Smartphone Video Consultations Impress During 5 Month Pilot

Smartphone Video Consultations Impress During 5 Month Pilot   telemedicine smartphones mHealth The University of Arizona medical Center in Tucson Arizona (UAMC) joined forces with rural health hospitals and healthcare facilities for a 5 month pilot test of their new telemedicine program. The results were not only successful, but the trauma and acute care division of UAMC performed more teletrauma consultations during the 5 month test than they had during the past 2 years.

Initially, the telemedicine program was designed for use via desktop and laptop computers, but proved to have too many challenges when it came to costs, hardware, software, and equipment needs. This time around, UAMC decided to keep the face-to-face interaction that can be achieved with videoconferencing yet incorporated HIPPA compliant smartphone solutions.

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The Future of Healthcare is Wearable Technology

The Future of Healthcare is Wearable Technology   news mobile tech Mobile Devices mobile iWatch smartwatch iWatch Google Glass Cowen & Co When you hear of wearable technology such as Apple’s long-awaited iWatch smartwatch, or Google Glass, most in the medical industry think of them as novelty items or advanced electronic gadgets with potential for the future. However, when you dig a bit further and look at their full range of potential today, wearable technology can be designed in a manner to manage health concerns very effectively in 2014.

According to Timothy Arcuri, an analyst with Cowen & Co., their is potential for subsidizing Apple’s iWatch with health insurers. Rumors have it that iWatch has built-in sensors that can be used to track diet, exercise, and overall health. On top of that, there may be potential for wearable technology to perform more advanced functions such as noninvasive blood pressure readings, heart rate monitoring, and even blood cell count.

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The European Commission Begins mHealth Consultation

The European Commission Begins mHealth Consultation    mHealth Consultation mHealth European Commission In less than two years, there has been significant growth and development within the field of mobile health across the continent of Europe and mHealth’s potential for improving the health and well-being of patients is now undoubtedly tangible.

This is why the European Commission recently launched its mHealth technology consultation with plans to have a policy in place by 2015. This includes any mobile health technologies and applications that will be utilized through mobile phones, tablets, wireless devices, and even desktop computers. This could also include monitoring devices with wireless capabilities.

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Industry Turns Attention to Broader Adoption of Connected Health

Industry Turns Attention to Broader Adoption of Connected Health   WLSA wireless life sciences alliance mHealth focus connected health The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) said this week that its forthcoming ninth annual Convergence Summit will focus on achieving broader global adoption of technology-enabled health care when the event gets underway next month.

This newfound focus comes at a time when the pace of innovation in connected health and personal health solutions is “accelerating,” the organization says.

“The technology sector has ‘discovered’ the health care market, so tech is not the problem; we have an adoption issue,” explains WLSA President and CEO Robert B. McCray.  “We have the tools and knowledge to fix a broken healthcare model.  Now we need to overcome the barriers to the adoption of connected health so ‘engaged health consumers’ throughout the world will realize the benefits that technology is poised to deliver.  The emergence of the engaged health consumer movement and its impact on the health care system will be the key theme of this year’s conference.”
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The Personal Connected Health Alliance Officially Launches

The Personal Connected Health Alliance Officially Launches   The Personal Connected Health Alliance mobile health mHealth Summit mHealth HIMSS Continua Health Alliance On Tuesday, Continua Health Alliance, mHealth Summit and HIMSS announced their partnership in launching the Personal Connected Health Alliance.

The effort is billed as an international non-profit organization intended to represent the consumer voice in personal connected health.

According to a statement provided to mHealthWatch, PCHA will build upon the global reach, leadership and resources of its founding organizations to empower individuals to better manage their health and wellness from anywhere, at any time, with stronger links between consumers, their social networks and providers.
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Changes to Census Taking Masking ACA

Changes to Census Taking Masking ACA   census Affordable Care Act ACA After the Census Bureau announced that they would be changing the way they survey the population, some experts in the field of healthcare began expressing concern that the positive effects of the Affordable Care Act would be masked.

In a report published recently by The New York Times, regulatory commissions said that they were looking forward to using census information to see how the poverty line compared to health insurance numbers. The new census policy will apparently make this more difficult.

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Google Glass for Doctors? It’s Happening

Google Glass for Doctors? It’s Happening   mHealth hospitals Google Glass doctors Most doctors agree that the hospital is the perfect testing ground for Google Glass. With more and more doctors looking for efficient ways to care for patients, many believe that the wearable tech could make healthcare more efficient and more effective. With immediate access to information, doctors can give more accurate diagnoses, communicate more effectively, and even find a way to distract anxious children in medical settings.

Most recently, the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas has been using augmented reality technology to take children on digital field trips. Not only has this been a morale-booster for children unable to leave the hospital because of medical conditions, it has also lessened the anxiety that seems innate in some children when staying in the hospital.

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