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Steel Bite Pro


Stop bleeding and receding gums


Escape gingivitis and periodontal diseases


Natural ingredients


No side-effects




Due to various reasons such as eating excessive junk food and lack of care of the dental cavity, people these days regularly suffer from periodontal and gum problems. When problems like these arise and develop, people are compelled to visit a dentist. But most people are afraid of such a visit because of how painful it can be.

Also, even if you visit a dentist and get a temporary fix done, the pain will keep returning. Steel Bite Pro is an up-and-coming supplement that will help you permanently treat your gum problems and alleviate any pain caused due to it. It’s natural, safe, and risk-free. Read along to find out what the composition consists of.

Steel Bite Pro 

About Steel Bite Pro

Steel Bite Pro is a natural supplement that helps in removing plaque and bacteria from your mouth. It’s a clinically proven product that gets prepared in FDA and GMP certified labs under the supervision of renowned doctors. The manufacturers have used a proprietary blend of 29 of the most potent and powerful ingredients in the composition. It’s a safe, non-invasive, and risk-free treatment to gum problems. The essential nutrients present in the supplement helps to reduce gum and teeth pain as well.


The manufacturers have used an all-natural formulation to create one of the most potent supplements for gum care and teeth rebuilding. The composition contains a proprietary blend of 29 herbs and naturally occurring elements, sourced from all around the world. Given below are some of the ingredients used in significant proportions in the composition-

  • Turmeric – Turmeric is an antimicrobial herb that has myriad benefits. It’s an anti-inflammatory herb that helps in removing plaque from your teeth and gums.
  • Berberine – One of the potent antioxidants ever discovered, Berberine has anti-inflammatory properties that protect against bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and microorganisms.
  • Artichoke, Red Raspberry, and Chanca Piedra – The powerful combination containing the mentioned ingredients is rich in micronutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C. phosphorus, folate, and magnesium. The blend purifies your mouth and fights against infections.
  • Milk Thistle – Milk Thistle helps in detoxifying your mouth and reverses the damage caused in the liver by poisonous toxins.
  • Beetroot – Beetroot is high in antioxidants and protects your teeth and gums from developing cavities. It can also kill bacteria accumulated in your mouth.
  • Yarrow – Its primary function is to increase the production of fibroblasts, the cells which help muscle recovery and rebuild neural tissues.
  • Zinc – By far, the most important micronutrient, zinc, prevents the growth of bacteria and plaque. It also improves the function of your sense of smell and taste buds.
  • Jujube Seeds – It’s an immune-booster, rich in antioxidants.
  • Dandelion – One serving of this herb is enough to meet your daily requirement of micronutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

Other ingredients used include Alfalfa, Celery Seeds, Yellow Dock, Chicory Root, Grape Seed Extract, Ginger, and several more.

Steel Bite Pro Review

How Does Steel Bite Pro Work?

The Steel Bite Pro supplement works in the following six steps-

  • After you consume the dosage, the essential nutrients present in the supplement get absorbed in your blood.
  • Once absorbed, the nutrients will locate the accumulated plaque in your gums and teeth.
  • The nutrients now act on the plaque and remove it. It also stops bleeding and alleviates inflammation.
  • Your gums get healed and tightened, preventing further accumulation of bacteria.
  • In the fifth step, the antioxidants present in the supplement will detoxify your mouth and body.
  • In the final stage, your oral cavity will be revitalized as the ingredients shield your mouth from dental and periodontal diseases.


One bottle of Steel Bite Pro contains 60 dietary tablets. Each bottle is a supply for one month. For the desired results, consume two pills every day, one with breakfast and another 30 minutes before sleeping. Results may vary for each individual, so make sure you use the supplement for one month to notice improvements.

Is it Safe to Use Steel Bite Pro?

Yes, it’s safe to use Steel Bite Pro. The manufacturers make use of 100% organic and the most potent herbs. They also use other naturally occurring elements in the formulation of the supplement. The supplement gets prepared in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities, so you can trust the sanitation and hygiene standards maintained by these facilities.

Is Steel Bite Pro Addictive?

As the manufacturers have only used natural ingredients in the composition and no banned, artificial, or toxic materials get used, Steel Bite Pro is non-addictive. It’s an organic supplement, formulated under the supervision of doctors. So, it’s a risk-free product and you can take its dose regularly.

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Benefits of Steel Bite Pro

Mitigates Gum and Tooth Pain

The composition of Steel Bite Pro contains 100% natural and potent elements that will help in reducing pain in your gums and tooth.

Prevents Build-Up of Plaque

The potent ingredients used in the supplement prevents the accumulation of plaque and bacteria in your mouth.

Reduces Risk of Gum Diseases

It also helps in reducing the risk of developing gum disorders like gingivitis.

Whitens Teeth

The supplement’s primary function is to remove plaque from your teeth and gums, which in turn helps to whiten your teeth.

Safe and Risk-Free

The manufacturers have used an all-natural formulation to prepare the supplement. So, the product comes with zero side-effects and is safe for regular doses.

Purchase and Price

You can check the official website of the company for the available packages and choose the most suitable one for you. Given below are the cost implications for each package-

  • Basic Package: The package contains one bottle of the supplement. The retail price of the supplement is $99, but the seller is offering a limited time deal on it, and you can buy it for $69. It’s a one-month supply.
  • Most Popular: The package, worth $299, is available on the company’s website for $177. So, effectively, you pay $59 per bottle. It’s a three-month supply.
  • Best value: Originally priced $594, the ‘best value’ package contains six units of the supplement. The seller offers the package at $294 for a limited period, which is a 50% discounted price. It’s a supply for six months.
  • The seller offers free shipping on orders across the United States.

steel bite pro price

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller ensures that all its customers are satisfied with the product. So, the seller backs the supplement with a solid 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with the supplement, you can claim a refund. Given below are the steps on how you can proceed to get a refund.

  • Before you decide on returning the product, the seller asks you to at least try the product for a few weeks.
  • If the supplement fails to satisfy your requirements, contact the customer care of the seller, and request a refund.
  • The service agent will initiate the refund procedure from the seller’s end. Your role is to arrange a return for the supplement.
  • The return address has been provided on the seller’s website. Please ensure that you send the items before the 60th day.
  • Even if you return the supplement on the 59th day and the package arrives at the warehouse after the stipulated 60 days, you’ll get a refund. That’s the level of commitment the seller offers.
  • You’ve to provide the company with the tracking number of the return package. Once the package arrives at the seller’s warehouse and gets approved, you’ll get a full refund in your account.
  • Also, remember that the company can reject your refund request if the items you send aren’t in their original condition.

Side Effects of Steel Bite Pro

There are no reported side effects of the product. Anyone can use the supplement to treat gum problems. It’s a safe, non-invasive, and risk-free supplement to eliminate pain in gums and teeth.


Can a child use the supplement?

Yes, anyone can use the supplement to cure gum and teeth problems. The supplement contains an all-natural formulation and there are zero reported side effects of the product.

Do you need a prescription from a dentist to order the product?

No, a dentist’s prescription isn’t necessary to order the product. You’ve to be above 18 years and possess a bank account to place an order.

How many days will it take before you can notice improvements?

The seller asks you to use the supplement for at least three weeks to observe improvements. As every person’s body and reaction to a medication is different, results might vary.

Do you need to consult a physician before taking the supplement?

Steel Bite Pro is a natural supplement. Even though it’s not mandatory to consult a physician before taking its regular dose, you must consult your doctor if you’re consuming other medications or are pregnant.

What if the supplement fails to provide the results you desired?

If the supplement doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you can contact the company’s customer support and ask for a refund.

Are the transactions made on the seller’s website safe?

Yes, the transactions you make on the company’s website are secure.

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  • It prevents the accumulation of plaque in your gums.
  • The supplement helps in alleviating gum and tooth pain.
  • It fights against infections.
  • Steel Bite Pro reduces the risks of developing periodontal diseases and gingivitis.
  • It helps in whitening your teeth.
  • The supplement improves your neural system and fights inflammation.
  • It’s a safe, risk-free supplement with zero side effects.


  • The supplement is available only on the official website of the company. You won’t be able to buy it from local pharmacists or other online stores.
  • There’s limited stock of the product with the seller, so make sure you order at the earliest.

Customer Testimonials

I have had a problem with my gums since childhood. But I always neglected it and never went to a dentist for a checkup. Over time, this problem amplified, and chewing regular food became painful. I consulted a dentist who tried to remove the accumulated plaque, but it proved to be a futile attempt. The gum pain was intensifying with every passing day, so I decided to do some research online. I came across Steel Bite Pro and ordered the three-month supply. I’m delighted to report that within 45 days of taking a regular dose of the supplement, the pain in my gums and teeth reduced considerably. Thank you, Steel Bite Pro! Jessica, 29, Massachusetts.

I always thought that the set of teeth I was blessed with was strong and indestructible. I even took great care of it. But over the last six months, I started to develop pain in my teeth. Whenever I used to brush, I was spitting blood. My sister was suffering from a similar problem last year and she recommended me to take a regular dose of Steel Bite Pro. I ordered it immediately and in a month, my pain began to disappear. I can now have my favorite candies without feeling any pain. A big thanks to the developers! David, 36, New Jersey.

I consulted a dentist about eight months ago regarding my teeth pain. He said that plaque and bacteria had accumulated in my teeth and gums. He suggested a tartar removal method to remove the assimilated plaque. Even after the procedure, my pain continued. I got to know about the Steel Bite Pro supplement only three months back. My friend suggested it. I was apprehensive if it’ll help or not, so I ordered a month’s supply. After taking its regular dosage for 20 days, I could feel that the pain was subsiding. I’ve been taking its dosage every day for the last three months without any side effects! Justin, 46, Arizona.


If you’ve been suffering from dental and oral problems, then Steel Bite Pro might just be the supplement for you. The nutrients present get instantly absorbed in your blood, remove plaque from your gums, and attack infections. this supplement also helps prevent further accumulation of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. You’ll notice considerable improvements in your oral health after three weeks of regular use.

The seller offers a limited period deal, wherein you can avail of the 50% discount on your order. You also get free shipping, along with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Visit the website today and purchase your supply today!

steel bite pro price

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