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The world is going through a tough phase, the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has crippled the health and safety of everybody. No nation is spared from the onslaught of this virus, the death tolls are rising, more and more people are being infected by the virus. The scientists are working tirelessly and have so far been unsuccessful at finding a vaccination to control this infection. With no definite solution visible, the only defense we have from this pathogen attack is to maintain hygiene and sanitation at all times.

It is necessary to keep our hands, germ-free at all times, so that we may not touch our eyes nose or mouth and end up catching the viral infection. To ensure this all the surfaces around us must be sanitized regularly to keep us and our loved ones safe. While washing hands with soap and using alcohol-based sanitizer is great, but it is not such a feasible option when it comes to disinfecting the things around us like; the tabletop, cell phones, books, glasses, groceries. You may have cleaned hands but what if you touched something after washing up? Sanitizer Pro is the ideal solution to this problem. It is a lightweight and portable UV sanitizer that kills germs and bacteria with UV light.

Sanitizer Pro

What is Sanitizer Pro all about?

Sanitizer Pro is a UV light disinfectant that is easy to use and works like a charm to keep your environment safe and germ-free. It works on 4 x AAA batteries and is rechargeable easily with a regular micro-USB cable. It is always ready to use at your convenience. It is like a wand that you can hover over any object or surface you wish to sanitize and within no time, the surface will be free of all pathogens. It is lightweight and can be carried around in your handbags.

The Sanitizer Pro helps you by performing the following function:

  • It destroys viruses, bacteria, and germs in just a matter of a few minutes. You need not disinfect and wait for some time for the surface to be clean. It is a quick action device.
  • The Sanitizer Pro is designed to spot & remove the micro particles that can be hazardous to your health.
  • The Sanitizer Pro device is easy to use and you do not need any special expertise to operate the device. Anyone can use the Sanitizer Pro.
  • It has a battery that when fully charges can last all day.

The Sanitizer Pro is an efficient and quick way to kill the harmful micro-organisms that are present all around you. The UV light that is used to disinfect surfaces is not harmful to you, you may compare it with the UV rays from the sun that are known to be harmful and recommended to use products that protect your skin from damage. However, the UV light used in the Sanitizer Pro is of much less intensity in comparison and is safe to use. Additionally, the device turns off the light automatically when not in use, minimizing any exposure to your skin, nevertheless.

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How does the Sanitizer Pro work?

The Sanitizer Pro comes in the form of a rectangular device, folded in the form of a long a case. You need to flip the device open, keep the object to be sanitized in the light for a few minutes and kill all the germs present on the surface of that object.

The UV light for Sanitizer Pro breaks the atomic bonds that hold the DNA of infections and microscopic organisms, together. It is a clean and easy way to disinfect objects, leaving no residue. The Sanitizer Pro is a safe and non-toxic way of cleaning the surfaces without having to introduce the chemical and synthetic cleaning agents that are often used in households for cleaning purposes.

People of all ages and gender can use the Sanitizer Pro, it is easy to use and handle. It is lightweight and is easy to carry around with you, so whenever you are at a public place and need to touch some object like the door handle, the cab door, elevator buttons, etc; you can simply whip out your Sanitizer Pro and quickly within a few minutes disinfect it. You no longer have to put your health at risk and in danger of catching a deadly disease. Even with the gloves on, touching anything in a public space is not safe as germs can then be on your gloves and find a way to your body in more ways than one. Like it is wisely said, prevention is better than cure; the Sanitizer Pro keeps you one step ahead in terms of cleanliness and good health. You can say goodbye to infections and allergies caused by bacteria and viruses commonly present in our environment and enjoy a healthy life with a fit body.

Sanitizer Pro Review

Benefits of the Sanitizer Pro

Sanitizer Pro is beneficial in many ways. In these tough times, this product is like a dream come true for the humankind. Let us explore the various benefits of the Sanitizer Pro:

  • The Sanitizer Pro is an effective and efficient way to disinfect surfaces and objects around us.
  • With the Sanitizer Pro, you can now quickly, within sanitize and kill all the germs in your grocery that comes in every other day.
  • Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we often end up wasting a lot of time cleaning and disinfecting the house with great care, sanitizing any item that comes from the stores, doorknobs, handles, taps and what not. It takes up a lot of our time and leaves us exhausted. With the Sanitizer Pro you can clean up as you did earlier and just shine this UV light on all objects and you are all set to go. It saves a lot of your time and energy that you can spend with your loved ones instead.
  • The Sanitizer Pro efficiently kills all the harmful micro-organisms that can pose a grave danger to your health.
  • While you cannot use other disinfectants about anywhere in public, the Sanitizer Pro is portable and can be used anywhere. All you need to do is pull out the device, flip it open, and shine the light on the object in question. Within three minutes, the surface will be virus and pathogen-free.
  • You can use the Sanitizer Pro all day for sanitizing objects and surfaces without having to replace or re-charge the batteries.
  • The Sanitizer Pro auto shuts when not in use, this protects battery life and not overly exposes your skin to the UV rays.
  • The Sanitizer Pro comes with 30 days returns policy. If due to any reason, you are unhappy with the product, you can simply contact the customer support team to initiate a return for a refund.
  • The simple design and functionality of this device make it extremely user- friendly. Anyone can use it easily.
  • The Sanitizer Pro arrives pre-assembled and can be used right after being unboxed. You do not have to assemble the device yourself.
  • The Sanitizer Pro has been carefully designed to not only kill the harmful virus and bacteria present on surfaces but also to spot and remove the microparticles that can be toxic for your health.
  • For all the orders placed through the official website, you can avail of free shipping.

Price and refunds policy for the Sanitizer Pro

You can purchase the Sanitizer Pro UV disinfectant from the official website and avail of the amazing discounts and offer prices available online. Given below are the price options you can choose from while placing your orders:

  • Buy 1 Sanitizer Pro for 69 USD and save 50% on the original price. Free shipping available.
  • Buy 2 Sanitizer Pro and get 1 Sanitizer Pro free for 139.99 USD (46.66 USD per unit) and save 67% on the original price. Free shipping available.
  • Buy 3 Sanitizer Pro and get 2 Sanitizer Pro free for 199.99 USD (40 USD per unit) and save 71% on the original price. Free shipping available.

The Sanitizer Pro comes with 30 days returns policy. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you need to inform the customer support team within 30 days. Failing to communicate in the 30 days window will make the purchase non-refundable. You need to follow the given steps to initiate a return:

  • Raise a ticket through the website or e-mail the support team about your issue. The support team contacts you and initiates the returns process.
  • You will receive the return address label; you will need to self-ship the item back to the company.
  • On receipt of the product, a ticket number is generated and refund status can be tracked using the ticket number.
  • Within 4-5 working days, the refund will be processed to the original mode of payment used at the time of purchase.

Sanitizer Pro price

Side effects of the Sanitizer Pro

There are no side effects of the Sanitizer Pro. It is an efficient and quick action surface sanitizer. The Sanitizer Pro helps make the process of cleaning and disinfection hassle-free for all. By removing the harmful pathogens from the environment, it ensures good health of all.

In these tough times, a product like the Sanitizer Pro gives us great relief and peace of mind, knowing that we have used the best methods to provide a safe environment for our loved ones. The fact that Sanitizer Pro uses a physical process and not a chemical one is highly important, this ensures that you are not at the risk of being exposed to any harmful toxins present in the disinfecting chemicals that may be hazardous to your health.

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What are the customers saying?

Sanitizer Pro has many happy customers all over, let’s hear it from them about their experiences.

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic, life is a mess. Cleaning and sanitizing all your purchases, the months’ grocery and about all the surfaces in the house is the new norm, and while on the face of it, this may not seem much; it is the ones who are doing it who know how time-consuming and exceedingly frustrating this job is. I remember sitting almost for an hour just sanitizing the month’s grocery and still not getting complete satisfaction since the edibles like fruits and vegetables still could not be sanitized. You just can’t rub the alcohol-based sanitizer on edibles or spray them over. Even the items that you can sanitize; I first used to rub liquid sanitizer overall packages and later got a sanitizer spray in an aerosol can but both these options left residue on the packs which needed to be cleaned off later so more work. The Sanitizer Pro has made things so much easier for me since it is a light-based sanitation method, there is no residue of the products and I can just shine the light on all items and voila! It’s done. The Sanitizer Pro, being lightweight and easy to use has made our lives so much better. I can now have mental peace knowing that my family is in a safe and protected environment. – Amy


In the ongoing pandemic, we all look to our respective governments to help us maintain safety and sanitation, to provide a remedy or device a plan. However, looking at the worsening state of affairs, it is now crucial that we step up and take whatever steps necessary to ensure the safety and health of our loved ones. With Sanitizer Pro, you can take a step in the right direction. It not only secures your homes by killing the virus and bacteria but also spots and removes the micro dust particles that can pose a serious hazard to your health. With the Sanitizer Pro, you don’t even have to risk touching any object for sanitizing it and risk catching an infection, you can hold the device on top of the object and disinfect from a distance; making the entire process safe and risk-free. The all-new Sanitizer Pro is a breakthrough germ-killing UV sanitizer, that will help you make your home a healthy and happy place.

Sanitizer Pro price

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