CVS Health Joins Forces with MassChallenge and Rock Health

CVS Health Joins Forces with MassChallenge and Rock HealthAccording to details shared Monday with mHealthWatch, CVS Health is partnering with top startup accelerator MassChallenge and digital health venture fund Rock Health.

The objective of the partnership, we’re told, is to drive faster innovation and expand areas of focus for connected health solutions.

On the heels of the opening of its Digital Innovation Lab in June, these new collaborative relationships further demonstrate CVS Health’s commitment to driving rapid and impactful innovation in digital health solutions.

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Leading Social Network for Doctors Welcomes Mexican and Spanish Physicians

Leading Social Network for Doctors Welcomes Mexican and Spanish PhysiciansSERMO, a leading social network for doctors (with nearly 470,000 members in seven countries), has just announced its latest international expansion.

The move in question, we’re told, opens the platform’s doors to 260,000 Mexican and 232,000 Spanish doctors.

SERMO is the largest global social network exclusively for physicians available now in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US.

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Op-Ed: A Perfect Pair: The Right Health IT, for the Right Job

Op Ed A Perfect Pair The Right Health IT, for the Right JobThe following is a guest contributed post from Jonathon Dreyer, director of cloud and mobile solutions marketing at Nuance.

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for many years, and the ways consumer trends shape health IT design have always interested me.  Working for a company that represents both industries is an exciting place to be, but has also underlined the fact that there are fundamental differences between the two types of technologies. And, when it comes to clinical speech recognition, accuracy and personal health information security are extremely important.

Health IT goes to medical school, too

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mHealth News: Here’s What Happened This Week

mHealth News Here’s What Happened This WeekHere are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

AcuteCare Telemedicine Tapped for Promising New Telestroke Program
AcuteCare Telemedicine Tapped for Promising New Telestroke ProgramGeorgia-based Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital is improving treatment for stroke patients with the launch of a new Telestroke program.

Dragon Medical Advisor: New Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation for ICD-10 Unveiled
This week, Nuance Communications formally launched Dragon Medical Advisor, which the company describes as being a next generation Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solution that automatically provides real-time quality feedback to physicians while they are documenting patient encounters.
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Op-Ed: Innovating Interoperability in Healthcare

Op-Ed  Innovating Interoperability in HealthcareThe following is a guest contributed post from AirStrip authored by Mony Weschler, Senior Director Applications Strategy & Innovation of Montefiore Information Technology.

Innovation in healthcare is critical; it helps enhance quality patient care and improves workflow drastically. However, to encourage the innovation we need in healthcare, a cultural change across the industry is required. Collaborations across the healthcare industry need to occur to improve current processes, and to ensure the patient is the priority in everything we do. The changes we make should encompass this mantra and focus on putting the patient at the center of quality care.

There is a tremendous amount of innovation happening across the country. Startups and innovators are working to tackle these tough challenges in healthcare by brainstorming creative ideas and inspiring new solutions. Interoperability challenges, however, can create bottlenecks that detract from potential breakthroughs and hinder the piloting process. True transformation requires access to data from the entire longitudinal patient record, overcoming the isolation and silos of traditional healthcare.

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American Telemedicine Association Accredits Upstate Concierge Medicine

American Telemedicine Association Accredits Upstate Concierge MedicineAhead of the weekend The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) awarded its fifth Accreditation for Online Patient Consultations to Upstate Concierge Medicine, a New York State practice “providing a blend of concierge and telemedicine services. In its nine months of operation, over 350 organizations have registered for the ATA program.”

“The 1.25 million patients expected to receive online consultations this year need to know what services are following the proper guidelines and standards of care,” said Jonathan Linkous, CEO of ATA. “The continual entrance of new players to the game means determining what new services are clinically appropriate for telemedicine.”
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Kurbo Health Announces Partnership with Humana to Combat Childhood Obesity

Kurbo Health Announces Partnership with Humana to Combat Childhood ObesityCalifornia-based Kurbo Health and Humana are teaming up to target a fast-growing threat to today’s youth – obesity.

Starting this month, qualified employers with a Humana health plan will have the option to purchase a twelve-month subscription to Kurbo Health’s mobile health coaching and weight loss program as a wellness benefit for employees’ children.

While insurers in the past have provided access to weight loss programs to companies for adult employees, this is the first time a wellness program specifically designed to help an employee’s children has been introduced on such a large scale.
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