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Do you know that your hand constantly gets into contact with how many germs, viruses, and other dust particles a day? These dust, germs, and viruses may lead to many severe health problems which can lead to short term to long term diseases. And it is not always possible to wash your hand after touching each and everything, especially when you are at home.

But some of the areas in your home may have most amounts of germs. Regularly used things like television remote, switches, tables, and many more may have a lot of germs on them. Nowadays, it has become essential to keep yourself protected from deadly COVID-19 that has made a vast number s of people suffer. Hence CleaniX has come up with an effective solution to protect you from such viruses and keep you as well as your family members protected. With the use of Cleanix you can rest assure about the removal of all such microorganisms and stay safe still you don’t come in contact with them another time.

CleaniX protects you from any kind of deadly germs and viruses. Our body easily gets affected by all the germs and viruses that are available all around us. The virus and the germs all over are the major cause of diseases. They affect those people who come in contact with these viruses. So it becomes essential to keep away from any such deadly virus and germs.

But it is not possible to clean each and everything in the house. Hence CleaniX has come up with a solution as it provides you with the best UV sanitizer that could easily and quickly sanitize and make your house more protected. It is not possible to control the environment outside of your home but you could at least clean and sanitize your home to create a better living place with the help of CleaniX.


About the product

CleaniX is an effective and efficient UV sanitizer that is portable and can destroy each virus and bacteria. The best thing about this product is that it is easy to use and provides you with a quick result. You could use the CleaniX to sanitize your home and each product in the house without much time and effort.

Some of the products in your home contain most bacteria and viruses because you mostly use them without washing your hands. And the worse thing is that it could make you and your family sick. The products like the TV remote, mobile phones, washing machine, kitchen flooring, and many more contain the most amount of bacteria and viruses. But with the help of CleaniX, you easily sanitize all the material available in your home.

CleaniX is a portable UV sanitizer that is designed to provide required and the maximum protection from any type of viruses and bacteria. The CleaniX is a useful and effective portable UV sanitizer that works to damage or neutralize all the bacteria and virus that is present on most of the home products.

The best thing about this product is that it is easy to use and provides you with the quick cleaning and sanitizing process. With the help of CleaniX, you could get the maximum cleaning. As you know, the bacteria and viruses enter your body while you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands that contain bacteria or viruses.

So it becomes necessary for you to wash your hand frequently, but it is not possible to wash your hand after using every product. And washing your hand also it is possible that could touch products that contain viruses or bacteria. But with the arrival of CleaniX, you could be ensured that you are protected from any kind of viruses or bacteria.

Ingredients used in CleaniX

CleaniX is the portable UV light sanitizer that is safe to use as it does not include any chemical disinfectants. Due to which it does not spoil your home surface and appliances so you could safely use this sanitizer. The UV light sanitizer uses the disinfection method that uses the short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill or destroy the viruses and bacteria.

The CleaniX includes batteries that help in the working of the product. This CleaniX is very easy to use as it light portable UV light that needed to be unfolded, and the switch could be used to use the used product. To use the CleaniX portable UV light sanitizer, you need to charge the batteries.

How does it work?

The CleaniX is an extremely efficient product that provides efficient sanitizing. The best thing about this product is that it is easy to use as it operates through batteries that are rechargeable. You could use this product to clean your home and different products quickly and easily. It is easy to use in a manner that even a kid can disinfect the concerned product. This CleaniX includes a UV light that needed to be switched on while using.

You just need to charge the CleaniX UV sanitizer fully and then press the quick switch button to use. The UV light that the CleaniX includes destroys viruses and bacteria quickly. This product is mostly used in hotels and hospitals to sanitize the area effectively. CleaniX can kill almost ninety-nine percent of viruses and bacteria. Hence you can get the guaranteed result at your home or office also by the use of this product.

CleaniX Review

Benefits of UV light sanitizer

There are many benefits of UV light sanitizer as it is designed to meet your sanitization needs perfectly. Some of the popular benefits of CleaniX UV light sanitizer are mentioned below:

  1. Portable

CleaniX UV light sanitizer is a portable sanitizer that you can carry anywhere and anytime to ensure yourself protected from the exposure of any deadly germs, bacteria, and viruses. The best thing about the CleaniX UV light sanitizer is that it is small but effective, and you do not need any extra bag to carry the UV sanitizer. The CleaniX is lightweight and small, which makes it portable for the users.

  1. Chemical-free

Most of the people go for the CleaniX UV light sanitizer because it does not include any chemicals. You can easily use this product as it ensures you with safety and does not provide any adverse effects. With this chemical-free UV sanitizer, you can ensure safety and the best sanitizing process.

  1. Safe and easy to use 

CleaniX is a portable and chemical-free product that is safe and easy to use. You can easily use this effective and efficient sanitizer by charging it and pressing the UV light. CleaniX is designed in such a way that it has a UV light downwards, which protects you from getting in contact with harmful bacteria and other germs with the UV light.

  1. Lightweight

Due to the sleek and small design, the CleaniX is extremely efficient and is lightweight. So you can easily carry it to any place to clean and create a sanitized environment in your living space and around you while you are moving somewhere.

  1. Long-lasting battery life

CleaniX includes batteries that are rechargeable and provides you with long-lasting battery life. By completely charging the batteries once you can use the UV Sanitizer for a longer period without any problem.

  1. Destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses 

CleaniX is designed to provide you with maximum safety by removing and destroying viruses, bacteria, and germs. The CleaniX can clean almost ninety-nine percent of bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Price, money-back guarantee and refund policy

You can easily get the CleaniX UV portable light sanitizer through the official website. The official website of CleaniX provides you with this UV sanitizer at a discounted price from fifty percent to seventy-one percent. You can get one CleaniX sanitizer for $ 69.99, and it is available at a fifty percent discount. You can get two CleaniX UV sanitizers for $139.99, which is available at a discount of sixty-seven percent.

The company also provides you with three CleaniX products for $199.99, and this is available for a seventy-one percent discount. The maker also provides you with the money-back guarantee for thirty days. Hence if you are not satisfied with the product or if there is any problem with the product, you could directly contact the customer care and get the refund of the product quickly and easily. Hence, you can use this product without any problems.

CleaniX Reviews

Side effects

CleaniX is a one-point solution for the sanitizing process, and there are no side effects of this product. The microorganism and the bacteria are affected by the light that is attached to the CleaniX sanitizer. The UV light can kill many bacteria and germs at a time. Like the sun that provides the UV rays in the same way the UV light sanitizer works. It does not provide any harm to the body while you use the product. So you can rely on this product easily.

CleaniX UV light sanitizer is a safe product that includes the UV light to sanitize the home accessories and the floor. And the best thing is that it does not include any harmful chemical and do not provide any harmful or adverse effect as the chemical sanitizer. So you can safely use this effective and efficient product and get the results.

Till now, there is no side-effect of the product that has been reported. Hence you can be assured about this product and use it. The cleaniX is the ultimate and the one point solution for sanitizing your home quickly and easily. It is the safest sanitizer that is used by the numbers of people all over the globe.

Customer reviews

By Josh

I play video games all day long with my kids, and when it comes to lunch or dinner, we sometimes don’t even wash hands due to our excitements. When I get to know later, I feel that it is a matter of worry. I purchased this clean UV light sanitizer product one month’s back, and now I have asked them to keep this UV light in their video game room. So that we could stay calm, as this effective product can protect us from viruses and bacteria.

By Thomas

This CleaniX UV light sanitizer has changed my life, and my house. It is quite easy to use. After the use of this product, I am assured about the safety of my family from any kind of exposure to the bacteria or viruses. It has been beneficial for me as I use my laptop all day long for official purposes and it is not possible to clean my laptop so easily. However, after the use of CleaniX, it provides me with the confidence that I have been protected from the viruses, bacteria, and other kinds of germs. 

By Mary 

This CleaniX UV sanitizer is quick and has kept my washroom and toilet seat clean and bacteria-free. Now, my washroom is almost bacteria and viruses free. Due to its portability, I can carry it to any place like I always carry it to my office so that I can get a clean environment to work in. 


CleaniX UV light sanitizer is a popular product that has made everyone’s life more sanitized. People all over the globe are using this efficient product and have been benefited. As now, there is a greater chance of viruses spreading because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is making sick a large number of people at a time. Hence with the use of CleaniX, you can protect yourself, family and especially the children and old age people at your home.

The CleaniX UV light sanitizer can make your work easier and quicker by keeping your home a safer place to live in. You can easily get this product from its official website to take proper prevention measures from the COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria. You can use this product quickly at your home and avoid all the bacterial and viruses problems. CleaniX can be the best choice to protect you and your family.

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