The Weight Loss Industry Hopping on The Mobile Bandwagon

The Weight Loss Industry Hopping on The Mobile BandwagonIn response to the growing number of consumers searching for weight loss products on their mobile devices, the weight loss industry is taking note. Intechra Health is one such company that has invested much time and energy in meeting their mobile consumers’ needs.

According to Mobile Commerce News, it is estimated that 1 out of every 4 searches is now performed on mobile devices, and this number is higher for some industries than others. For example, before purchasing a weight loss product found in a store, on TV, or in a magazine, most consumers will perform a Google search.

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New App Aims To Make Caregivers’ Lives Much Easier

New App Aims To Make Caregivers Lives Much EasierA new mHealth app called Wellzilla is now available to both professional and family caregivers. The app is designed as both a communication tool, as well as a platform through which caregivers can purchase all of the over-the-counter medical supplies they require.

When speaking of medical supplies required for hygiene and other Activities of Daily Living, supplies are more affordable in Wellzilla because the app cuts out the middle man. The app currently has over 40,000 medical supplies, some of which are as much as 80% cheaper than paying the full retail price.

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The State of Tennessee Passes Telemedicine Reimbursement Law

The State Of Tennessee Passes A Telemedicine Reimbursement LawWhile residents in some areas of Tennessee, such as Nashville, have easy access to just about any type of healthcare required, the state as a whole has a shortage of Primary Care Physicians (PCP). It is for this reason that Tennessee recently passed a law requiring both Medicaid and private health insurance companies to reimburse for telemedicine, just as they would for in-person healthcare visits.

While Nashville, Tennessee is one of the fastest growing healthcare hubs in the nation, there are many rural areas in Tennessee where residents are required to drive hours for even fairly general healthcare needs. This makes telemedicine the easiest way to access healthcare, as described in a comprehensive report from

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Welltok Acquires Healthcare Analytics Firm Predilytics

Welltok Acquires Healthcare Analytics Firm Predilytics Ahead of the long holiday weekend, Welltok announced the acquisition of healthcare analytics company Predilytics. While Welltok already has impressive analytic capabilities with their CafeWell Health Optimization Platform, Predilytics allows them to take things to the next level.

Where Predilytics differs from most health related analytics companies is that they focus more attention on consumers, not just patients. This is not to say that patient needs are not accounted for, but that their analytics capabilities take a look at the larger picture of the patient’s life beyond their healthcare wants and needs.

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Specialty Telehealth and Wearable Technologies Keeping Patients Healthy At Home

Specialty Telehealth and Wearable Technologies Keeping Patients Healthy At HomeWhen it comes to the best place to invest time and money, health IT developers are shifting more of their efforts towards specialty telehealth and wearable technologies designed to keep patients healthy at home.

While connecting patients in rural areas with physicians is still a top priority, tools designed to improve and manage chronic diseases and reduce hospital readmissions are some of the most in-demand areas of innovation.

While there are still challenges with telehealth reimbursement, one factor that almost all advances in telemedicine are designed to address is lowering healthcare costs. Lowering healthcare costs not only eases the financial burden, but can help to improve quality of life by alleviating stress.

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Is Pediatric Telemedicine a Cost Savings Necessity

Is Pediatric Telemedicine a Cost Savings NecessityCan pediatric telemedicine prove to be a cost-saving necessity and a boon to the expansion of children’s healthcare throughout the U.S. and across the globe?

The answer appears to point to the affirmative according to freshly published research.

Researchers at UC Davis recently spearheaded a study to determine whether “pediatric telemedicine consultations with rural emergency departments save money compared to telephone consults.”
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USDA Backs Distance Learning, Telemedicine Projects

USDA Backs Distance Learning, Telemedicine ProjectsOn Friday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now accepting applications for its “Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) grant program.”

If you’re not familiar, the program provides increased access to education, training and health care resources in rural areas.

“This program provides people who live and work in rural areas with better access to a variety of educational and health care services,” Vilsack said in a USDA announcement. “For example, because of the DLT program, students in rural areas can take advanced placement classes, residents can have access to specialized medical services not typically available, and many other benefits for rural communities.”
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