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When we talk about wearable technology, then smartwatches are also counted as one of the most innovative wearable technologies. These watches come with a lot of features and functionalities. The main features of the watches are fitness tracking, compatibility with smartphones. These smartwatches are also considered as a style statement.

Some people think that a smartwatch is just a waste of money. However, such people do not know how useful these watches are. There are many smartwatch buyers, who are really happy with their purchase. They can give you plenty of reasons to buy a smartwatch.

However, before you go ahead and invest in a smartwatch, then just read the post first and then decide.


About XWatch Smartwatch

The XWatch is like a wearable computer that can be easily worn on the wrist. It provides a local touch screen enabled interface that can be used in everyday life. A standard smartwatch is capable of doing many of the same things that your phone can.

Features of Smart Watches

Here are some of the standard features of smartwatches:-

More Than A Time Telling Device

Many people just wear the watch as it can tell them the exact time, and it is fashionable as well. Any good-looking watch looks great on the wrist.

However, an increasing number of people are using a smartwatch as it can tell more than the time. The reason why regular watches are fast being replaced by smartwatches is because of the entry of smartphones. These watches can be paired with your smartphone and be used as a phone that is worn.

They not only have the ability to made a call but can also be used as calculator, watch, calendar and other commonly used gadgets. As a result, the sale of normal watches is decreasing every day.

Now, this small gadget is known as a smartwatch that can work like a smartphone and let you be handsfree. A smartwatch can offer all these features that your smartphone can. It can also be used to receive or make calls.

Travel Companion

Your travel buddy smartwatch is loaded with plenty of features. You can access location-access maps as well, just like your smartphones. For frequent travelers, it can be a real benefit. They now do not have to take out their smartphones from their pockets every time they need to use the maps. The locations can be accessed just through your smartwatch. Your wearable guide can inform you where to go without even using your smartphone.

Find Phone like Beneficial Feature – Losing a phone or key is quite usual. You can lose or misplace your phone anytime. Most people do it and it is a frustrating experience for many. The smartwatch can help you in such situations as well. Some smartwatches are equipped with the “Find Phone” feature.

Any device or phone linked with your smartwatch can be found if lost. You can ring the phone from anywhere and find it. It can locate the phone in just a few seconds.

No Need to Buy Fitness Tracker

A smartwatch also comes with in-built fitness tracking apps and features. These features can help you in attaining your fitness goals. For example, they can replace pedometers and fitness trackers.

Fitness lovers can use the watch to count their calorie in-take. Apart from this, a smartwatch can also be used to measure heart rate, pulse rate, total steps, and distance. So you may measure many other required metrics as well with the watch. A good smartwatch can offer you all the features of a fitness tracker.

A smartwatch can offer a number of features to the users. The watches can also be considered as a good fitness tracking alternates. These days, with the advancement of technology Smartwatches, cost much less than what they used to.

The smartwatch is also waterproof and so swimmers can also wear them and use it while in water.

Social Media Notification

Today everyone uses social media. Facebook Twitter, SnapChat, WhatsApp and other social media notifications are now on your wrist. Some people may like to be alerted when there are notifications on their social media accounts, while others may not opt for such notifications. You can either receive such notifications or can turn them off as well by going into the settings.

Through social media applications on your watch, you can interact with your friends and followers anytime. The watches can be connected to many apps. Remain connection through the Bluetooth signal of your mobile. Configure the watch using the SIM card and data plan.

xWatch reviews

Features of the XWatch

The XWatch comes with all of the beneficial features of a smartwatch and more. As listed above by having the XWwatch you can not only make calls but also perform various other activities. Some of the features of XWatch are:

  • Quick access to all notifications
  • Do not miss the calls anymore
  • Personalized health tracking capability
  • Send messages and make calls
  • Listen to the music
  • Easy navigation
  • Can work as calendar, calculator and watch
  • Phonebook
  • Notifications
  • Pedometer
  • ECG
  • Heart rate
  • Call Logs
  • Bluetooth call
  • Bluetooth music
  • Find phone
  • Calculator
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Sleep monitor
  • Numerous languages

In short, it can be said that you have your mini phone on your wrist. You actually do not need your phone or laptop to watch videos or to access information. This small handheld device, known as the XWatch, can perform a number of such tasks to make things smoother and easier for you.

Technical Specifications of XWatch

  • Brand –  AiWatch
  • Size – 4 x 3.8 x 1.07cm
  • Screen Display 240 x 240 Touch Screen,1.5HD IPS
  • Weight – 50g
  • Strap – TPU
  • Bluetooth- 0 Version
  • Casing – Aluminum Alloy Case, Hardened glass dual-sided
  • Color – Silver or Black
  • Battery – 380 MAh
  • Battery Life – Multi Days
  • Charging – USB Charger
  • Water-resistant – 5ATM or IP67
  • Customized faces on the screen
  • Remote Camera that can take selfies within 10m range
  • Pedometer

Xwatch review

How to Use XWatch?

The XWatch is a wearable device. It has a touchscreen interface that can be used easily to interact with the watch. The associated apps can be used to use various features of the watch. The watch can be used by anyone who knows how to use smartphone. Smartwatches come with in-built OS and you do not have to run any set-up. The pre-configured watch can even be operated by children.

Apart from using the XWatch as a phone, you can also use it for navigation. The watch can work as a calculator to conduct complex calculations. To know the features and working of the XWAtch, you get a user manual.

Is The XWatch Good Value For Money?

The XWatch comes with a number of advantageous features. Gadget lovers like the XWatch for its trendiness too. One of the best advantage of the XWatch is that you can wear it even when you are driving or doing any other task. As it is a wearable device, so the chances of losing the XWatch also reduces to a great extent. Many of the additional and useful applications, that come with XWatch makes the purchase worth the expense. You can make a call, while on-the-go and check messages.

Can XWatch Replace Smartphone?

The XWatch is equipped with all the features that smartphones have. If you cannot carry your smartphone always with you, then the watch can be a better alternative. XWatch can be used to make or receive calls.

If you want to connect your smartphone with XWatch, then you can do this through Bluetooth. By doing so, the calls and other notifications can be displayed on XWatch screen. Not only this, if you are a music lover and want to listen to your favorite music, then the XWatch can be also used for this purpose.

In short, we can say that by pairing your smartphone with your XWatch, you can enjoy the features of both the devices.

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Advantages or Benefits of XWatch

A number of beneficial features are offered by the XWatch. They are given below: –

  • Facility of making and receiving the calls
  • Access of regular and featured apps
  • Never miss your important messages
  • Listen to your favorite music while on-the-go
  • App and feature customization
  • Can be used as navigator
  • Can be worn on wrist
  • Get connected for a long duration
  • Can continue your activities even without disconnecting the calls
  • Small in size
  • Easy to operate
  • User friendly interface

Similar to these, there are many other benefits of the XWatch. It can be used just like your smartphone. Apps like “Find phone” can help you to locate your phone when you misplace it. Apart from this, you will never miss another appointment. You can schedule it in the smartwatch. Appointment scheduling, calendar access, timer, step counting, heart rate check, measuring pulse rate and many other important activities can be conducted from anywhere through the XWatch.

Disadvantages of XWatch

As such there cannot be said any major disadvantage of XWatch. There are some problems that are listed below:

  • Low battery life
  • Less storage capacity
  • Smaller screen as compared to smart phones
  • Will have to be worn always on the wrist
  • Need Bluetooth connectivity to connect the XWatch with phone

Purchase & Price of XWatch

The XWatch is available on the official website at unbeatable prices as given below: –

  • 1 XWatch is priced at $99
  • 2 XWatch will cost $80 per watch and you get a third XWatch free
  • 3 XWatch will cost $59 per watch and you get 2 more watches free
  • 4XWatch will cost $62 per watch

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What is to Like About The XWatch


The XWatch is a good buy in this range. It is economical despite the fact that there is no compromise on the quality. The smart watch has a luxurious feel because of the smooth curves. The dual side hardened glass casing looks impressive. The strap has a comfortable feel because of the silicon used.


The pedometer is a very useful feature to have when you are trying to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Set health goals and record the achievement with the pedometer. Make this your personal coach.

Phone Power

With the kind of busy life that everyone has, it is not possible to switch off your phone when you are working out. Although attending calls at this time is annoying, you cannot ignore them. The XWatch helps you stay connected when you are working out. You needn’t pause your workout and can attend calls at the same time.

It has an inbuilt speaker along with a microphone that simplifies answering calls.

Vibrant Display

A smart watch is no good if the display quality is bad. The XWatch has LCD display wit bright and clear colors, that makes it easy for reading messages on the move.


How can I buy the XWatch?
You can buy the watch online through official site.

Is there any discount on the price?
The manufacturer of the XWatch is currently offering the smartwatch at a 50% discount and bonus gifts if you purchase more than one XWatch.

Can I use the XWatch with my phone?
Yes, you can use both the devices together.

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Customer Testimonials

Thomas ~ I purchased the XWatch 2 months ago. I am quite satisfied with its functioning. I use it every day and it has become my constant companion. This is the first time that I invested in a smartwatch, and am satisfied with my decision. I don’t have to carry my phone with me always and the XWatch helps me in organizing my day, receive and make calls, and I am even up to date with all the notifications that I receive all day. Happy buying!

Stephen ~ I bought the XWatch for my son. He travels a lot and misses calls a lot of times because he doesn’t keep his phone handy. Since he started using the XWatch, he is almost always reachable and responds to calls and messages immediately. I can now call him at any time. This is indeed a good buy!


It can be said that XWatch is the smart watch that is a good buy. The cost of the watch is also quite reasonable when you compare the price to other branded smart watches. To buy the XWatch, visit the official website and fill up the form given. Payments can be made either by credit or debit cards and the XWatch will be shipped to you.

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