Capital BlueCross Aims to Connect Customers, Doctors with Live Video

Live video is poised to make doctor consultations a lot easier in the future.

And even in the very near future for many people with Capital BlueCross plans.

Starting next year, patients won’t have to wait — “you’ll be able to visit with a doctor by live, high-quality video right away, right from your home, with the click of a button.”
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Op-Ed: No One Wants to Go to the 5th Worst Cardiologist

Op-Ed No One Wants to Go to the 5th Worst CardiologistThe following is a guest contributed post by Nuance President Trace Devanny.

Technology has radically shifted how we approach and solve problems, and this is something I witnessed continually watching my kids grow up.  Younger generations are hard-wired to research online—they don’t know any other way—and they rely on this data for everything, whether they’re looking up NFL stats while drafting their fantasy football teams or buying a car. Peer reviews play an integral role in their decision-making process.

This is a trend that is starting to impact healthcare.  A few short years ago, quality metrics were really only known to the payer and the healthcare organization with very little buy-in or impact on physicians.  That is changing.  As the industry moves toward a value-based reimbursement model, metrics are becoming increasingly refined, and more directly connected to the different specialty groups or individual physicians who are providing that care.  We, as patients, now have access to information we never had before, and this information can shape our decisions.  Today more than ever, reputations of both healthcare organizations and their care teams are front and center.

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CSI Teams with Doctor On Demand

CSI Teams with Doctor On DemandAlthough the news largely flew under the radar, Telehealth/Telemedicine and medical kiosk manufacturer, Computerized Screening, Inc. (CSI) confirmed an exciting new partnership this month.

The company has teamed with Doctor On Demand to offer Telemedicine/Telehealth connectivity on its CSI Virtual eClinic Health Systems nationwide.

CSI’s CEO Charles Bluth says the company has worked for the past eight years to secure a Physician Call Service that understands the marketplace and offers three critical key elements, which the company defines as:
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2Morrow, mHealth Technologies Aim to Extinguish Smoking

2Morrow, mHealth Technologies Aim to Extinguish SmokingThis week, 2Morrow, Inc. and mHealth Technologies announced the formation of a partnership to localize 2Morrow’s SmartQuit evidence-based, smoking cessation app designed for the Turkish market.

According to a news release provided to mHealthWatch, healthcare reform, intensive awareness campaigns, and government policies “have resulted in an impressive decrease in Turkey’s smoking rates over the last decade, and an increase in those seeking help with quitting.”
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mHealth News: Here’s What Happened This Week

mHealth News Here’s What Happened This WeekHere are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

mPulse Mobile Announces $1.7 Million of New Funding
On Wednesday, mPulse Mobile — a mobile experience-management company focused on consumer health and wellness — confirmed in a statement to the media that it recently wrapped up a $1.7 million investment round (pre-series A) lead by OCA Ventures.

CVS Health Turns to Telehealth
On Wednesday, CVS Health announced that it is working with American Well, Doctor On Demand and Teladoc to explore how direct-to-consumer telehealth providers, retail pharmacy and retail clinic providers can make a difference in how healthcare is administered.
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Global Market for Advanced Patient Monitoring Worth $22 Billion

Global Market for Advanced Patient Monitoring Worth $22 BillionAdvanced patient monitoring. It’s definitely a growth market.

According to the data presented in’s new — and free — whitepaper Healthcare IT: Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine, current estimates indicate that the value of the total global market for advanced patient monitoring is now $22 billion.

But we haven’t necessarily seen anything yet. The market, we’re told, is expected to reach $46 billion in 2017.
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Health 2.0 Cements Final Agenda for the 9th Annual Fall Conference 2015

Health 2.0 Cements Final Agenda for the 9th Annual Fall Conference 2015The fall 2015 conference for Health 2.0 is poised to be a can’t miss experience.

According to an announcement from conference organizers on Thursday, this year’s 4-day presentation will serve up 150 live product demos, more than 100 thought leaders, 10 new company launches, and over 2,000 attendees.

Billed as the largest global conference and innovation community in digital health, Health 2.0 has also confirmed today the final agenda for its 9th Annual Fall Conference.
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