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You might look at some people and wonder what you did to the world. They are living their dream life. They were high fliers in school, landed in their dream careers, got their dream jobs, married hot wives, and have children to dot over. And when you look at your world, well, things don’t seem to have worked out so well. But did you know that a man’s confidence lies squarely in their sexuality?

If you have ever hesitated to approach a girl but notice another man walking up to the same broad like he has no care in the world you might need to stop and assess yourself. You are not on a level playing ground. And if you were true to yourself you would probably say that one big reason why you have not yet settled in life is that you don’t think your partner would ever be dazzled by you.

For you see, size does matter. If you have been struggling to get into any meaningful relationship because you believe your member is too small then you have landed in the right place. Your small size is about to become a thing of the past thanks to a revolutionary device called SizeGenetics.

sizegenetics reviews

About SizeGenetics

With right about two decades in the size-enhancing industry, SizeGenetics has had the privilege of taking men from their point of discouragement and turning their lives around. It is the only medically-proven way of its kind to actually grow your penis from whatever size it is and take it inches from where it once was. It has been so consistent with its performance that penis enlargement surgeons have taken to using it as one of the methods they treat their patients with.

The device is a pretty simplistic-looking device at first glance but you will be pleased to know it is one of the most advanced extenders in the world today. It is trusted by professionals all over the world to make a difference in their lives. And it does just that.

Parts Included

The device comes in four different packages which all have a different set of items. But there are a few consistent items you can count on being there in every package. You will get the:

  • 2800g tension SizeGenetics device.
  • Dual function front piece.
  • Comfort strap for added ease of use.
  • Protection pad for greater comfort.
  • A quick guide to help you through its use.
  • 1-inch elongation bar.
  • 2-inch elongation bar.

From this point, there are up to 10 other different items spread across different packages. You can get a revitalizing lotion, a travel case, comfort plaster, a set of keys, a luxury leather carry case, among other items. You can choose a package based on what you want and also on the strength of your pocket.

How Does SizeGenetics work?

SizeGenetics is a traction device that works almost the same way as weights do on muscles. When you are training your muscles you will begin by using weights that are light. As your muscles get used to these weights you will then increase the weights so that you build your muscles and they get stronger in the process.

This process of building muscles works by putting minute tears on your tissues. In order to repair itself, the body produces more cells that cover up the space that has been created by the tears. The muscles are able to grow in this way. The same process applies when you are using this device. It stretches your penis in very small increments that cause micro tears in it. Cells are then formed to repair and replace the torn tissue. This elongates the penis over time causing it to grow bigger.

The penile tissue is then able to absorb more blood and in the process benefit you with its enlarged size. The process of expansion is usually so small that it is completely painless.

SizeGenetics review

How to Use SizeGenetics

The device is made to be used easily by wearing it every day. It is like a sheath that you wear around your penis. It has overall comfort and utilizes force to stretch the penis bit by bit. This particular device has the benefit of being the most powerful traction device in the market having a force of up to 2,800g. This means you get to have it give you the greatest gains and expansions no other traction device in the market can give you.

When starting to use this product it is recommended that you start small the same way you would start working out. You can start by wearing it for about 40 minutes. You can then build up slowly over time so that you are comfortable wearing it for longer durations of time. The longer you wear it the better and more effective it will be at stretching you. You can wear it for up to five hours long.

How Often to Use SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a device that is recommended to be used every day for at least four months in order to see its benefits. You are advised to start small where you will wear the device for about 40 minutes a day. After you have gotten over the first few aches of stretching your tissues you can then take it up to an hour and go increasing the amount till you get to about five hours of wear a day.

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Is SizeGenetics Safe to Use?

SizeGenetics has been designed over a long period of time. It has been clinically tested by both US and Danish doctors and research scientists to ascertain that it does grow your penis by inches. It has been built following such strict industry standards that it has been approved by the FDA as a safe device to use for penis extension.

Benefits of SizeGenetics

  • Safe: This device has been clinically proven to have the ability to safely stretch your penis and make it bigger. It has been tested and documented over time to show that it is beneficial for penis enlargement. It also has FDA approval to show you it is completely safe for use.
  • Penis Extender: It is a traction device that extends your penis by inches from its original size. It does so by slowly and safely stretching the penis so as to give it more girth and length.
  • Tissue Expander: Once it has extended the penis it gives it the capacity by expanding the tissue in the penis. This expansion allows the penis to hold more blood giving you bigger and better erections.
  • Treats Curved Penis Syndrome: Also known as Peyronie’s disease, a curved penis is an uncomfortable and sometimes outright painful condition that can even prevent you from having sex. This device has been created to be able to rehabilitate and cure you of this disease by stretching your penis back to its right position.

Purchase & Price

This product is available from the official company website. The product comes in four different packages which offer slightly different items within the package. Get to know what you want most in your package so you can choose the best package. You have the value edition pack which goes for $199.95. It is the most basic package but comes with up to eight different items. The comfort package is the next in line based on its value. It sells for $249.95 and is equipped with up to 14 different items for your penis expansion use.

You also have the Curvature and Peyronie’s edition which goes for $299.95. It has been designed to cure the curved penis condition. It comes with 15 items in its pack. Finally, we have the Ultimate System bestseller which has the most number of items. It goes for the same price as the Curvature and Peyronie’s edition of $299.95. This is because one is more specialized for a specific condition while the other is the best value pack for penis extension.

You should look forward to getting 17 items in the package. Be sure to count the luxury leather case among the items.

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Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a six months money back guarantee because they, first of all, believe in the success of the product they are selling. They do not believe it may ever come to refunding your money as what they have to give are results. Secondly, they allow for a minimum number of four months before you can convince them that the product has not worked for you. They have a plan that will help you get the most out of the device, and if at all it is not working, then they will have evidence that it has not worked for you.

They require you to use the “My Diary” application they have on their official website. This application is where you log in daily use of the product and how many hours you have actually had it on every day. The company actually insists that you should have used the device for at least four months every day marking at least five hours at a minimum extending force of 1200g.



How long should I use SizeGenetics before seeing results?

The time results start to show vary for every individual. Some may start seeing results within two months of using this device; it is recommended that you use the device every day unfailingly for four months. You should wear it for at least five hours a day at a force of 1200g.

Will I have any pain while using this gadget?

This gadget has been proven by time to be a safe device to use for penis extension. While you will not experience any pain you will have some aching in the first few days of using it. This is because you are extending tissue and just like any other muscle in your body, it will ache some bit. But it will get used to it after some time.

How long does the money back guarantee to cover me if at all I feel it is not working out for me?

SizeGenetics is very sure about the product it is offering. It, therefore, gives you a six months money back guarantee. This is done so that they can give you time to use the device and get results from it. You will be required to log in to your use of the product every day for four months to prove that it did not work for you. That is the only way you will get your money back. Otherwise, the company would be getting returns from people who use the product, get bigger, but want their money back.

Can I use this device on my bent penis condition?

Bent penis syndrome is a condition that destroys the lives of many men out there. It is one of the reasons that the device was created; to get you out of your painful situation. The syndrome may very well have stopped you from having any form of intimate encounter. But it will come to an end with the use of this device. All you have to do is use it every day for a certain duration of time until it straightens out your member.

How often should I use this device in a day?

You should have SizeGenetics on a single session every day. You are advised to start small so that you give yourself time to adjust and go through the few aches that are there at the beginning. This could be starting from around 40 minutes for the first few sessions then build it up to up to five hours. This is the recommended time to use the product per day.

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  • It is medically endorsed to increase penis length.
  • It treats curved penis syndrome.
  • It is used by penis enlargement surgeons.
  • It has a six months money back guarantee.
  • It is the most technologically advanced penis extender.


  • It is mildly uncomfortable when you begin to use it.

Before and After Pictures

SizeGenetics before and after

SizeGenetics before and after

Customer Testimonials

“I had tried a couple of pills and penis pumps before letting the dream of having a large penis go. I was left with an empty wallet and bruises, aches, and pains that I had to take time to heal from. I was not going to try out anything else as it looked like a small penis was my fate to live with. The first time I saw SizeGenetics I almost ignored it. I bookmarked the site and returned to it every few days just to do some more research on it.

And the reviews I read were testament that this device actually worked for them. It took me a whole month to make my decision, but I’m really glad I did. Now, three months on, I can smile in the bedroom. I am growing every single day and I can see partner appreciating the changes I am having. I only wish I found this device sooner.” Anthony Smokes.

“I have always had a problem with my penis size from when I hit 16 years old. I could tell I was different from my peers but I thought I was a late bloomer. 10 years later and I had to face the fact that blooming had nothing to do with it. I went on a rampage to find a solution to my small member after having faced countless failed relationships. I did not find my relief until some two years later. In those two years, I had been through enough side effects from scary pills that promised but did not deliver.

I decided to try out this device as it looked like it had been around for some good time. It also was safer than some pill I had to put inside of me. I figured the worst thing that could happen was getting a few aches and throwing it away. After five months I knew I had gotten lucky. It has worked for me and I can confidently tell anyone who is in the same predicament I was in to try SizeGenetics. They won’t regret it!” Greg Murphy.

“I had had my fair share of successes but a relationship was not one of them. I knew I was the problem but I always prayed quietly that anyone who had tried to get intimate with me never told. I had a secret to keep and after a few failed relationships I didn’t let anyone else close. I spent my life in solitude, lonely every step of the way.

A friend of mine who finally cracked through to me told me there was hope beyond what I knew. All I had to do was get a device that could stretch me and get me big. The first time he told me that I nearly hit him. How could he make fun of my situation like that? But looking at him I realized he was serious. And that was the changing point. He told me all the information he had about it and I went and did my own research. We got two because he wanted to try it too.

We have changed our lives thanks to SizeGenetics. This product has completely turned our lives around. We now have steady girlfriends and I’m soon planning to propose to my girl. It is time I settled down.” Matt Avery.


Sometimes in life, we don’t get everything we wanted. But just because you were not given a magic wand that will dazzle does not mean you should stay that way. There is hope for you even if you have had a medical condition warp your penis. All you have to do is take this step and get the SizeGenetics penis extender today. You will have a fast-acting release of all the potential you have had by growing superfast using this device. Try it today.

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