Top Applications For Medication Tracking

When you stay healthy and get your medications at the right time, when the body needs them is essential. Unfortunately, most people will forget. It should be easy and automatic because it is not something to add to your mental checklist.

medical app

Fortunately, you can get a medical app to ease and simplify your adherence to the medical regimen. It helps to ensure you take the correct dose at the right time.

Many medication tracking apps have similar functionality. However, they differ in user interfaces. If you have a patient, consider suggesting to him or her two app options, and they can experience to choose one that perfectly works for them. Besides, you can also try one and check the one that will win. If you get your patient onboard using these simple to use app reminders, it helps to boost their medication adherence and keep them healthy and happy.

Here are top apps for medication tracking you can use.


If you have a problem with adhering to the med timetable because you forget quickly, you need to try the modern way. This is a mobile app and free web that will help you track and visualize your illness, treatments, and symptoms. The app runs on both android and iOS devices.

The app will collect data in a research-friendly manner to help real-world test therapies. One of the valuable features includes schedule reminders. You can receive a notification.

Flaredown app also includes charts that indicate how your symptoms are fluctuating.


This is a secure and easy to use the app for data collection in clinical trials. You can use this app to create powerful forms and visualize easily.

The app is portable in smartphones, and you can log in to the habits, symptoms, or event section. Your data will securely be stored in the cloud and will be easy for anyone to monitor remotely.

An outstanding thing about the Teamscope app is the data protection and security it provides the users. After closing the app, you need to access again using a 4-digital password. No other person can access the data if you lose your device.


If you need a medical app you can use to track habits, symptoms, physical activities, or any customer values, CareClinic is the best comprehensive self-care app.

An added advantage of this app is that it makes data entry straightforward and intuitive providing unparalleled health symptom reporting.

The patients will discover factors influencing their symptoms and check whether they are on their health plans.

The data can remotely be accessed by a family member or physician using the Care team feature. It, therefore, gives the patients a support circle and the possibility to get progress, symptoms, and medication report.


This is a symptom journal with a health diary app. It is well designed for easy use. You can use the app to track how you feel, symptoms, and habits. Besides, you can explore the data using interactive charts.

With this app, you can easily import health data like sleep, steps, and heart rate directly to the app. It, therefore, gives you a comprehensive health overview.

An added advantage is that it is a free platform with five symptoms, and your data will be exported to CSV at any moment you want.

Mango Health

This is another app useful in managing medications. All Mango Health users easily track their overall health information from this app. Besides, it also allows you to keep a healthy habit you aim to track. It is a great app because it provides you with remainders that help you remain at a consistent routine.

With the app, you can set some healthy goals such as taking medication on time, remembering to check blood pressure, and staying hydrated. So, if you want to take medication, you will receive an alert.

Bedsider Reminders

Bedsider Reminder is an excellent app for women because it reminds them of when to take their birth control pills. It is an app that has been customized for this purpose only.

If you take birth control pills daily or even want to keep your track record on when to change your patch, choose this app. Besides, the app also helps you schedule a doctor’s appointment or when you’re supposed to get the next shot.


MedMider is an essential medication app having an automated pillbox. The app has been designed for elderly patients that need careful tracking of when to take their pills.

The reminders of the app are visual life alerts and optional auditory. If the user does not take a dose, the caregiver will get a notification through text message or phone call. Moreover, it also comes with a locked pill dispenser and even other customizable options.

Medisafe Pill Reminder

Medisafe pill reminder is among the top medical app reminders highly recommended. This app has numerous benefits, such as the sleek design and user-friendly features.

Medisafe pill reminder app provides the users with personalized reminders all day, such as family scheduling tools, refill reminders when running low, missed medication alerts, and drug interaction warnings. If you do that, both you and the caregiver will receive notifications.


Not all patients will understand why it is essential to take their medication on time. With this app, it helps to turn the health of a patient into an adventure game because the patient can play before the doctors arrive.

The patient has to choose a character and use it to make choices affecting that character’s health. Therefore, in the end, they will get scores of different categories, such as emergency response, health strategy, and health education. It is an excellent app that can gamify your learning process. Besides, it also helps the patients stick to their treatment schedule.

Bottom Line

Patients and doctors have an array of solutions to keep track of symptoms over time. However, each answer depends on the use case, ease of use, and other vital features. Therefore, if you need an excellent medical app, choose your developer correctly.

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