ZibdyHealth Unveils New Way to Safely Consolidate, Manage Health Records

ZibdyHealth Unveils New Way to Safely Consolidate, Manage Health RecordsmHealthWatch was briefed this week by the team at Zibdy, Inc. on the launch of their secure and free DIY tool within ZibdyHealth application.

The resource in question makes it possible for users to consolidate medical records using Microsoft Azure.

According to a provided statement:

Following the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, Zibdy, Inc. has announced that their platform – ZibdyHealth – addresses and provides a solution to a key goal of the ACA and HITECH act – consolidation and exchange of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

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Group Health Turns to Virtual Care Service Line

Group Health Turns to Virtual Care Service LineZipnosis calls itself the first virtual care solution to empower health care systems with the technology and methodology to launch their own branded virtual care service line.

The solution, branded CareNow is currently in use, we’re told.

As health systems consider how to keep and acquire new patients, many recognize the value of providing their own branded online care for common medical conditions. As a white-labeled, turnkey solution, Zipnosis ensures digital-to-in person care continuity and reduces the complexity, time and expense for health systems considering building their own virtual care service line face.

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A Ray of Hope from Washington? Don’t Rush Meaningful Use

A Ray of Hope from Washington Don’t Rush Meaningful UseThe following is a guest contributed post from AirStrip CEO Alan Portela.

I was very pleased to see that U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander is recommending the delay for Stage 3 of Meaningful Use, since it would drive the entire system to its knees. We all agree that the industry needed to change. This has been a bi-partisan initiative that started with President Bush and his appointment of David Brailer as the National Health Information Technology Coordinator back in 2004. For the past decade, this effort has been continued by the Meaningful Use program under the ONC.

I am not criticizing the initial goals of Meaningful Use (Stage 1 – Data Aggregation & Data Access; Stage 2 – Healthcare Information Exchange and Care Coordination; and Stage 3 – Outcomes Improvement). Rather, my extreme disappointment is directed to the fact that we did not pay attention to the first pillar – Data Aggregation and Data Access – to achieve outcomes improvement, which cannot be accomplished without clear and aggressive guidelines on interoperability requirements. Instead, the effort was directed to the implementation of EHRs for data entry, which created silos around few vendors. Of course, the consolidation and collaboration of healthcare providers that resulted from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exposed the failures of Stages 1 and 2 around interoperability.

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Following The Overwhelming Success Of Diabetes Helper, HelpAround, Inc. Launches New App ‘Alert’

Following The Overwhelming Success Of Diabetes Helper, HelpAround, Inc. Launches There New App AlertAlert is a new app by HelpAround, Inc. designed to provide those who struggle with chronic health conditions emergency access to help when it is needed most. The app is compatible with Apple iOS HealthKit, and designed to send instant alerts regarding blood glucose. Unlike their first app Diabetes Helpers, Alert is designed for a wider range of health concerns.

“With Diabetes Helpers, we saw thousands of strangers stepping up to help each other, but we also learned how much fear our users cope with,” said Yishai Knobel, HelpAround founder and CEO. “We recognized that in times of trouble it is imperative for anyone to be able to easily reach the most trusted people in their lives.”

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eVisit Confirms $1 Million Seed Round

eVisit Confirms 1 Million Seed RoundmHealthWatch learned Tuesday morning that eVisit — a physician-first telehealth software company — has successfully filled their $1 million Seed Round of fundraising.

And it all happened in under 7 months.

eVisit, which is a red-hot healthtech startup, offers a telehealth solution that allows healthcare providers to treat their patients remotely via an “online, secure, video chat platform.”
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mHealth Market Headed for $33.7 Billion

mHealth Market Headed for 33.7 BillionAccording to Kalorama Information, the global mobile health market will reach $33.7 billion by the end of this year, perpetuating the massive growth of the mHealth market that has been witnessed in recent years.

The healthcare market researcher defines mHealth as the evaluation and delivery of healthcare using mobile and wireless devices.

With the use of wireless telephones in healthcare, patients, nurses, physicians, emergency department and hospital administration all stand to benefit, explains Kalorama’s report, mHealth Markets Worldwide.

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New Bill Aimed at Allowing Telemedicine Across State Lines for Medicare Approved Physicians

New Bill Aimed at Allowing Telemedicine Across State Lines for Medicare Approved PhysiciansReps. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-N.J.) have introduced a new bill — the TELE-MED Act of 2015.

The bill’s primary goal, according to details from Health Data Management, is to allow licensed physicians and practitioners to electronically treat patients across state lines, while still being recognized and reimbursed by Medicare.

Each physician would already have to be a Medicare approved physician or practitioner, but would be able to expand their practice or provide their specialty services to patients within other states. However, the bill is only targeted towards Medicare, but not other insurance providers.

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