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Sex is a beautiful thing. But that can be taken to be an understatement if you know what sex truly is. One condom advert has the tagline; great sex moves you. Sex is the one activity that a couple will engage in that connects more than their bodies. It goes to another level altogether; the level of the soul. Great sex connects the two of you and gets you bound together. It is the glue to many couples.

Sex is the one activity that will draw you closer than the intellectual or emotional. It will get you daydreaming about her, but more so get her talking to you all day. She cannot wait to be with you at the end of the day. But what happens when it has been such a long time for you? The mere thought of getting intimate with her gets you euphoric. You start to shake with anticipation as your body prepares for the ultimate high. And if you’re not careful before you even go a mile your tank is empty.

Premature ejaculation can be a beast. It can be very embarrassing if you have been preparing to surprise her and end up disappointing yourself. You may give yourself an unpleasant surprise during the moment when you lose control. And since it can make for the worst memory ever, it is vital to have a failsafe plan.

But is there a pill or substance that can prevent you from making a sour memory of how short-lived you were? You’re in for luck. VigRX Delay Wipes is a product that has come to take the shame off your sexual performance. Get to learn what it can do for you and your woman in the bedroom.

VigRx Delay Wipes review

About VigRX Delay Wipes

Premature ejaculation is a condition that affects more men than you would imagine. Doctors estimate that between 20 to 30 % of men face premature ejaculation (PE) at one point or another in their lives. So if you have found yourself compromised in the first quarter of the game when your woman has not yet started getting excited, then this is a product that was with you in mind.

VigRX Delay Wipes are wipes that are designed to desensitize your penis so that you can work it longer without losing control. The penis gets excited and engorged with blood so that you erect. When this happens, the nerves located on many areas of the penis become sensitized. This sensitization can translate to you ejaculating by the simple touch of the woman of your dreams. Understandably, you will lose it real quickly given the right sexual environment.

These wipes are created to help you lose just a little bit of sensitivity so that you do not ejaculate the moment you are in an interesting position. They are formulated with safe ingredients that will numb you just a little to enable you to concentrate on pleasuring your woman and getting her to her climax before you do.


VigRX Delay Wipes is a product that uses an all-natural approach to numb the nerves on your penis. These wipes are made using two natural anesthetics. These anesthetics are got from ingredients that have been in use for a long time on the earth. They have been used by ancient civilizations to boost their performance in bed. That means that these ingredients are time tested to deliver to you just what you need to last the ride. They are also gentle on your little man, allowing you to enjoy the ride all the way.

  • Zanthoxylum Oil: This oil is derived from the Zanthoxylum armatum tree and is used as an essential oil in its pure form. It has many benefits which include giving restful sleep, easing digestion problems, easing stomach cramps, acts as an antibacterial oil, and easing chest blockage. Its property of preventing unwanted muscle spasms is what makes this oil necessary to these wipes. It can settle your nerves to help you do the needful without losing control of your muscles.
  • Peony Extract: Used by the Greeks in eons passed this flower extract was known as “the queen of the flowers”. It has been used across time to treat a myriad of conditions like gout, arthritis, menstrual flow, and as well other various situations. It is known to be an excellent oil for soothing nerves and hence its use in the formula used here.

You can rest assured that these extracts are safe herbal extracts that have proven themselves over time to heal several conditions faced by men.

VigRx Delay Wipes

How Does VigRX Delay Wipes Work?

VigRX Delay Wipes works by easing the sensations on the nerves of your penis. It is formulated to be gentle on you as it comes from safe plants that have proven themselves over a long time. They have been used to treat several conditions and work well for easing nerve pain and sensitivity.

Reducing the sensitivity of your penis means that you will be able to enjoy sex for longer. You will be able to be in better control of your ejaculations. You will also be able to get your woman to several climaxes if you so wish to. This sense of control enables you to prevent PE from harassing your love life again.

How to Use VigRX Delay Wipes

These wipes are pretty easy to use. They come in a simple wipes package that allows you to insert them in as small a space as your wallet. Just like other wipes you should keep them in their original packaging until the time when you want to use them.

All you need to do is wipe down your little man 30 minutes before you initiate the game. From then on, you will be ready to take her for the ride of her lifetime. The numbing takes place within those 30 minutes. Just ensure that you have enough energy stored up and that water is close by before you begin. It may be a while before you stop.


The wipe is made in such a way that you only need to wipe yourself with one so that it can last you a whole steamy session. You will need to use one wipe 30 minutes before intercourse. You can then enjoy your intimate time with your partner to exhaustion. You repeat the process the next time you want to get it on.

VigRx Delay Wipes wallet

Is VigRX Delay Wipes Safe to Use?

VigRX Delay Wipes is a numbing tissue that has been created by the popular brand VigRX to numb your penile nerves. It is a product that has been formulated by all-natural ingredients. These ingredients have been used over thousands of years by civilizations passed to treat various maladies and conditions that plague humans.

This past use is one of the reasons that these two ingredients are safe to use. These wipes were created because of the need to have safe numbing wipes that help you retain control without hurting the woman. Previous numbing wipes use harsh chemicals that are also absorbed by the woman through her vaginal wall also to numb her. These wipes make it next to impossible for her to achieve orgasms. Since getting her there is the one reason that you are using these wipes, it beats logic to use the wipes.

Using the all-natural formula that makes the VigRX wipes, you can use them without getting affected negatively or affecting your partner as well. You can rest assured that these wipes are safe to use in every situation. Just use them as they have been indicated; that is 30 minutes before you want to have sex.

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Benefits of VigRX Delay Wipes

Several benefits come with using these all-natural wipes. You are ensured a great ride to a climax that will always be memorable. Here are the benefits you will reap:

  • Safety: You have the advantage of using wipes that are formulated using all-natural ingredients. That means your safety and that of your loved one is insured. The wipes only numb your nerves enough for you not to lose your control. They will, however, not take away all your feelings. You are also assured that your partner will not be numbed. She will have all her sensations intact enough to get to her climax as much as you take her there.
  • Gentle: These wipes act gently on your penis. They do not leave you feeling frozen and unfeeling like other wipes do. You will still have your feelings intact so that you can enjoy the experience even as you take your partner to her climax.
  • Discreet: These wipes are compact, letting you carry them comfortably in your pocket. They are not bulky like bottles or pills that you have to ensure you have a backpack to hide them in. You will be able to use the wipe and dispose of the packaging discreetly.
  • Confidence Boost: You will be able to master your woman the moment you use these wipes. That will immediately give you a confidence boost as a man. You will be able to achieve much more in your day to day endeavors knowing that you have the power in the bedroom.

Purchase & Price

The company offers you four different packages that you can choose from. These packages give you the benefit of saving a precious penny on the discounts you unlock the more you buy.

  • Everyday Value

The everyday value pack is one single packet. This packet contains ten sheets and is said to be the one month supply pack. You can get this pack for $29, which is $10 short of the retail price. You will need to pay for shipping with this particular pack.

  • Good Value

The good value pack covers you for two months as it has two packets. It can be purchased for $48 giving you a good discount of $30. You will also have to pay for shipping for this particular package.

  • Most Popular

The most popular package has three packs and will take you through three months of use. It can be purchased for a very low price of $57 which saves you a whole $60 in the process. This package finally unlocks the free shipping to any corner of the globe.

  • Best Value

The best value pack gives you your six months supply with its six packs. You can get this package with just $106 getting to save a cool $128. You will get free shipping with this deal too. To top it all off, you will have access to bonus gifts worth a whopping $110.

vigrx delay wipes

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

VigRX is so confident of the product that it offers a 67 money-back policy that you can utilize if at all you feel you are not satisfied. You have 60 days to try out the product to its maximum potential. The company sees two months as adequate time to try out their product. Not only so, but it also knows that its product works well.

Note that you will need to return the empty box within 67 days as they will not refund any product returned after this time has elapsed. If you had bought several boxes, you could still return the unopened boxes, and you will get a full refund. This refund will be minus the shipping and handling charges.


How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

You will be able to see results minutes after you use the wipes. You are only supposed to use a wipe 30 minutes before you have sex and you will be good to go.

Are the Wipes Dangerous for Me?

These particular wipes use a safe and natural formula that does not harm you. It has been made from herbs that have been used over many years to calm nerves.

Do I Have a Money-back Guarantee I Can Count on If They Don’t Work for Me?

Yes, you can lean on the company’s 67-day money-back guarantee that assures you to get 100% of the money you will have spent minus shipping and handling. This refund will include the money you have spent on all packages that you have not opened up yet.

Can I Exchange This Product with Another VigRX Product If I Don’t Like It?

It is not likely that you can exchange products. But if you want to do so, then you will have to communicate with customer support and see the possibility of that happening.

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  • It is compact.
  • It is discreet.
  • It is fast-acting.
  • It is safe to use for both partners.
  • It has a 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • It boosts confidence.


Customer Testimonials

“I have struggled with PE a few too many times to know that is my weakness. I really wanted to make an impact with this one girl I was seeing and started to scout around to see the options I had. I read how some of those wipes can numb her in the process of numbing you. I was a little scared of trying out anything that would hurt me. But I ended up taking this one for a road test because of its all-natural formula. It did not disappoint me. I’m hooked for life.” Rogen.

“I have always wanted to give my woman time to remember in the bedroom. Sadly, it has never been the case, though. I have always felt so selfish and useless. And I didn’t know what to do. That is until I came across VigRX Delay Wipes. I had read about the success of some of the VigRX products, and I hadn’t known they catered to people like me who were a little too excitable. And I was not disappointed when I tried it. I’m now confident in my capabilities.” Buck.

“It took a while to admit I was not all that of a man in bed. I am pretty impressive at 7 feet. I, however, have always struggled with controlling my ejaculations. I had to stop and evaluate myself in the month relationship. I decided to take something that would help me last longer. I had a few misses, but after some good research, I ended up with VigRX Delay Wipes. They do the trick for me and keep me steady till she has got there as much as she wants.” Silvester.


If you are looking to enhance your sexual time with your partner, you should engage the use of VigRX Delay Wipes. These wipes are made to restore your confidence in the bedroom by giving you control over your manhood. You will be able to be all the man you were made to be and give your woman all the attention she needs. These wipes give you the respect you deserve from your woman as she knows that you can fully satisfy her. Grab your pack today.

vigrx delay wipes

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