HealthTap Making Headway with ‘Concierge’ Online, Mobile Platform

HealthTap Making Headway with Concierge Online, Mobile Platform   mobile health mHealth news HealthTap Concierge HealthTap Earlier this month, the team at HealthTap announced the launch of HealthTap Concierge, a new pay-as-you-go service that aims to be affordable for its core audience.

According to the company, HealthTap Concierge solves the three biggest problems you face when trying to get fast, reliable medical advice from your own doctor: (1) It takes too long to get an appointment (2) It’s inconvenient to travel to the doctor’s physical office and possibly dangerous in terms of contracting an illness (3) Doctor visits and even insurance co-pays often cost too much.

So what role does HealthTap Concierge play in eliminating these three negative attributes associated with a traditional doctor’s office visit?
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mHealth: The Week’s Top Stories

mHealth: The Week’s Top Stories   mobile health mHealth news ehealth Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we’ve been monitoring this past week.

According to new report from Accenture, startup funding for digital healthcare is expected to double in the U.S. from $3.5 billion in 2014 to $6.5 billion in 2017.

With nearly half of all Americans said to be “fearful” about the potential spread of Ebola, new efforts and partnerships are taking shape to not only ease minds at home, but to combat the spread of Ebola abroad.

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Microsoft Makes it Official: New Cross-Platform Fitness Band Launching Today

Microsoft Makes it Official: New Cross Platform Fitness Band Launching Today   mobile tech Mobile Devices Microsoft Band Apple Watch The rumor mill got another one right.

Less than two weeks ago, mHealthWatch first reported that Microsoft was planning to plant its flag in the wearables market before Apple.

Although Apple unveiled its first smartwatch called Apple Watch last month at its high-profile media event, we are still months away from product launch.
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China Using eHealth to Fix Healthcare

China Using eHealth to Fix Healthcare   telemedicine mobile health mHealth ehealth China According to a new report from Reuters, while the U.S. and Europe already have wide use and application of digital healthcare, China is just beginning to use eHealth to connect developed health services in large cities to its rural communities where medical resources and quality of care are spread unequally.

Patients in rural areas must often travel hundreds of miles to see a specialist in a large city.

With eHealth, doctors can use a central “operation room” to diagnose and treat patients in another location by using a live video feed and software that shares patient scans and files to aid specialist consultation.

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CHE Trinity Health, Sharecare Discuss New Partnership

CHE Trinity Health, Sharecare Discuss New Partnership   Sharecare Partnership mobile marketing healthcare CHE Trinity Health Representatives for CHE Trinity Health and Sharecare tell mHealthWatch that their recently announced partnership is designed to provide consumers and patients with a personalized, localized engagement platform across the 20 states encompassing the CHE Trinity Health system.

The partnership will “engage consumers in their wellness with informative and compelling digital content, and CHE Trinity Health’s regional health systems will have new avenues for patient acquisition and online physician profiles.”

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Wearables: Easy to Like, Hard to Use

Wearables: Easy to Like, Hard to Use   wearables Tech mobile marketing health Today’s breed of wearables may be increasingly easy on the eyes, but these gadgets still aren’t all that easy or seamless to use.

As MMW reports, consumers may be slowly warming to the emergence of wearable technology, but that doesn’t make wearables any more comfortable to operate.

The dominance of touchscreen user interfaces will reduce over the next 5 years as more sensors are introduced to mainstream products and entirely new product form-factors emerge, enabling and necessitating new user interfaces like voice, gesture, eye-tracking, and neural.

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OPINION: EMRs Won’t Prevent the Spread of Ebola (or the Next Scary Outbreak)

OPINION: EMRs Won’t Prevent the Spread of Ebola (or the Next Scary Outbreak)   mobile health mHealth EMR. Airstrip Ebola The following is s guest contributed post from AirStrip President Matt Patterson, MD.

According to IBM, there are 2.5 exabytes of data created every day, and most of it is unstructured. Imagine receiving all the words ever spoken by human beings on your doorstep each and every day. Now, imagine consuming that, making sense of it and trying to keep up with the ever-accelerating pace of data creation each day.

As a physician, I experienced firsthand the angst that comes with trying to keep up with even a very specialized scope of expertise. Thanks to the overwhelming quantity of peer-reviewed publications and practice guideline updates that only increase each year, we are long past the time when a clinician could possibly keep up with all the advancements in their own practice area, let alone those of adjacent areas of medicine or the latest public health concerns on a global scale.

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