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The five basic senses are fundamental to good living. But there are people in the world who have to make do without one or more of these senses. Some of them are born this way, while for others, it develops over time. The sense of hearing is a really important part of your makeup. It helps you appreciate the wholesomeness of life.

Hearing a loved one’s voice in order to communicate, listening to music, poetry, birds chirping, and even the sound of a flowing stream are just a handful of things you need your hearing for. This sense of hearing gives life such pleasure that when it is taken away, life becomes depressing. According to a World Health Organization report, 466 million people worldwide have loss of hearing. It is estimated that this number will reach 900 million people by 2050.

Your life changes the moment your doctor tells you that you are losing your hearing. Those words can crush you down and leave you wasting away the rest of your life if you do not have a good support system. But it does not have to end this way for you. There is hope for your hearing in Volumil.

Volumil Review

What is Volumil?

Volumil is a formula created to treat your hearing loss in a few days of taking it. The formula is created following an Amish tradition that flushes out the toxin responsible for making you go deaf. A study done by the UCL Ear Institute located in the United Kingdom discovered that the ear does not go deaf by itself but suffers when a certain toxin poisons the brain.

This formula uses natural and safe ingredients to flush out toxins from your brain while adding greater benefits to your life. Ridding your brain of this toxin is known to reduce the danger of developing brain disorders, as well as, eliminate tinnitus.

The product was developed by a man called John Miller, who is an industrial worker. John had hearing loss and had tried the available treatment methods to no avail. He only lost some good money in the process, but finally uncovered the secret that would help him recover his hearing.


Volumil has 29 ingredients that are combined in precise quantities to serve the purpose of restoring your hearing and brain function. Speedy regeneration of cells is undertaken through Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and through Zinc and Calcium minerals. Rhodiola Rosea is one of the key ingredients used to fight against the plaque on your nerves and brain parts. It aids the brain to regain its proper healthy function as well as preserves your memories.

The Magic Behind Volumil

The central auditory system is responsible for the clear hearing your ears have through the ears. It is connected to your ears through a delicate nervous system that transmits sound signals between the ears and the brain. Toxin buildup through life causes accumulation of plaque. This plaque covers the auditory nerves in the form of a protein called amyloid-beta (ABP).

The worst thing is it covers the auditory nerves and all other nerves, causing complications in your brain. This plaque also covers the hair cells in your ears and suffocates them to death. It also prevents the regeneration of any hair cells that could transmit sound from the ears to the brain. Once this happens, hearing aids stop working and hearing loss occurs.

This herbal formula works in a three-step process. The product has 29 ingredients specifically chosen to enable your brain to regenerate itself. The first step is taking the supplement, which when you begin to take this power-packed formula, these nutrients get readily absorbed by your brain and begin the process of regeneration.

The second step to your recovery process is when the nutrients begin to work. These nutrients are a combination of vitamins and minerals to hasten the healing process. There are also specific ingredients included that simply fight to dissolve the toxin and eradicate it from the system. These same nutrients sharpen your memory while giving you greater focus.

Finally, after taking this supplement for some time, you can experience the rejuvenating power when your hearing is completely restored in the final third step. You will enjoy your life in full as your hearing gets back to what it used to be. You will enjoy the clarity of thought, and your memories will remain intact.

Volumil Supplement

Using Volumil

The recommended dosage to take to assure you of complete eradication of toxins and restoration of your hearing is 3 bottles for 3 months. It is further recommended that you take this natural supplement for another 3 months just to ensure your body is fully stable. Taking this supplement for 6 months works best in the long run.


The manufacturer advises you to take 1 pill a day to get the best results. A bottle can take you for one month, meaning one pill a day takes the toxins away. Do not exceed the recommended dosage as it can be detrimental to your health. Always follow what is advised to avoid getting side effects.

Safety Standards of Volumil

The ingredients comprising Volumil come from natural sources. This follows Amish tradition that ensures they only use ingredients they can produce. These ingredients are sourced from farms that grow their crops organically and do not use any harmful chemicals. You can be sure that the product you get is safe for your body and will not negatively affect you.

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Volumil Benefits

  • Restored hearing is the greatest evident benefit of this supplement. You can get back to a fulfilled life when your hearing is restored. You can engage in sporting activities, share in discourses, work properly, and enjoy the interrelationship in the family setup.
  • Your system gets cleansed of dangerous toxins that have destroyed it over time. This action has the benefit of restoring your system to proper function.
  • You get to enjoy greater mental function and focus as the plaque is pushed out of your system, rebuilding itself.
  • This supplement guards you against age-related brain degenerative disorders. It guards your memories so you do not lose any of your stored precious times.

Volumil Cost

There are three pricing packages available from the company. All of these packages are at a discounted price, but the more bottles you buy, the greater a discount you can secure. The first pack is one bottle at $69. The three-bottle pack is the best value pack and is priced at $59 a bottle, bringing its total to $177. The third package is the popular pack consisting of six bottles. It brings the price down to $49 per bottle and totaling $294. Shipping is free for all 3 packages within the US. The international shipping cost is at $15.95.

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Refund Policy

The company has a 60-day money-back guarantee in check to protect your purchase. You can email if you are dissatisfied with the results you get within 60 days of using this program. The company allows you to keep the program and will issue you a full refund all the same. This token is geared to help you have faith in the product.


How long will I use this supplement before I get results?

Results vary based on a case by case basis, but you can enjoy results a few weeks after starting this formula. It is recommended you take it for three months for enduring results.

Is this product made only for 40-year-olds and above?

This product serves anyone who is 18 years and above. You are simply advised to consult with your doctor before you commence taking it if you suffer from underlying medical conditions.

How long will a bottle last?

A bottle will last you a month. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.


  • It is a fast-acting formula.
  • It helps the body get back to regenerating itself.
  • It restores your hearing.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It has discounts available.


  • Free shipping is only available within the US and for its largest pack for a limited time.

Customer Testimonials

“My hearing was degenerating at a scary rate. The hearing aids were not helping anymore and the drugs I took only went through my system without any benefit to me. I was so scared I wouldn’t enjoy the sound of my children coming home any more. When my son came home one day and suggested I try this supplement he had read about I smiled thinking it was not much good. But I decided to try it as he was really trying to make things better for me.

Nothing much changed in the first two weeks, but, in the third week, I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping outside. I sat up, at first scared of what was going on. Then I realized I actually heard sounds without my aid. I nearly went crazy with joy, but I took some time just to ascertain it was real and here to stay. I have had such a good time reinstating my relationships. I am so happy.” Chloe Gomez.

“Working in the factories for more than 40 years made me think it was okay to lose my hearing at 60. My children had a different feeling about it altogether and banded together to find me Volumil. I didn’t think anything much of it but dutifully took it with my other supplements. I am glad my children didn’t give up on me. I am still playing with my grandchildren like a 40 year old man.” Chris Matt.

“It took me the combined ringing in my ears and hearing loss for me to finally go to the doctor. Sadly, I never got any help apart from some expensive hearing aids and advice to undergo surgery. Having gone through surgery before which never helped I didn’t jump at that expensive prospect. As I pondered what I would do next I stumbled upon this supplement and thought I didn’t have much to lose. It was a risk I will forever be glad I took. The tinnitus is all gone and my hearing is improving with each passing day.” Caroline Mbutu.


Hearing loss does not have to be a death sentence. There is still hope for life when you begin losing your hearing. Volumil is here to give you back a second shot at life. It will restore your health and brain function. Try it today for a healthier tomorrow.

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