benefits they give you.

Benefits of Phalogenics

Phalogenics is a sure and trusted way of growing your penis. It will enable you to grow your penis size from between 2-4 inches long as well as expand your thickness. You will be assured of growing up to 7 inches in length.

You will also be able to get harder than you used to. This is because you will be filling up your penis with more blood than usual making it rock hard. This ability will ensure that you penetrate your woman like the stud that you are and bring her extreme pleasure.

Through these exercises, you will be given the ability to have longer staying power. You will have the strength to take your woman over the edge while still maintaining your cool. This means you will be able to last a number of rounds comfortably leaving her completely satisfied.

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Is Phalogenics Safe to Use?

Phalogenics is a series of exercises that are geared to help your penis to grow using all-natural ways. It does not use any gadgets or pills. These gadgets are at best trial and error as they are limited in how much they will benefit you. They do not give results that have staying power but are only for that time. They also are not safe to use. You will find that these gadgets are uncomfortable to use and can be downright painful.

Pills can also be a dangerous alternative to help you grow. Side effects like a boner that refuses to go away or feeling flushed and having headaches are some of the things you have to live with when you indulge in pills. You also get more dangerous reactions to pills like high blood pressure and even heart attacks.

When it comes to Phalogenics it is ranked as a safe and secure method of growing your penis. This is because there are no external interferences that can cause the body to have ill effects. You are guaranteed that your body will behave the same way it does when you work out except that you are just exercising a small part of your body.

Purchase & Price

You can be able to get the full video tutorial on the official Phalogenics website. The site allows you to purchase this package at the price of just $69. This is from the usual price of $99 allowing you to save up to $30. You also get access to 3 member sites that make you a better lover.

You will also get a 14 day trial period of Advanced Sexual Mastery, a program designed to enhance your lover techniques. This program will be fully available to you if you do not cancel the free subscription. You will then be charged at the lowest membership fee of $16.10 a month to gain access to the best sex advice there is. You will also have the opportunity to cancel at any time you feel you need to.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The product comes with a whopping 60-day money-back guarantee. It is put there to cater to you when you feel the program is not giving you the results you expected. Once you feel you want a complete refund of your purchase all you are asked to do is to delete all information both in written, audio, and video form that you received from Phalogenics. You will then get a full refund after you have submitted proof of purchase like a receipt. You should email them at [email protected] or call 1-800-503-0591 to request for a refund.

To help make Phalogenics better you are requested to give a reason as to why you are not satisfied with the product. This will help them improve in the coming releases.

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How will I begin my exercises?
You will begin your Phalogenics exercises the moment you get the video tutorials. They will give you a guide on how to begin.

When can I expect to see changes in penis size?
You should expect changes in penis size after about two weeks. This is similar to when you exercise your body’s skeletal muscles.

Should I expect to be sore after exercising?
These exercises are safe and do not give you any form of discomfort.


  • It gives 2-4 inches of growth allowing you to grow up to 7 inches.
  • It gives you staying power where you are able to control when you will ejaculate.
  • You get rock hard erections because of great blood absorption by the penis.
  • It is a safe method of penis enlarging that does not use pills or devices.
  • It has a 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • It gives added benefits of 3 bonus sites and one 14 day trial membership to enhance sexual performance.


The program has been appreciated as being a breath of fresh air in helping men to grow their members and perform above average in bed. It does not have any cons as it is safe.

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Phalogenics Before and After Pic

phalogenics before and after photo

Customer Testimonials

“I had struggled for a long time to get a girlfriend. I knew the reason was they would see my little man and run for the door. It became tough to relate with any woman at any advanced level and I became a loner. I tried a few products but they always ended up hurting me and not giving me the results I needed. But when I saw Phalogenics and how safe it was I decided to try it out. It was the best decision I ever made. I am now in my second year of marriage and happily so.” Phil Jenkins.

“My penis always made me shy from when I was a teenager. I never was able to go to a urinal because I thought my fellow men would make fun of me. I had had my experience in the high school bathrooms to know how bad it could get. But I finally found my solution in exercises that made it better for me. I can now confidently say I’m a man and I’m not afraid to get naked before man or woman.” Mark Twain.

“I always loved sex. But I never had the chance to prove that to any woman sufficiently. That is because I was always shy to get into any relationship. The few I tried would always have my partner walk out on me after seeing what I had under the hood. That was very depressing as I ended up living a life alone. But when I found Phalogenics I found my best solution. Now I am free to indulge as much as I want. And don’t I just love sex so much. I now know what I have been missing.” Tom Sheffield.


Penis size is a very important part of a man’s life. It will influence not only the relationship he has with women but with fellow men as well. When you are troubled with your penis size you should reach out to the Phalogenics program which will take you from a point of despair and give you hope. Many lives are now being changed with this program. The beauty is that it is an affordable program that is safe to use on your priced possession. All you need to do is try it out and testify of its results. You also have the security of having a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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