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With age comes a lot of health issues. Prostate problems and urinary tract infections have to be one of the most common disorders plaguing men above the age of 45. Now, these are diseases that cannot be avoided. Even if you exercise and are following a natural high-protein diet, you can’t prevent such disorders. The most challenging aspect is that these can become life-threatening.

There are myriad supplements available in the market that claim to improve prostate and bladder functions. But most aren’t as effective as ProstaStream. It can start impacting your health in a few weeks of consumption. Visit the official website of the company and select your package.


About ProstaStream

ProstaStream is one of the newest and popular prostate supplements available in the market. It’s made of naturally occurring ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Cat’s Claw, Japanese Mushroom, and Pygeum Africanum Bark. It’s a medically proven product formulated in FDA and GMP approved facilities. There are no side effects of the supplement. You can use the supplement regularly with your diet.

Its primary role in your body after getting absorbed is to reduce the size of your prostate. It can shrink it by 3-4 times. Your overall bladder and kidney functions improve as well. Your focus levels and cognitive abilities get enhanced.


The ingredients of ProstaStream have gone through rigorous research with 144 different natural derivatives. The important ingredients are Saw Palmetto Berries, Japanese Mushroom, Graviola leaves, and other powerful natural substances. All the ingredients are detailed below.

Saw Palmetto Berries

The berries of this species of palm are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for your prostate. The extract of Saw Palmetto Berries has been used since ancient times for shrinking enlarged prostate and improving the urinary symptoms linked to BPH.

Japanese Mushroom

Three beneficial Japanese mushroom species, namely, Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake, are included in ProstaStream that heals cell injuries and degenerations that cause inflammation in the prostate glands.

Graviola Leaves

It heals the damaged cells that cause BPH and reduces the inflammation.

Cat’s Claw and Tomato Fruit Powder

The antifungal and antioxidant properties of these ingredients reduce any type of infection and degeneration of cells. It also boosts your immune system.

Pygeum Africanum Bark

The extract from Pygeum Africanum Bark reduces inflammation in the prostate and controls unnatural prostate growth. It reduces BPH and also eliminates the chances of prostate cancer.

Natural Green Tea and Broccoli Leaf

These are two powerful ingredients that maintain your prostate health.

Vitamin E, Selenium, and vitamin B-6 are added as ingredients to enhance this supplement’s antioxidant properties. These components improve your immune system, reduces the risk of cancer, and improves overall health.

ProstaStream also contains Copper, Zinc, and Plant Sterol, which improves your nerve functions, decreases cholesterol and boosts your prostate health.

ProstaSteam Review

How Does ProstaSteam Work?

This natural dietary supplement contains all active ingredients that reduce your enlarged prostate’s size without any harmful side effects. This supplement starts working from the moment it enters your bloodstream. It rejuvenates the aged cells in the prostate gland and boosts the formation of new tissues. It also reduces inflammation of the prostate and improves the flow of urine.

Overall, ProstaStream relieves you of all urinary discomfort and sexual performance issues related to BPH.

How to Use ProstaStream?

Each bottle of the ProstaStream supplement contains 60 pills. It’ll last for one month on average. For the desired results, make sure you take 2 pills daily with a glass of water. You can take one capsule after breakfast and another 30 minutes before sleeping.

Is it Safe to Use ProstaStream?

Yes, ProstaStream is safe to use. It’s a clinically proven supplement formulated with the highest-quality natural ingredients. The FDA and GMP have approved the facilities where it gets prepared.

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Benefits of ProstaStream

  • The primary function of the ProstaStream supplement is to reduce the size of your enlarged prostate. It can shrink your prostate size by 350%.
  • Your overall prostate health improves.
  • It improves your urinary bladder functions as well.
  • You’ll find relief from urinary tract infections.
  • Your kidney functions will improve.
  • It helps better your mental focus and cognitive abilities.
  • Your sexual health will also improve.
  • It alleviates inflammation in your body.
  • ProstaStream helps maintain a balance in essential hormones.

Side Effects of ProstaStream

There are zero side effects of ProstaStream. It’s a natural supplement made under the supervision of experts. The labs where it’s formulated are verified and approved by the FDA and GMP. Sanitation is the top-most priority in such institutions, so you can consume a regular dose of the ProstaStream supplement.

Purchase and Price

There are multiple packages of the product available on the company’s official website. You can visit the website for the best deals and choose the most suitable package for yourself. Given below are the available packages-

  • Basic Package: This package has one bottle or 60 pills of the supplement. It’s a one-month supply. You can buy the package for $69.
  • Most Popular Package: The ‘Most Popular’ package contains three bottles of the supplement. It’s a supply for three months. You can buy the package for $177, i.e., $59 per bottle.
  • Best Value Package: This is a six-month supply. It has three bottles of the ProstaStream supplement and you can buy each bottle for $49. So, you effectively pay $294 for the package.
  • The company offers free shipping and handling for all US orders.

ProstaSteam price

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller offers a 60-day refund guarantee for your satisfaction. They want to ensure you’re content with your purchase. You can claim a refund within the stipulated time by following the steps given below-

  • To obtain a refund, you’ve to return the supplement bottles to the company.
  • Send it to the return shipping address provided on the official website of the company.
  • It’s recommended to use the product for a few weeks before deciding to get a refund.
  • Once you contact the company’s customer care, you’ll receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. You’ve to make sure you attach this number to the return package.
  • The tracking number of the order must be shared with the customer service agent.
  • Remember that you’ve got 60 days to send the package.
  • The seller initiates the refund process after the package arrives at the warehouse.
  • You’ll get a full refund, excluding shipping and handling charges in your bank account.


How many weeks will it take to experience the benefits of the supplement?

The seller recommends you consume a regular dosage of the ProstaSteam supplement for a few weeks, at least. As the supplement’s effect will vary from individual to individual, you must use it for four weeks to notice improvements in your health.

Is it important to consult a doctor before using the product?

It’s always safe to consult your doctor before using any supplement. But, ProstaStream is a risk-free supplement with zero side effects, so even if you start using it without any consultation, you’re good.

What is the minimum age requirement to order the product?

You’ve to be 18 years at least to order the ProstaStream supplement from the company’s official website.

How many pills are there in each bottle?

There are 60 pills in each bottle of the ProstaStream supplement. Each bottle will last for 30 days, so you’ve to take 2 pills every day accordingly.

Is the product addictive?

No, the product isn’t addictive. It’s formulated using 100% organic ingredients that are naturally occurring in nature. There aren’t any banned or toxic ingredients present in the formulation. So, you can take a regular dose of this risk-free supplement.

Customer Testimonials

When my husband started peeing very frequently and was reluctant to be intimate, I knew that he had BPH. One of my friends, whose husband was already 60, told me about ProstaStream. And in only three months, my husband got relief from all BPH symptoms. Elizabeth, 52, Boston. 

I had to urinate frequently and always felt that my bladder was full. But when I had erectile dysfunction, I visited my doctor who is also a friend. He said all this was normal at my age and suggested ProstaStream as it naturally boosts prostate health. After 15 days, I could feel the changes in my body. Thanks to ProstaStream. Richard, 65, New Jersey. 

I had developed BPH early, at the age of 40 and my boss understood it from my regular toilet visits. He asked me to take ProstaStream and said he is benefitting from the last 1 year. And, it worked like a miracle and reduced all the symptoms like urine problems and ED within two months. I recommend it. Daniel, 41, Chicago.


After looking at how the product works and its benefits, one thing is clear. ProstaStream is the most effective prostate supplement out there in the market. You’ll be able to reduce the size of your prostate and improve urinary bladder functions. You can now say goodbye to those frequent washroom visits and urine bleeding. ProstaStream is here to protect you.

You’ll get the best deals on the official website of the company. Make sure you only buy from there. There are three packages available and you can select and subscribe to the most suitable one. Order now!

ProstaSteam price

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