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The Essential Keto Cookbook


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If you are going to diet, be prepared for the sacrifices that you will have to make. Depending on the diet that you are planning to follow, you will need to give up a lot of your favorite foods. Food is essential. You eat to live. And, if you start to live to eat, your body starts behaving accordingly. It gives you what you feed it. Various diseases set in, and you start putting on weight.

Everyone wants to eat healthily. With the increase in culinary expertise and restaurants in every street corner, you crave for delicious cuisines. On the other hand, there is the risk of heart diseases, disorders in the kidney, digestive tracts, and other complications in the body, which are on the rise. Health versus taste – it is a battle between the two extremities – the balance requires a healthy diet.

With an increase in marketing strategies in the food and drug industries, it is not easy to find genuinely good diet plans.

Here is a keto book to help you follow a healthy diet by feasting on a delightful, nutritious menu, and at the same time, energizing you with all the calories needed to stay active and fit. The Essential Keto Cookbook will assist you in your fitness journey in a progressive way.

The Essential Keto Cookbook

About The Essential Keto Cookbook

The Essential Keto Cookbook is a rich storehouse of recipes from the Mexican and Asian worlds. The recipes range from baked fluffy, fresh Keto loaves of bread, finger foods, snacks, keto delights to the mouth-watering desserts. The author and founder of the Essential Keto Cookbook, Louise Hendon is a gourmet chef, herself.

As health issues struck her family, she decided, together with her husband, to follow a Keto diet. For Louise, it was no cakewalk. Yet the series of health concerns made her follow the Keto diet that her husband, Jeremy, convinced her to adapt.

Following the diet resulted in good improvement. However, she was bored with the repetition of the meals. Surfing through the internet for a variety of recipes only added more disappointments. Most recipes for keto diet contained unhealthy ingredients also.

This prompted her to test and develop different keto recipes. It required months of hard work, researching each ingredient, and testing the combination of ingredients. But, she succeeded.

The Essential Keto Cookbook helps you to prep and cook your own keto-based food.

The Essential Keto Cookbook Amplified

The Essential Keto Cookbook has hundreds of keto recipes documented to help you save time searching for original and genuine keto diet foods. Each recipe in this book has been carefully prepared, tested for its richness in the keto diet, and verified to give lasting results.

The cookbook gives several methods to prepare aromatic, delicious foods that can be easily cooked.

Take a glance at the kinds of food you will get to prepare. These recipes will urge you to try them out.

The Keto diet finger foods include shrimp popcorn, chicken nuggets, crispy garlic chicken drumsticks, mini burgers.

Keto based crunchy, salty snacks contain kale chips, fried avocadoes with lemon, Italian crackers, a trail mix of keto superfoods.

The Keto recipes also include mouth-watering sweets like biscotti, peppermint patties, gummies from cucumber lime, chocolate chia pudding, chocolate pecans and truffles with coffee and coconut.

The book does not skip out on keto-based favorites from Asian and Mexican flavors of pork, shrimp, meatball, beef, chicken, guacamole burgers, spaghetti and so on.

This is just a glimpse of the cookbook. The recipes in this are varied and so delicious that you will sacrifice very little and enjoy everything. Your cravings for other foods will decrease with the recipes given in the Essential Keto Cookbook.

How Does Essential Keto Cookbook Work?

A ketogenic diet helps you to lose weight. A keto diet recommends eating foods rich in protein and fats and by reducing the intake of carbohydrates.

The Essential Keto Cookbook offers you delicious keto foods. You will never feel like you are on a diet. The journey will be light, happy and free from all food frustrations.

The Essential Keto Cookbook Review

How To Use The Essential Keto Cookbook

Follow the guidelines in the Essential Keto Cookbook for each recipe. It does not require high professional skills for you to cook the recipes given in this book. The directions are simple and easy to follow, even for a newbie in the kitchen. All the recipes in the book are delicious, unlike the so-called healthy and processed foods you get in the stores.

This book makes your diet journey so exciting that you will look forward to your mealtime.

The instruction in terms of quantity of the foods is given in detail in the cookbook. The amount of calorie intake concerning your body is also given. By carefully following the guidelines, you can have a healthy weight loss journey.

If you are looking for a diet that promotes healthy weight loss and energetic living, The Essential Keto Cookbook is just for you and for your family.

A keto diet disciplines your eating habits. Your craving for sugary and carbohydrate-rich foods will gradually calm down.


However, if you are on prolonged medication for diabetes, kidney disorders or any other serious disorders, kindly consult with your physician about following the ketogenic diet in the cookbook.

A Ketogenic diet is also not recommended for those suffering from serious kidney disorders, high diabetes, heart diseases and people on heavy medications.

Benefits of Essential Keto Cookbook

Here are the benefits of the Essential Keto Cookbook :

  • Your digestive problems are cured and you begin to experience healthy weight loss.
  • The Essential Keto Cookbook raises the standard of the keto diet food. Gone are the days of cooking boring diet food. Get ready to munch on delicious crunchy keto snacks, treats, and appetizing desserts.
  • You also get lunch and dinner recipes to share with those friends and family members who are not on a keto diet.
  • If you want to avoid sugary foods, wheat, grains, the Essential Keto Cookbook is set for you with extra advantages.
  • The Keto recipes in this cookbook are promising. They are quick and easy to prepare and tested to give visibly good results.
  • This diet helps reduce inflammatory ingredients in meals, overcome digestive issues and control blood sugar levels.
  • It saves you time on research checking to see if the ingredient is keto-friendly or not. For those who are allergic to lactose products, this cookbook is considerate of your body reactions as well.

Side Effects Of a Keto Diet

Following a keto diet is difficult and there are unavoidable side effects like headaches, fatigue, nausea etc. However, these are only in the initial few days and are symptoms of the keto flu, which occurs when the body goes through a low carb adjustment period.

Purchase & Price

The Essential Keto Cookbook is a modified version of its first edition. Over fifty thousand copies of the first edition have been sold.

This new edition is free, with only minimal shipping charges.

Click on the Buy button. With a small shipping charge, you will get the Essential Keto Cookbook free of charge.

This offer is limited. Don’t wait, or you might miss it.

It is time to celebrate the new version of The Essential Keto Cookbook.

There are no extra billing charges or any monthly subscriptions. Neither is there any printing and production charges.

You will receive your printed copy in less than ten business days.

The Essential Keto Cookbook Download

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy           

The Essential Keto Cookbook is covered with a 60-Day money-back guarantee.

You have the added support of the author via private email when you click the button to buy the Essential Keto Cookbook.

If the recipes don’t meet your expectations or if the results you get are dissatisfying, drop in an email for a refund. You will be refunded fully with no questions asked.

Your purchase is 100 percent risk-free with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Is the Keto Cookbook available as a digital copy?

This is a surprise in store for you. Once your order the Essential Keto Cookbook, you get the benefit of instant access to the digital copy as well.

Can an amateur cook keto recipes well?

The Keto recipes do not require professional cooking skills. It is simple and easy to prepare for anyone, anywhere. The ingredients are easily available in the nearby stores. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about your range of skills to prepare the keto diet recipe.

Does the Essential Keto Cookbook guarantee a healthy weight loss?

Of course, yes. The Keto Cookbook assures you of a healthy body and guarantees weight loss. You can look forward to living a healthy life.

Will there be side effects if I don’t follow the diet regularly?

If you don’t follow the diet religiously, the results will be very slow. Nevertheless, occasionally skipping the diet will not cause any harm.


  • The recipes in the Essential Keto Cookbook are free of gluten, paleo, and dairy.
  • The recipe has low inflammatory substances.
  • The recipes have zero grains, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, legumes, nuts or seed oils.
  • The keto diet recipes give you healing in your body as you lose weight eating yummy foods.


  • There are no cons.

Customer Testimonials

The Essential Keto Cookbook unveils detailed information on the keto diet and on who can follow this diet. The information has helped me reorganize my diet and live healthily. My whole family has benefitted from this Keto Cookbook. This diet has helped us regain healthy and active lives. ~Shawn Brenden

The Keto Cookbook has all my favorite ingredients included in it. When my wife asked me to go on a keto diet, I shunned her advice. She presented me with the Keto Cookbook and I read it. I am amazed to see the miracles that my favorite foods can do. I am on a ketogenic diet and I recommend this book to my friends too.~Mike Rivera

A beautifully written volume featuring colorful dishes makes this book very attractive. Each page has valued and right information on the ingredients and the recipes made out of them. The diet journey becomes enthusiastic as one takes the path with Louise. This diet is meticulously prepared and shows very good results. My experience with this diet is amazing. I can see progress in my health with the gradual loss of my body weight. ~Judy Carter

The brilliance in the Keto Cookbook is outstanding. Louise motivates the reader with her simple, easy to make recipes. Preparing each recipe was so much fun. Each recipe turned out to be delicious as I carefully followed the instructions in the guide. The food tasted so good and my food cravings are all gone. Surprisingly, my husband and kids enjoy it as well. ~Lisa Jones


This Essential Keto Cookbook has satisfied hundreds of its customers. Each recipe has all the relevant nutritional information regarding calories, fats, proteins, and net carbs. An essential and unique way of introducing the keto lifestyle, this cookbook is innovative in its design and features. It has unique keto recipes. This book unveils all the delicious keto foods that assure you of good health. You don’t have to compromise on your tastes for the sake of your health. With your health on track, you can enjoy life with all the appealing keto foods. The keto recipes in the book are not just healthily keto, they are delicious too. The variety of recipes ensures that you don’t cook the same old boring recipes day-after-day.

The Essential Keto Cookbook has done away with all kinds of fancy ingredients that increase the cost and the complexity of the recipe. The cost-effective ingredients are carefully chosen so that you can find them in your kitchen or your local store.

This book brings to you all the benefits of the keto diet. You will love eating the foods along with your family and not be in a dilemma choosing between regular foods and keto foods.

Start this wonderful keto diet journey to live a happy life with your family. Get the recipes from The Essential Keto Cookbook and start cooking delicious keto recipes.

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