SURVEY: Only 14% Trust TV for Health Information

Remedy Health Media, a leading digital health platform, recently announced the results of a commissioned study of more than 750 U.S. adults ages 35+ examining how consumers receive health information.

Of those who consume health information and content, 70% stated that they receive their health information from their healthcare provider, with health websites coming in a close second as the next most popular resource for health information (68%).

“In addition to providing some key insights about the health media space, this survey is also helping us create new content that meets patient needs,” said Jim Curtis, President, Remedy Health Media. “These survey findings can benefit the entire health media industry.”

Respondents also listed friends and family (36%), TV (31%) and health magazines (30%) as their most likely channels for health information. On the other hand, email newsletters (22%), pharmaceutical websites (15%), general lifestyle magazines (13%), radio (6%) and podcasts (3%) were identified as the least utilized resources.

Though many people may get their information from TV, few trust it. Per the study, only 14% of those who consume health information and news trust the information they receive from TV – making it one of the least trusted mediums for health information. Instead, the most trusted resources are healthcare providers (80%), health websites (63%) and, to a lesser extent, friends and family (30%).

“The importance of authenticity in health-related content cannot be understated,” added Curtis. “And whereas TV struggles to deliver authentic and personalized experiences, digital has been able to step in and find new ways of delivering content that consumers actually feel is pertinent to them, and pushes them towards taking positive actions in the treatment of themselves or caregiving for their loved ones.”