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Most people do not even know about the most important set of muscles in the body. These are the hip flexors. These are the muscles that bring the hips and legs to move together. These muscles are in action when you are standing and moving your body, like riding a bicycle, running, climbing up the stairs, or even simply walking.

Do you know that you must give these hip flexors a workout regularly to keep them healthy? And if you don’t exercise, the very important hip flexors can lead to numerous health problems. Poor posture, difficulty while walking, joint pains, sleep problems, digestive issues, problems in blood circulation, high anxiety, weak immune system, and weak sexual performance are all symptoms associated with weak and rigid hip flexors.

Don’t feel helpless! Now, help is available for all of you. Leading health support company, Critical Bench.com, along with well-known injury specialist and qualified physiotherapist, Rick Kaselj, MS, has come up with a step-by-step and easy to follow the program, Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

About Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors has been created by a famous injury specialist, Rick Kaselj, who has been helping many successful sportsmen and athletes for years. He has shared many of his techniques with the world in different health magazines and television channels. He encourages workout programs, and not rest, to get over muscle injuries. This program is created sequentially. It contains 10 exercises to give your hip flexors much-needed flexibility, strength, and all-day energy.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors contains a manual and a DVD. The manual gives a step-by-step description of the 10 exercises. And the DVD is easy to follow instructional video. This program is unique as it even works on loosening your psoas muscles. These exercises will help you unlock the tension and rigidness in your hip flexors. The set of exercises can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. If followed properly, the difference will be visible in just 3 weeks.

What do You Get When You Buy Unlock Hip Flexors?

You get the following on the purchase of Unlock Hip Flexors:

  1. Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD Video

This DVD contains videos of 10 exercises with easy-to-follow instructions from Rick. He explains how to unlock the hip flexor muscles. Following these exercise videos, you can effectively loosen up your difficulty to reach psoas muscles.

The DVD contains the following two videos:

  • The first is an instructional video in which you will know why you are doing the exercises and how it will help you relax your hip flexors. It explains the way in which the exercises will help you and how you can get the best results.
  • The second video is the follow-along exercise video. It shows step-by-step the exercises to be done.
  1. Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual

This manual provides in-depth information about the psoas muscle. It illustrates the effects of shortening of these muscles on your health. It also gives a detailed list of the exercises to be performed with a description of each movement. All the exercises are illustrated with pictures of each and every movement.

  1. Bonus With Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Presently the company is offering two bonuses when you buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors. These are –

  • Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings

Priced at $29, you get the Unlock Your Tight Hamstring DVD and manual free as a bonus when you buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors. This helps you exercise and strengthen your hamstrings.

Your hamstrings are used for walking, running, and many other physical activities. These days, people have desk jobs or are driving, and long hours of sitting make the hamstring muscles rigid. Tight hamstrings cause back pain and poor posture. These set of exercises loosen up your hamstrings and gives you the much-needed flexibility.

  • The Seven Day Anti Inflammatory Diet

This contains the diet plan, meal recommendations, shopping list, and supplement list to help your body heal. Combined with the exercises of Unlock Your Hip Flexors, this diet plan helps you to heal your body naturally from the joint pains and inflammations.

unlock hip flexors video

Working with Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

This program, created by Rick, is a tool for reducing your pains and improving your strength, performance, and overall health. These easy to do exercises re-balance your pelvic region, stretch, and strengthen the muscle group in that region. The video presentations and pictorial illustrations provide the necessary confidence to do all the steps and moves correctly. The exercises include PNF stretching, dynamic stretching, three-dimensional core stability exercise, mobility exercise, fascia stretching, muscle activation movement, etc.

How to Use Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program contains a manual and video. It is recommended to read the manual first. It is a coaching manual that helps you begin your journey. You come to know about the set of hip flexor muscles, their uses, and how to rejuvenate them. It also provides a step by step guide of the 10 exercises with pictorial illustrations of all the steps.

Then you have to watch the video. The first part of the video gives you knowledge about the program and why you must follow it. The second part of the video shows how to complete the exercises efficiently. You have to follow the easy instructions and complete the set of exercises within 15 minutes. By following this program, you get an overall boost in your health.

Get Unlock Your Hip Flexors Only At $10

Is it Safe to use Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

This program has been created by a well-known injury specialist, Rick Kaseli, MD, who has helped many athletes and sportspersons with his technique. So it is safe to use the program.

Benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

  • Reduces joint pains
  • Increases flexibility of movement
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Supports better blood circulation in the body.
  • Improves libido or your sexual drive.
  • It improves metabolism and digestion.
  • You get a good sleep.
  • Improves your strength output.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Decreases extra fat accumulated in your belly.
  • Improves your immunity.

Purchase & Price

The manufacturers offer to Unlock Your Hip Flexors at a meager and reasonable price.

  • The original price of the eBook and video is $50. The manufacturers offer a $40 coupon to some lucky customers.
  • You can purchase the program for just $10 if you buy it soon. You get the instruction manual and the bonuses at this price.
  • There are two bonuses that the company is giving with your purchase. One, Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings program and the seven-day anti-inflammatory diet.
  • After your payment is completed, you have instant access to the eBook and video.

Rick Kaselj

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund 

The company offers a whopping 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with Unlock Your Hip Flexors, you can ask for a refund from the company.

You are required to return your DVD and book, so you lose access to the program. Your refund is processed by the company within one business day.



How fast can the results be seen?

If you diligently follow all the instructions and movements that are provided, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in the flexibility of your hip muscles in just 3 weeks.

How much time do you have to spend doing the exercises?

The exercises just take 15 minutes of your time. Be sure to do the exercises daily to see desirable results.

Are the exercises difficult to execute? 

No, the exercises are not tough to execute, and they become easier to do once you have gone through all the coaching videos.

Does the program need any particular equipment?

No, there is no requirement for particular equipment for the exercises. You can do these exercises anywhere at any time. You only need a small space to perform the exercises.

Are the transactions on the company’s website safe?

Yes, your payments are safe on the website of the company. It is protected by Norton Secured, McAfee Secure, among other antivirus agencies.

Get Unlock Your Hip Flexors Only At $10


  • It makes your hip joint flexible and free for movement.
  • It decreases all types of joint pains.
  • It improves the circulation of blood to all the organs of your body.
  • It increases your energy level so you are always ready to face the challenges of life.
  • It improves digestion and metabolism.
  • Improves libido. You can enjoy your romantic encounters.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety. You are always in a positive state of mind.
  • Assures a good night’s sleep. You wake up full of energy.
  • Increases your strength and improves the performance level.
  • Reduces belly fat, you get a flatter belly within days.
  • It improves your immune system.


  • Only available online on the manufacturer’s website.
  • It is not effective for lazy people, as the exercises must be done regularly.

Customer Testimonials

As a fitness trainer, I often see my clients suffering from joint pain, discomfort while walking or hips locking up. This is mainly due to the fact that we spend most of our day sitting. I explain to them that due to the sitting posture, our hips are stuck in a forward thrust position, which is responsible for pulling lower back and decreased blood flow in the hips. This is the main reason for joint pain in the hips, lower back and legs. I suggest they try out the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. It is a step-by-step guide showing how to gain strength and vitality using 10 exercises like static and dynamic stretching, mobility exercises, etc. Needless to say, after following the program, my clients come back to thank me for the guidance. Kevin Caine, 31, Los Angeles, California.

After my baby was born, I was suffering from tremendous back and hip pain. I was also suffering from anxiety and sleeplessness. I was not in a position to take pain killers as I was feeding my baby. My friend recommended to Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. All I require for this program is around 15 to 20 minutes daily. In a weeks’ time, I could feel my joint pain-reducing. With my pain-reducing, I could sleep comfortably. What’s more, I did not have to pay the fees of any doctor or physiotherapist for this or undergo any diagnostic procedures. Grace Smith, 38, Kansas City, Missouri.

I have always been conscious of my health. Recently, I realized that I was not able to work out as before, in the gym. I felt sluggish and also lacked sexual performance. I was worried and discussed this with my wife. She suggested that I try out the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. After a few days of using the program, I could feel the difference. I had increased energy and could train harder in the gym. It also addressed the issues in circulation leading to better sexual health. Thomas Jeffords, 42, Manhattan, New York.

I have a 9 to 6 desk job for which I spend more than 9 hours a day sitting. I realized that my belly is bulging out day-by-day. I was experiencing tightness and weakness in my psoas muscles. I was looking for a solution when I came across the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program in a reputed blog. The program defines specific movements that helped unlock and loosen my hips. When my psoas worked properly, it helped my abdomen to pull back and tuck my belly in, giving me a flat abdomen. James Craig, 51, Atlantic City, New Jersey.


This program is for those who want to be more positive in life and lead a healthier, happier, and pain-free life. You only have to follow the easy instructions given in the eBook, follow the videos, and you will successfully be able to unlock your tightened hip muscles. You will be able to notice visible changes in your body within just three weeks.

Following all the steps that are given in Unlock Your Hip Flexors will take just 10 to 15 minutes of your time daily, and you will have more flexible muscles than before. You will benefit from the program even if you have a sedentary lifestyle or a desk job. The manufacturers of the program offer it at a discounted rate. They also offer bonus products. So buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors today and get your hip muscles more flexible!

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