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The world is a constantly evolving space. And the pace and which the world is changing is driven by the technological advancements that are taking place. Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking over our lives with the smartphone being just one of the things that we now can’t live without. It has made our lives so much easier that a day without it feels an impossible day to live. You are able to order goods, book appointments, complete bank transactions, play games, have an interactive online social life, as well as have basic communication at your fingertips.

This kind of lifestyle comes with its own challenges as you find that most people have become sedentary. Everything from working to socializing to anything in between, people are always sitting. With this struggle being seen in the world devices have been invented to get people active again. Smart watches come into the world to give you a good idea of how much you are using your body. A smart watch is able to tell you how much you are walking, how many calories you have burned, to how your sleep cycle is.

There are many smart watches in the market from high end brands that cost more than your smartphone to fake smart watches which do not do what they have claimed they’ll do. In order to be secure in the smartwatch that can serve you well at an affordable price here is the trending smart watch in the world for you; Techwatch.


About Techwatch

Techwatch has come to be a game changer in the tech world. It is an entrant that is changing the way the world is when it comes to fitness awareness. The smart watch is able to keep a detailed log of your pulse, sleep cycle, calories burned, steps walked, keep a set of reminders for every important activity that you log in plus many more things. It comes compatible with both iOS and Android smart phone systems giving you an interactive phase. This interaction lets you have greater control of the functionalities of the smart watch.

This particular smart watch has come to change the way people view smart watches as being a product set apart for the elite. It comes at a very affordable price making it available for anyone who truly wants to keep a firm handle on how their body is behaving. Keeping a tab on the health of your body should not just be something that only the rich can be able to do. It is supposed to be accessible to all. That is what this watch has come to change for good.


Techwatch comes bundled with awesome technological advancements. It is equipped to help you handle a number of activities that you would otherwise need a number of other gadgets to be able to fulfill.

  • Inbuilt Health Monitors: The smart watch has a number of health monitors built in like the Pedometer, the HR, and the Calorie Follower. The Pedometer is a feature that keeps a count of the number of steps that you make in a day so you can monitor how much you are walking. The HR is the Heart Rate monitor that assesses the way your heart is performing in terms of heartbeats per minute and pulse. This will give you a warning in case something is going wrong. The Calorie Follower is set to show you how many calories you are taking in per day. This helps you know what to cut out of your diet as well as what to include.
  • Smartphone Connectivity: Techwatch is compatible with both the Android and iOS systems, the most popular and widely used smartphone operating systems. This smartwatch is able to give you notifications for incoming calls, text messages, Whatsapp messages, as well as Facebook activities.
  • Bluetooth Dialer: This feature enables you to connect with your phone’s media and be able to control it from the smart watch. You do not need to fiddle with your phone every time you want to select media. You simply navigate using the smartwatch.
  • LCD HD Touchscreen: The smart watch is fitted with a 204×240 pixels High Definition screen that gives an ultimate quality display. It has a glass overlay for the back and front of the watch with one functioning as its screen and the other as the input point of the health monitors.
  • Reminders: The watch comes with a smart reminder that you can log in all the details of upcoming events and appointments. The watch reminds you of every event so you do not ever forget an important anniversary or be late for an appointment.
  • Alarm: This feature of the smartwatch cannot be overstated as you will need to be reminded when to sleep as well as be roused from your sleep.

techwatch review

How Does Techwatch work?

Techwatch is a gadget that has been made simple for the masses. It does not use any complicated interface but uses one that is intuitive and straightforward. It works by syncing with your body’s system as it has been created with body function sensors like a heart rate monitor and pulse monitor.

The watch is made capable of doing these things by an inbuilt system. This system syncs with your smartphone which helps it to stay up to date with current software updates through the internet. The watch also syncs with your smartphone to help you access its system from a larger space which gives more data. The smart watch gives you functionality that your smartphone does not give you in a much smaller package that fits on your wrist.

How to Use Techwatch

The smart watch has a very easy working system that will be a breeze if you can just follow the simple instructions. You will start the watch by long pressing its button. Once it is on you will then be required to connect it to your phone through the Bluetooth connection. You can be able to access the watch’s menu through the icons on its screen. You will then be able to go to the health tracker menu which gives you access to its attributes like calorie rate, heartbeat, and the number of steps taken.

You will also be able to reject calls by long-pressing the button or be able to read messages by doing the same action. When you wear it when running or walking it will be able to log in the steps you have made, distance covered, as well as give you an understanding of how your heart is working. When it comes to battery charging you can be able to connect the phone through a USB cable to a normal charger or even your laptop. You are advised not to charge it for more than an hour.

tech watch review


Techwatch is a gadget that should be your all-time friend. You should use it as often as you are comfortable so that it can be able to keep a good track of how your body is behaving. You will be able to keep a track of what you are eating, how your body is performing under different conditions, and how much you are exercising it. You are however advised not to bath while wearing it.

Is Safe to Use?

Techwatch has been made using highly resistant aluminum. Its wristband is made using high grade silicon. Apart from the Bluetooth signal that is connecting your watch to your phone, there is no radio signal in the watch. When you observe all these features you will realize your watch is safe to use. It is safer than most gadgets of this day as it has been made using safe materials and does not have any dangerous emissions. The watch is made to make you healthier, not sick at any point in time.

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Benefits of Techwatch

Techwatch has a durable I lithium-polymer battery installed that gives it the awake time of between 3 to 5 days after you charge it. This gives you the freedom to use it as long as you need to without worrying about whether it is going to die on you during a walk or at work. All it requires from you is to charge it for not more than an hour and you are set with it for 3 days or more.

The watch has been made with an intuitive display that is user-friendly allowing you to easily access all its functions. All this is accessible through a finely calibrated touchscreen giving you all-access at the touch of a fingertip.

Its high definition display unit gives you great image quality on that 240×240 display. You need all the quality you can get when observing information through the wrist-sized screen. This watch gives you just that kind of quality with its retina HD display.

This tech piece is made to be compatible with popular mobile phone operating systems like iOS and Android. This is necessary to sync your phone with the device so that they can work together. The syncing allows you to access all the data the watch is able to collect from your body.

The watch is a wrist-sized health analyzer just like having a personal nurse with you at all times measuring your vitals. This is possible through the inbuilt ECG or electrocardiograms which keep a track of your heart’s health.

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Purchase & Price

To safeguard yourself when purchasing Techwatch it is best advised to purchase it from the official website. Doing so also has the benefit of giving you access to crazy discounts that the company has. Like when you purchase one-time piece you will have access to a whopping 50% discount. When you purchase two watches you will get %60 discount while when you purchase 3 watches you will get a 69% discount off the price.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee that will keep you secure when doing a purchase. You can only get a refund when you show proof of purchase through a receipt obtained at the time you bought the watch. You will be required to email the company at [email protected] where you will be forwarded a return address that you can send the watch to.

You will also be required to give the item’s track number once you have sent it along its way. You should expect a refund to be reflected in your account 4-5 days after the company has received the item back. The company does offer refunds for items damaged during shipping as this is not their fault. Thankfully there are rare occasions for damage to occur during shipping. Should such occur then you will be required to file a complaint with the shipping company to get compensated for your damaged product.



Can I go swimming in my Techwatch?
While the watch is made waterproof it is not recommended that you immerse it in water for such long periods of time. So keep swimming in it.

How fast will I get my product when I buy it?
Shipping should take a maximum of 20 days when all factors are held constant.

Can I return the watch if it starts misbehaving or not doing what I expect it to do?
It is possible to return the watch if you feel it is not working right. This is within the first 30 days after you have purchased it. After that the money back guarantee is void.

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  • It is made long lasting through durable aluminum and silicon.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android systems.
  • It has a long lasting battery of up to 5 days.
  • It keeps track of your vitals.
  • It has a great reminder system.
  • It syncs with your phone’s media so you can control it using the watch.
  • It is waterproof.


Techwatch is not a watch you can bath in so you should take caution when bathing to remove it. It should also not be charged for more than one hour to maintain the battery’s life.

Customer Testimonials

techwatch reviews

I have a rather tight schedule at work as I try to juggle everything in life. I have been finding that I don’t even remember to walk anymore. I had gained some serious weight and it was scaring me. When I got this for a birthday present I realized how much help it was giving me after 2 weeks of using it. It has helped me balance my lifestyle by reminding me to work my body. And the plus is that it reminds me of everything I tend to forget without a proper reminder. This one is right on my wrist.” Brenda Wheaton.

“Training for the marathon is something I have always done. I was just never able to assess my performance well enough to make a good time. When I heard about smartwatches I really wanted to get one but I always struggled with the prohibitive cost. When I bumped into Techwatch I was pleasantly surprised although a little apprehensive. How could something so good be so affordable? I did my due diligence and found out it was actually a legit product. And I finally made it to the top 10 runners in my first marathon with it. I am looking forward to better performance now that I have a digital coach with me.” Ken Whistlethorn.

“Finding time to keep a track of how my body behaves is always something I needed to do. That’s because I have had an issue with high blood pressure for a very long time. I was supposed to be exercising a lot but you know how it is when you get out of bed. It’s a marathon until you get back to bed. When I started using Techwatch my life changed for the better. I have been able to keep a better hold of myself through tracking my heart’s performance. I walk more now and last weekend I even started taking mild jogs in the morning. I feel so alive and healthy thanks to this tech watch.” Rosemary Hawkman


Techwatch is a smart watch that has been made with everyone in mind. It comes in a stylish black or white silicon wrist and an aluminum-hard body. It rivals high flying smart watches with the exception that it is affordable. You can easily access this watch and get your life in order by starting to exercise regularly and watching your sleeping pattern. It also gives you the benefit of keeping a track of your heart’s health and maintaining your calendar of events. What better way to have a personal assistant than to have her on your wrist. Take advantage of regular discounts of up to %69 today.

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