Secure Text Messaging Could Save Hospitals a Fortune Annually

Secure Text Messaging Could Save Hospitals a Fortune Annually   text sms secure text messaging mobile Imprivata Communications in Healthcare For hospitals, there’s huge savings to be secured in secure SMS.

Late last week, mHealthWatch was briefed on a new study that Imprivata recently published about the productivity and economic impact that inefficient provider-to-provider communication has in healthcare.

“Inefficient communication during critical clinical workflows such as patient admissions, emergency response team coordination and patient transfers costs the average U.S. hospital about $1.75 million annually,” reads the report summary shared.
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Bitter Pill: Doctors Not Swallowing Social Media Fervor

Bitter Pill: Doctors Not Swallowing Social Media Fervor   twitter social media usages social media MedData Group LinkedIn facebook eMarketer doctors Digital Insights Group Want a doctor to treat you via social media?

Don’t hold your breath — unless you look good blue.

In June, a study by MedData Group found that 44 percent of U.S. physicians weren’t using social media sites for professional services.

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mHealth Comes to Zimbabwe

mHealth Comes to Zimbabwe   Zimbabwe mHealth news mHealth IT Web Africa reports that mHealth has officially come to Zimbabwe.

Although mHealth solutions are nothing new in Africa — in fact, mHealth solutions are growing at an accelerated pace throughout the continent today –  Zimbabwe has been a largely overlooked nation in recent years, relative to the immense growth documented in surrounding nations.

Zimbabweans are now gaining a service made possible by the nation’s top telecoms firm Econet Wireless.
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mobileStorm Boss Bound for Boston’s mHealth + Telehealth World 2014 Next Week

mobileStorm Boss Bound for Bostons mHealth + Telehealth World 2014 Next Week   mobileStorm mobile health news mHealth + Telehealth World 2014 mHealth Jared Reitzin Next week, Jared Reitzin, founder and CEO of mobileStorm — an industry leading communication service provider and a pioneer in the concept of digital marketing and mHealth communications — will head to Boston to serve as one of the mHealth experts participating in mHealth + Telehealth World 2014.

Reitzin will join fellow esteemed industry professionals for a panel session focusing on healthcare’s cutting-edge communication channels, tech innovation in the face of privacy and security concerns, barriers in driving adoption of EHRs and related technology, and the unprecedented opportunities to engage today’s patients through mobile solutions and resources.

Reitzin’s panel — “Improve Population Health through Consumer Engagement and Sustainability” — is set for Tuesday.

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Digital Marketing the Key to Connecting with Patients for Waveny LifeCare

Digital Marketing the Key to Connecting with Patients for Waveny LifeCare   Waveny LifeCare digital marketing An integrated marketing plan that included social media, and upgraded website and hyper local news was what Kristin Sinatra and her team developed in order to make it easier for aging patients (and their families) to find them, and also to help them stay connected with those families.

Sinatra, marketing director for New Canaan’s Waveny LifeCare Network, discussed her plan at a recent conference held by Google in your New York City headquarters (Read more info about the conference here).

Said Sinatra about digital marketing: “It showed how on a not-for-profit budget, you can be nimble and reallocate things.”  She went on to say that “In health care, you need to be findable for people who need you most,’’ adding that “Often when people have questions, they don’t know where to turn, especially if they are in a crisis situation. The first place they’re going to turn to is the Internet.”

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mHealth: Top Stories of the Week

mHealth: Top Stories of the Week   mHealth news mHealth Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we’ve been monitoring this past week.

On Monday, Healthcare IT Leaders, an award-winning consulting firm in the healthcare IT space, announced its selections for the Best Healthcare IT Blogs of 2014. Per the details shared in the firm’s formal announcement, the winning blogs “were chosen for their timely content, insightful writing and subject matter expertise on topics important to the HIT industry.”

comScore is out with new data that should lend confidence to pharmaceutical marketers. Results from comScore’s eighth annual Online Marketing Effectiveness Benchmarks for the Pharmaceutical Industry show that online direct to consumer (DTC) marketing continues to increase conversion among patients and prospects.

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Report: Physicians, Practices Still Concerned with EHR Implementation

Report: Physicians, Practices Still Concerned with EHR Implementation   Physicians Practice 2014 Technology Survey Kareo EHR doctors Respondents of the Physicians Practice 2014 Technology Survey, sponsored by Kareo, indicate that tremendous anxiety and concerns persist when it comes to physicians and practices considering EHR implementation.

“As more physicians and medical practices work toward meaningful use of an EHR, getting the technology seamlessly integrated into daily work flow continues to be a main concern,” the report summary reads.

In fact, for the second straight year, EHR adoption and implementation issues were ranked as the most pressing information technology problem by respondents.
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